iPhone 11 – The Best iPhone in 2020

iPhone 11 – The Best iPhone in 2020

Hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
iPhone 11 I think is probably the best iPhone this year for most people
and last year iPhone 10 our actually was the best-selling iPhone and people
really didn’t like it on the surface as far as specs and things like that those
that are into technology but for the majority of people this is the phone to
get this year if you’re looking at I phones now I want to talk about a few
different things such as price and storage and design and in the camera and
some specs and things like that and if you want to jump to a specific point in
the video i’ve linked all the time codes in the description below now the first
thing is the price this is the number one reason I think people buy this phone
the most and that’s because it starts at $6.99 and it’s $6.99 without any deals
or trade-ins that’s if you buy it straight from Apple without any carrier
deals so it comes in 64 128 and 256 gigabytes of storage I think the sweet
spot for most people is 128 gigabytes which is just $50 more than the base
model so I would highly recommend if you’re getting one of these to step up
for $50 to 128 most people really don’t need much more than that there there are
a few people that do but in my instance I’m actually a pretty heavy user as far
as iPhone and taking video and things and I usually use around about 60
gigabytes at most so if we go to storage here you’ll see in my iPhone storage I’m
using 71 gigabytes currently and that’s because I haven’t enabled things like
auto delete hold conversations or enabled iCloud photos as soon as I do
that it will jump down 12 gigabytes and I’ll be around that 60 gigabyte mark
that I find that I normally use and that’s with me regularly recording video
and things like that so for most people it’s probably enough
if you really need that extra storage of course step up to 256 gigabyte now the
overall design and size is another reason I think it’s kind of the sweet
spot this is a 6.1 inch display and the overall Desai’s is just kind of perfect
for a lot of people’s hands it’s in between the size of the iPhone 11 and
iPhone 11 pro max and it’s just kind of a sweet spot I think if you’re looking
for a larger phone but you don’t want to join
and so compared to an eleven Pro max for example you’ll see it’s a little bit
smaller but it’s not so small that you’re missing out on a lot of screen
real estate and the overall design is pretty nice it’s got multiple colors
that it comes in if you weren’t familiar with that already and this is the new
green color there’s also a newer purple color but there’s white black yellow and
product red so you have all of these different options as well and a lot of
people just put a clear case on this so they can see that color and are really
happy with the different choices if you don’t like the pastels of course you
could just get white or black now as far as the design it’s aluminum around the
outside edge that’s what differentiates it from the 11pro and Pro max where those
are stainless steel but it does reduce some of the weight as well because it’s
aluminum it’s very lightweight and you’ve just got your normal power button
on the right side along with your SIM card tray down at the bottom and then on
the bottom of the phone you’ve got your lightning port like all the others with
speakers and microphones on the other side you have your volume buttons and
your silent switch or your vibrate switch and on the back you have a glass
back back in front on this and it allows for wireless charging so you’re not
missing out on any of those features as far as fast charging or anything like
that but the iPhone 11 does not include a fast charger in the box and so if you
wanted that extra speed you’d need to get one of those newer ipad style
chargers USB c2 lightning in order to actually charge this fast but most of
the time just throw it on a wireless charger use the included charger we do
have dual cameras we’ll talk more about that in a moment
but the overall display this is an area where most people I think say this isn’t
a great phone and where I would argue with most people on this and that’s
because it’s a 1792 by 828 pixel resolution but it’s 326 pixels per inch
so that means it has the same pixel density or the same amount of pixels in
the same area as say an iPhone 8 does and so everyone loved the iPhone 8
display and this is actually a little bit better than that it has great
viewing angles that goes nice and bright if you want to be out in the sunlight
you can see it really easily but it is not as bright as an OLED display it
currently available on the iPhone 11 and Pro max and the blacks are not as
deep but everything else is spot on color accuracy is great and some people
say that this phone is more color accurate than that of the pro models of
iPhone 11 now the display does not have 3d touch it has haptic touch but all
current new iPhones have haptic touch that just means you press and hold as
opposed to having a pressure-sensitive display that may be a deal-breaker for
some but Apple’s continually moving away from 3d touch and just making it a press
and hold they’ve kind of made it consistent throughout all of iOS 13
devices so I don’t think we’ll see that brought back
