iPhone 11 Pro Max e Note 10 Plus dividem coroa vs OnePlus 7 Pro e iPhone XS | Comparativo de câmeras

iPhone 11 Pro Max e Note 10 Plus dividem coroa vs OnePlus 7 Pro e iPhone XS | Comparativo de câmeras

The iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy Note 10 Plus are tied at the DxOMark ranking, that photographic benchmark that measures the cell phone’s camera performance in general. Do Samsung and Apple really deliver the same quality? To put it to the test, we decided to make a comparison and added in the dispute the OnePlus 7 Pro and the iPhone XS. It’s always good to remember that the photos in this video were blind-compared at tudocelular.com which you can check by the link in the description. Readers voted for the best image without knowing which device each photo had come out of. Then, we also had the blind vote of the tudocelular team for the technical score. Now you will see who won our dispute and also which phone we consider the best for photos and videos. Note that only the iPhone XS is limited to having two cameras in the rear while the OnePlus 7 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max bring three lenses, one less than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which has a ToF to help with portrait mode. Most phones come with HDR enabled by default and seek to compensate for overexposure and correct dark parts of a scene. Here we put the four to shoot a model against light and it is clear that Chinese cell phones still suffer in delivering a good dynamic balance. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus was the most voted, and this was expected, after all, it delivered the best result. Then we had the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Do you know when you want to take a picture of something very close to record, for example, as much detail as the human eye? Many cell phones end up losing focus easily or exaggerating post-processing Here we see the iPhone XS disappoint as the worst of the four, while the 11 Pro Max scored the best mark. The Note 10 Plus took second place and sins a little for the smooth skin, characteristic of the Galaxy line. Portrait mode has become mandatory on any mobile phone, after all, who does not enjoy a photo with a blurred background. Everyone here did a good job, and although the two iPhones were the top-rated in the popular review, probably because of the overall image quality, we rated the OnePlus 7 Pro as the one that delivered the best result with the cutout, which was the main point to be evaluated here. The effect was better and it managed to also cover the area between the model’s arms, where the others failed. With the front facing module we have a bigger dispute – the iPhone 11 Pro Max featured the best selfie of the four, though, sunlight reflected off the lens, something that did not happen to the others. The most voted by readers was the Note 10 Plus, possibly for its more saturated colors, even if it sacrificed skin details with its beautifying effect. But again, in the technical vote, the OnePlus 7 Pro was the best, delivering a less flawed portrait effect. Apple finally incorporated the wide-angle lens on its new iPhones, and for the first time ever the quality doesn’t disappoint, and the 11 Pro Max was the most voted by the public, However, for the technical vote, the ultra-wide from the Note 10 Plus delivers a better quality, despite overstatement, especially in green. The advantage of the Samsung model is even greater when shooting at night with the widest lens. The Chinese model is the weakest in this regard. For night shots the fight was heavier between Samsung and Apple – Apple’s model has better color registration, especially at dusk. The Galaxy, on the other hand, delivers less noise in darker locations – with the front-facing camera the Note 10 Plus outperforming the rivals in low-light selfies. Excessive noise on Apple’s devices makes photos grainy here in this first capture with low-light, the victory was with the Galaxy. However, the situation is reversed using night mode – the iPhone 11 Pro Max was the most voted overall, and that’s understandable. It not only records the clearest photos but also keeps the photo quality above rivals. By enlarging the image we see how much the Samsung model loses quality at farther points The OnePlus is not far behind the Korean model but suffers from chromatic aberration. In our low light indoor comparison, we had a curious result the public voted for the 11 Pro Max photo as the best, even though it is less sharp and noisy, just because it is a clearer image. The Note 10 Plus recorded the darker but the higher quality photo and let’s face it: it’s much simpler to get the brightness up by using any editing app or even Instagram That’s why the Galaxy got the better of the technical evaluation. All models here have a telephoto lens, so you can zoom without compromising on quality. then we try to zoom in on an object five times, which mixes the optical zoom of the device with the digital one and the one with the slightest loss of quality was the iPhone 11 Pro Max, also being elected by tudocelular’s readers as the best. The Galaxy recorded less noise but sacrificed all the textures of the stuffed puppy. Samsung has always stood out in video but in this generation, Apple has been competing hard and delivering superior quality when shooting in 4k Exposure control, color balance, and texture are best in the 11 Pro Max. Of the four it was also the one with the most efficient stabilization system and the most agile focus. The Note 10 Plus records clearer videos at night, however, at the cost of grainy images. The OnePlus 7 Pro is the best for selfies at night, but on the rest, it is below the competition just the autofocus that’s almost as responsive as 11 Pro Max’s. The iPhone XS doesn’t dissappoint when filming in darker locations, and its front camera isn’t far behind either stabilization, on the other hand, is more limited and we have more shaky videos with it. Apple and Samsung models capture great quality audio leaving the Chinese model behind – overall, the 11 Pro Max delivers the most complete video experience even more so being the only one to record 4K at 60 fps with the front. Next is the Note 10 Plus as the second-best option. After ten comparisons we can conclude that the dispute was really fierce between Apple and Samsung. The latest apple model gets the best in macro, night mode, zooming, and video capture. The South Korean rival stands out for the best hdr, superior quality ultra-wide camera, better night selfies and lovely indoor photos. And the OnePlus 7 Pro gets the most efficient portrait mode. Four wins for the Galaxy and four for the iPhone – which one has the best camera anyway? We can break it down as follows: If you only care about photos, you will have a better experience with Note 10 Plus. If video is also important to you then get the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Both really impress and deliver similar quality for photos and videos. Noteworthy is the evolution compared to the iPhone XS, which was last in many scenarios. The Chinese model can even take good pictures, but OnePlus still has a long way to go to reach the level delivered by Samsung and Apple. If you want to check out the photos used in this video just click on the description link to see the full article with other shots also in different scenarios. There you will also find the datasheet of each mobile phone with the best deals to make good savings at the time of your purchase. Comment down below which of the four phones you think is the best investment for those who love photos and videos? A big hug and see you next time.

