100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro and Apple Event 2019 – Everything you can expect!

  1. The 7 plus (in rose gold) was my ABSOLUTE favorite iphone!!! Then came the XS max and it became my new fave! Lol
    But the 11pro by the looks of it… its not even worth it … im definitely keeping my xs max

  2. “A woman tries out a new Apple 11 Pro during an Apple product launch.”

    Can’t wait for the next video


  3. I live in Europe so i just woke up to the whole internet freaking out over ther same phone as they did last year, and the year before

  4. Doing a GIVEAWAY on the IPHONE !! PRO MAX on my channel, love your channel, thanks for all the info and support

  5. Watching this on my samsung galaxy a50 6gb ram/128gb storage.and i m so pround about my samsung a50 bcoz a50 dont have giant notch.plus a50 super amoled.

  6. Well it's amazing!! Apple comes with wide angle and telephone cameras. Better late than never 😉 But oeff still that ugly 2017 notch😱

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  8. until the end of the day where the iphone Xs Max is already gone in the world And I Can’t Have Them Becoz
    my mom said I’m gonna use this iphone 7 until my last breath she isn’t gonna buy me hays

  9. I'm sorry. I feel like the Apple Watch is the only thing Steve would say "Good Jobs" to. They are just churning these phones like butter.

  10. and if you had bothered to check the news, Justine, Apple have been told to re-claim all of the iPhone 11 pros back as the 3 Camera layout on the new Phones triggers Trypophobia…

  11. i wanna know when they will move the power button far away from the volume buttons 😩😭 i'm forever accidentally locking my phone.

  12. iPhone 11 is 3 years of the same exact rehashed crap from apple. Just 1 extra camera wow you isheep are really dumb $1300 for 64gb iPhone lmfao.

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