that’s a pressure-sensitive layer under the display and I think it’s just
something they’re doing away with and using press and hold overall now with
the iPhone 11 you’re not missing out on anything as far as specs because this
has the same exact processor and RAM as the iPhone 11 pro and pro max so you’ve
got the a 13 Bionic chip set along with the third-generation knurl engine and
that allows for this to really perform very well you also get four gigabytes of
RAM so whether or not you’re doing anything from going to music or maybe
you’re going into simple app like weather or additive a 4k video or
playing games such as fortnight this will handle that no problem whatsoever
it’s going to be the same as it is on the latest iPhones and iPads and
everything like that so you’re not missing out at all when it comes to that
you can handle multitasking no problem you’ll have a ton of apps open go back
into whatever app you’re looking at whether that be YouTube or whatever you
have here and it works just fine now battery life is one of those things
I get asked about quite a lot and the iPhone 11 it gets great battery life but
it’s not as good as the iPhone 11 pro or pro max because this year they really
upped the batteries in those devices but you still get a very large 3110 milliamp
hour battery in the back and that allows for about seven hours of screen on time
eight hours of screen on time some people are seeing up to 10 but the
majority of people are going to see around 7 or 8 from what I’ve what I’ve
heard and what people have told me it just depends on how you use your phone
and what you’re doing throughout the day so if we wait for battery to load you’ll
see I used it just a little bit yesterday and
I used maybe a quarter of the battery to get a couple hours of screen on time so
it’s really good with battery it’s very efficient and the other thing that’s
good at is LTE it has great reception in fact I would say it might be a little
bit better than the pro phones and I don’t know if that’s because the outside
edge is aluminum first stainless steel although that shouldn’t really make a
difference I do find that I have better reception and better overall data
connectivity with it even though it’s technically a little bit slower than the
iPhone 11 pro and pro max now as far as the cameras are concerned the cameras on
this are fantastic they’re the same exact quality cameras that we get in the
pro line and the only thing you’re missing with these is a telephoto lens
but that doesn’t really seem to make too much of a difference in tests that I’ve
done you can use 2x zoom using the camera and next to the pro version you
probably can’t tell the difference unless you blow it up on a large scale
so even if i zoom in on my keyboard here you’ll see it still looks nice and clear
even though it’s zoomed in it’s just digital but they’ve done a really good
job when it comes to that so there’s no issues there and then of course you have
that super wide angle lens and then you have just a normal 1x so all of these
things combined make for a great camera and you can record in 4k you can record
it up to 4k 60 so if we go into our camera settings here you’ll see we have
4k here’s the different options for K 24 30 and 60 so you’ve got the same
capabilities as you do as far as video recording as you do with the proline the
forward facing camera on this is excellent whether it be the video camera
or the photo camera it’s the same camera that you get in the 11 Pro and Pro max
so you could use it to vlog it’s very very good and there’s no issues with it
whatsoever I highly recommend the cameras on the iPhone and in fact in a
lot of conditions the iPhones are the best out there when it comes to the
cameras on the 11, 11 pro and pro Max so you’re not compromising at all except
for one lens and then finally this does have water resistance and dust
resistance with the ip68 certification it means it can be submerged in 2 meters
of water for up to 30 minutes however that doesn’t mean you should be bringing
it in the water without a waterproof case on it because Apple doesn’t cover
that sort of thing so if it has water if it gets in a little bit they’re not
going to cover that unless you have Apple care but you’ll still have to pay
a replacement fee but overall it’s an excellent phone and it holds up really
really well just next to the proline in fact because
of its $300 less price that’s why I recommend this phone most of all because
those that don’t care about specs that don’t care about an LCD versus an OLED
display and don’t care about the stainless steel this is the phone to get
for most people for those that do want that extra one well you can step up for
$300 to the pro line but otherwise this is the phone I recommend to it just
about anyone that asks me that isn’t really into specs they just want a great
phone that’s going to last a few years without any issues and that’s why I
recommend the iPhone 11 let me know about it in the comments below and which
phone you’re currently using or looking to purchase next if you’d like to get
your hands on this wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the description as I
always do if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you
enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is
Aaron I’ll see you next time