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  1. Mano gostei, show,
    Mas quém é essa modelo linda, fazendo pose aí com os aparelhos??👍🏻👍🏻🤩🤩😎😎😍😍😍

  2. Sempre sonhei em ter um I phone, porém, atualmente vários celulares se destacam e muito em relação a bateria, câmera e desempenho…
    Vou de Samsung Galaxy Note 10, ainda mais em relação a preços, único detalhe que falta é um otimização "real" dos Android's com as redes sociais, como por exemplo o Instagram.
    Temos o modo "Instagram" mas mesmo assim, não é por enquanto uma otimização "consolidada" como no caso dos I phones kkk! (PENA)

  3. Note 10 custa 3 mil reais a menos que os "filhos da fruta" e ainda tem fotos melhores e mais um monte de outras coisas como a S-pen.

  4. O s10 e o 9t pro e o mi 9 custam pouco e tem melhores imagens pra mim to esperando lancar o s11 para pegar ou o s10e s10 normal ou s11e

  5. Não gosto de Samsung Apenas Motorola..😍
    Mas nesse Comparativo o Note 10 se Sai Mil Vezes Melhor Por Preço Câmeras E Por Tudo..!!

  6. Na foto Macro é questionável o iPhone ser escolhido o melhor. Mostrou mais textura, porém se perdeu no foco dos cílios. Note10 achei mais equilibrado, mesmo não colocando taaanta nitidez, manteve o foco em todas as áreas da foto

  7. Hoje? Note 10 mas, o melhor investimento com certeza é o iPhone 11, daqui a 5 ou 6 anos ainda será bom pra tudo e ainda valerá uns trocados… Note 10? 😭😭😭😭

  8. Não é só por conta da modelo (que é linda por sinal) mas comparativos de câmeras tem que ser feitos como nesse vídeo, afinal 90% dos usuários vão utilizar as câmeras dos seus aparelhos para tirarem fotos de si mesmos e de outras pessoas ou então de paisagens (de comida também hahahahaha).

  9. Eu estou achando estranho esse comparativo do note 10 sobre o iPhone 11 pro Max. Muito estranho msm . Bem algo errado nisto kk

  10. Queria parabenizar o canal por fazer comparativos entre celulares e dar sua opinião sobre qual é o melhor. Vejo.nos comentários que muita gente não sabe aceitar a opinião dos outros. Não liguem para comentários ofensivos dessas pessoas, continuem fazendo esse ótimo trabalho, parabéns.

  11. Tenho o P30pro, tenho um amigo que tem o iPhone 11 pro Max, com as atualizações do P30pro, as fotos melhoraram muito, o zoom é o diferencial, o IPhone tem fotos e uma estabilização absurda, fora o 4k em 60frames em todas as câmeras kkkk, colocaram uma modelo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼belíssima! Show de vídeo, ótima comparação!

  12. Tenho o note 10 plus, antes dele tinha o iphone 11. A minha decepção é com a pouca nitidez no modo de vídeo tele (2x) do note 10 plus,, nesse quesito parece celular de entrada, infelizmente.

  13. Testa o iphne se com ios 13 teste de bateria carregamento e no free fire quantas horas a bateria dura jogando free fire testa pfv

  14. Como o próprio DxOMark fala, a câmera do note 10 é equivalente a do iPhone, tirando melhores fotos e perdendo em vídeos.

  15. Arranjem o One Plus 7t pro galerinha. Não existem muitas diferenças entre ambos, mas é mais justo pra comparação

  16. Comparativos do TudoCelular sempre os melhores pois mescla oq a gurizada gosta, tecnologia e mulher bonita… Chega da gosto de ver esses videos pqp kkkkk

  17. A30 vale a pena compra ?
    Qual o valor q vc achar q vai tá nas lojas(como casas Bahia,magazine Luiza,lojas Americanas) nessa Black Friday,tô querendo compra para meu filho se for possível me responda ♥️

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