IPhone 11 VS Honor 20 | Enfrentamiento | Top Pulso

IPhone 11 VS Honor 20 | Enfrentamiento | Top Pulso

Hello everyone, welcome to a new video
this time we will face the iPhone 11 VS the Honor 20
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DESIGN In the IPhone 11 as is custom of Apple
you will not be able to see really significant changes if we compare it with its previous versions,
Well, they usually keep the main lines of the design on your devices at least for
A couple of generations. The iPhone 11 has not changed a lot with respect to the iPhone XR.
In fact, the dimensions and weight are exactly the same. It is a somewhat heavy and wide mobile,
It’s not an exaggeration but a little more than we would like The reason that
the width is larger than expected is not other than the frames, more prominent than
in his brothers ‘pro’, something we already saw with the iPhone XR. It has a uniform frame surrounding
the entire terminal and the notch is in the top Now we go to the design
in the back and this is where we we find the main change: the module
of camera, that being honest would prefer in a vertical layout, even if it didn’t cost
To get used to it. Added to all of the above a positive aspect is that the terminal comes
with IP68 certification, with which we can immerse it in water for a couple of minutes and
at a considerable depth. In its dimensions we will encounter 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm of
thickness and a weight of 194 grams. Design is one of the highlights
of Honor 20, and that is that the terminal gets fully in the trend of ‘all screen’
betting on a kind of hole is the upper left corner where the
front camera, thus eliminating Of the hated notch. The compaction work
It is excellent and gets the total size find it surprisingly compact to carry
a screen of more than 6 inches. Further, the use of plastic makes it quite
lightweight, which makes its use even easier. This terminal does not get rid of the “problem” of
bottom frame, which is wider than the rest, but despite this detail, it has
A pretty elegant design. Something to have Please note that this device does not have
water resistance, so you must have special careful with this. In its back we will have
that its surface finish manages to create a double reflex that does not go unnoticed. In
its dimensions we will meet 154.3 x 74 x 7.9 mm thick and weighing 174 grams.
PERSONALIZATION The iPhone 11 will have it in 6 different
shades among which are black, Green, Purple, Yellow, White and Red.
Shades that will generally be available in all countries, something characteristic
of the company. Honor 20 will be available in 3 shades,
among which is the black tone, blue and white
BUTTON IPhone 11 maintains the same provision
of its buttons that we all know about Memory: The power button is at
right, a little taller maybe but accessible both with the thumb if we have it in hand
right as with the index if we have it on the left. The volume keys will
placed in the left frame, just below of the mute switch. Pulsation
It’s good, without cracking or excessive resistance, and they have been given the same finish as the frame.
The Lightning port is centered on the bottom edge, flanked by the grilles
of the speaker, and the SIM tray is in the right edge, near the bottom corner.
To be true I expected that in his new versions this type of port will be changed
to something more universal like the port USB Type C, but we see that the company wants
follow the same design line as always, without thinking of improvement in connection times.
This terminal does not have a fingerprint reader or neither is the 3.5mm Jack port, since as
It is customary the device brings an adapter special to connect the headphones through
Its traditional port. In Honor 20 we will have to press the button
volume control and fingerprint reader they are on your right side, period
that we must highlight as the device modifies radically the location of your sensor, yes
we compare it with previous references of course is. The speed of response and accuracy
Identifying ourselves is the most surprising thing. Literally you just have to touch it so that
unlock I feel this fingerprint reader in the lateral position it is uncomfortable, and it will take
a couple of days getting used to it, in addition, this sensor is so sensitive that sometimes it
has unintentionally unlocked the mobile, even carrying it in your pocket. Another failure of
important design is that the device eliminates the 3.5mm jack jack for headphones,
that despite the many complaints of users, remains one of the new norm between
The most recent phones. Fortunately, the phone will include in the box a small
adapter, so we can continue doing use of our headphones with an annoying
accessory. Added to this something positive is that the terminal has a USB type port
C at the bottom next to your speaker It works properly.
RAM For him IPhone 11 we will encounter a single version
4GB, which lags behind with the trends on Android, which not only pass this
capacity but they arrive until 8 and in some cases 12gb
For Honor 20 we will encounter a single 6GB version.