76 thoughts on “iPhone 11 – The Best iPhone in 2020

  1. I purchased this one yesterday after listening to your video… I had the 11 proMax but I suffered some major headaches and felt the phone was too much to hold in my hand, especially with a case. Plus I dropped and broke mine without having Apple care. So picked up this one in Purple ❤️ and $50 more I got the 128g. I couldn’t be more happier with this phone while sporting a case and secured protection with Apple Care 😊

  2. I bought one about 1 month ago and I love it so much. It looks so good and it’s a great upgrade from my iPhone 7. I really don’t think the pros are necessary for people on a budget

  3. I'm coming from the samsung galaxy s6/s7 and my main concern is, 1) what is the difference between the 3 model's ? 2) what will i sacrifice in getting the IPhone 11 ?

  4. Just Purchased my iPhone 11 (Product Red) 128GB and I’m selling my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Feels to big in the hand. Plus Ultra Wide and normal lens is what I use the most.

  5. I'm currently using a pixel 3a but plan on purchasing the iPhone 12 later in the year. I owned a 6s before the pixel and I actually really like it it's a really great phone but I kind of miss apple if I'm being honest 😐

  6. Got the iphone 11 for the first time after 10 years on android. To be honest, i miss android but my experience with ios is far better. Currently I’m still learning how to use this bad boy.

  7. I wonder why most YouTubers praise this LCD display! I upgraded from the regular iPhone x to the 11 and I'm shocked by the lack of sharpness when watching videos on the iPhone 11, it's not ok at all to have such a low resolution on a smartphone at this price, try watching HDR video on the iPhone 11 and the regular X and see the big difference, I'm enjoying the iPhone 11 but the display is a big disappointment.

  8. I hate this phone. Have had it for 3 months now but it loses battery ike crazy and battery capacity is at 93% which is drained by every IOS update. im so over it

  9. ILOVEIT!!
    What would make IOS PERFECT is if they added pausing while recording videos! I’m a film maker and that would help ALOT!!

  10. Got the iPhone 11 in the same color as this. Absolutely love it, battery life is by far more reliable and gets me through my day more than my iPhone XS did. And I like the bigger display. Very pleased with it

  11. My sister saw that the iPhone 11 is actually watching u she saw it on her tablet go in a tablet open the cam then open your 11 phone you will see a red dot that is watching you

  12. Hello!! I’m totally happy with my IPhone 11. I’ve had it since launch and I’m a heavy user. I’m totally happy with the display. I upgraded from an 8 plus. I know about not having an oled display. My Sister has a IPhone 10 S Max that does have an oled display. Side by side comparison I have to say there are some differences but the display on my IPhone really shines as well! I think my phone does about 90% of what the Pro and Pro Max do. I love gaming and the cameras on it. Thanx for your vids!!

  13. Apple should chould simple tpu case in the box bcz buying that much expensive phone all componies giving case in the box

  14. Battery is not great the battery should be good buying that much expensive phone bughet phone give fast charger and big battery at lower price

  15. My iPhone X oled display completely burned in. The entire keyboard is burned in! I paid 1.5K for this phone at launch and have been taking care of it. I got an iPhone 11 for my brother for his birthday because it has an LCD and he’s happy with it.

  16. I'm still using the iPhone 6S and it still works great, battery health is down to 83% after a few years, still going strong.

  17. I had the iPhone 11, went to one plus 7 pro, went back to the iPhone 11. Then ended up getting the Samsung note 10 plus and at that point i decided that I am a iPhone user and went back to the iPhone 11. For the price it is the best phone for me. I hope iPhone keeps the price in range for most consumers.

  18. Love your new channel as much as I love my 11pro. I'm newly retired and have taken up content creation. I was "forced" into the Appleverse at the age of 66. I believe you could be THE guy to teach me to use it to the MAX. I have an Osmo Mobile 3 charging now for the first time. Come on spring! Love the color and editing on this phone. I may say goodbye to the paid Post processing software.

  19. Good informative video as usual. Currently I have the iPhone X and The Galaxy S10. Until there's a change in the design, I probably won't upgrade my X anytime soon. The phone performs great and is in perfect condition. The newer iPhones don't have anything I want or need yet.

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