STORAGE In the IPhone 11 we will have 3 unique versions
64, 128 and 256GB, which cannot be extended with microSD cards
In Honor 20 as in your Ram we will count with a single unique version of 128GB, which
cannot be extended with microSD cards PROCESSOR
The iPhone 11 includes the Bionic processor Apple A13 with 4 GB of RAM. Its about
same chip that make up his older brothers. Apple claims that this processor – composed
by six cores: two for high tasks performance and four for less intensive processes–
offers 20% better performance in all the areas that the A12 processor of the
previous versions, including CPU, graphics and machine learning. Outside the
performance test in which I will not extend, real perception in everyday use, the
which I think really matters, is certainly positive. I have not observed blockages, slowdowns
or performance issues when running the latest games and applications like
FIFA 20, Angry Birds AR, Mario Kart Tour, Asphalt 9 or edit 4K video with iMovie. Already
with everyday applications you will know how it works, in the best possible way …
Another of the most outstanding features of Honor 20 is the inclusion of the processor
Kirin 980 7 nm, which with eight cores and a maximum speed of 2.6 GHz, is set
as one of the most powerful processors from Huawei. To this we must add the accompaniment
of a Mali-G76 GPU, which will again count with the already recurring option to improve
performance using Turbo technology Honor 3.0 As for the overall performance
from the terminal, this is more than enough. Gone are the days when the interfaces
with Android they showed an appreciable lag, because The menus of this Honor move very well.
Already in everyday applications like whatsapp, word processor among others … It will work
The best way possible. In addition to the more demanding games, such as mobile PUBG
or asphal 9, even having the graphics good level work properly, heats up
A little, but nothing worrisome. BATTERY OF BOTH
Apple promised in its presentation that the iPhone 11 battery would hold up to 1
more time than usual in your previous versions, somewhat complicated to contrast in
the day to day where any small change can directly affect autonomy
final. The iPhone 11 battery of 3046 mAh give for one day and something else, up to one day
and a half if we do not use it very intensively. It could even be extended until two days,
regardless of games, reproduction and streaming videos, browse very little, use
limited WhatsApp and moderate consultation of social networks. During the tests
we found that with extreme use easily you can drain the battery at the end of
day. The great inconvenience comes hand in hand of the loading process. Why Apple is
Endeavors to continue torturing us with the obsolete 5W charger? Sincerely it seems like a
problem for the user, because now it’s hard to believe that a smartphone is delayed
in charging your battery from 0 to 100% more than 4 hours (245 minutes to be exact), one
unjustifiable torture for a terminal so expensive Honor 20 battery stays at 3,750
mAh, a figure that fails to overcome the barrier of the 4,000 mAh where many have been directed
of its most direct rivals. Also plays with the advantage that your FullHD screen does not
It consumes a lot of its battery. In the day to day we get to the end of the day
and it is possible to stretch the load a day and a half without too much effort. But in periods of
more intense use we had to connect the device to the power outlet at night, but nowhere
case has left me lying in the middle of the day. Depending on usage data, screen time
It is around 5 hours. With respect to charge, the Honor 20 comes with fast charger
integrated and goes pretty well. In ours tests, with 30 minutes of charging we have arrived
at 55% and to reach the full load there are to wait approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes SOFTWARE
IPhone 11 comes with the operating system own company known as IOS
13 without any customization layer. The software that has the honor 20
is the android 9.0 foot, under the customization layer of Honor called magic UI 2.1. What if the
we compare with the Huawei EMUI layer you will not find many differences.
SCREEN On the iPhone 11, the screen will surely be
the most disappointing aspect we have found when making this video. And this is not
for its quality, rather disenchantment comes for the lack of evolution in it. Y
is that an HD Retina display with LCD panel 6.1-inch IPS and 1,792 resolution
x 828 pixels with a density 326, it is appreciated somewhat outdated by current standards.
I feel they make a big mistake because the company still using LCD panels after giving
and the leap to OLED technology with the iPhone X. With the IPhone 11 we are facing the same
panel that we already saw in the XR although with some modifications and different calibration of
color, since subtle changes can be seen, especially in relation to the level of brightness.
If we compare it with Android terminals we can see that there are devices that are worth such
time a quarter that the iPhone 11 and we provide a better visual experience, something
what this company should continue working In Honor 20 we find a great
6.26 inch screen with a resolution 1080 x 2340 and a density of 412 pixels;
in addition to having a FullView design with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 91.7%.
All this thanks to some lateral bezels and superior very thin, only disturbed
by a small frame at the bottom and the inclusion of a small hole of
4.5 mm located in the upper left corner of the screen, where the camera is housed
frontal. Regarding the visual experience, we must say that the Honor 20 screen
meets the necessary. It is not AMOLED nor does it have QuadHD resolution, but offers sharpness
more than enough and the brightness level allows Outdoor viewing without problem.
However, it is still one of the sections where the necessary cuts have been applied
to be able to adjust the price. This terminal It also allows you to adjust the temperature, change
the resolution between HD + or FullhD + and hide the front camera hole darkening
The top of the screen. CAMERA
Arguably the most important improvements that brings the iPhone 11 are in the section
of cameras. This has been achieved with a combination of hardware and software improvements. A new
12MP camera and f / 2.4 ultra large aperture angular and a second 12 megapixel sensor
with aperture f / 1.8 Wide angle. Increasing the field of vision, the objects are shown
further away and manual focus system infinity does not end up being all clear
what we would like But despite this I could appreciate that in general terms the result of
these sensors are very spectacular images outdoors with good lighting. Yes in
its time we said that on the iPhone camera XR showed a slight saturation, in the
iPhone 11 has been corrected and images they have gained naturalness, something that is appreciated
notably in the skin tones of the portrait mode We have no reproach
in terms of resolution, level of detail general not even in dark areas, noise
or sharpness, the typical landscape photos, monuments or groups in broad sunlight
they are faultless, in short I would say a great visual experience Passing to the sensor
front we will find a camera 12MP with Focal 2.2 aperture with which
we can get good portraits but that will depend largely on the lighting
and the chosen fund. In quite a few cases we returns a very artificial clipping and errors,
especially in areas of the hair, they are quite common, although if we lower the amount of
blur is concealed quite well. For end we have the terminal has a
facial recognition that now happens to the Face ID technology which is faster,
although in its previous version it was already What do not expect a huge difference.
The Honor 20 will have the configuration Quad for cameras: a main sensor
Sony 48 megapixel (f / 1.8), a lens 16 megapixel wide angle (f / 2.2), a
2 megapixel telephoto sensor (f / 2.4), and a lens for 2 megapixel macro captures
(f / 2.4). And is that the strong point of these phones is definitely its capture power
of images, augmented by the use of a powerful artificial intelligence. The module
of the camera protrudes a bit from the chassis, not too much but enough for
the mobile is somewhat crooked when placed on the table and that scratches a little scratch.
As for the front camera, we will count with a powerful 32 megapixel lens (f / 2.0)
which will be placed inside a small hole 4.5 mm located in the upper left corner
from the screen. So, the results with the rear cameras result in a
combination of small successes and mistakes. And is that despite having a lens of 48
megapixels, on many occasions we will not achieve a result as good as expected. Without
However, although the results will leave us stunning images of up to 3,000
x 4,000 pixels, with a large margin for enlarge the photographs when exporting them to
a computer, if we use the phone zoom to take the catch, we will meet
with many modified cuts thanks to its processing Something that also happens with
the lens for macros, whose photographs we sometimes show a resolution
Minor. Finally, the rear cameras of Honor 20 have the ability to record
videos up to 1080 at 60 fps or up to 4K and 30 fps, both backed on this occasion
for a software stabilization that we It will leave professional-looking results.
And finally we have the terminal account with facial recognition that works properly
as usual in manufactured terminals by Huawei.
PRICE The cost of these 2 spectacular Smartphones
It is as follows: For the Iphone 11 is=3,200,000 pesos
col=17,835 pesos mex=925 dollars=840 Euros
For Honor 20 it is=1,650,000 pesos col=9,196 Mexican pesos=477 dollars=433 Euro
It is worth clarifying that they are currencies in relation to the price of the device in Colombia and in
The date of the video. DIFFERENCES
The IPhone 11 beats the Honor 20 in: Customization, storage, processor
and camera For its part, Honor 20 beats him widely
to Iphone 11 in the following aspects: Keypad, ram, battery, display and price
In the aspects that tie are: Design and software WINNER!!!
The design and software section will not be evaluated in this video, I leave it at the discretion
of all of you, because they are totally devices different. In this video we appreciate
a draw, as both terminals get 9 points each, which is demonstrated
once again the terminal doesn’t always expensive is really the best performer
it has, since the devices are realistic Apple’s are really expensive for functionalities
It offers. I hope you liked the video, remember
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of more similar content. See you soon

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