iPad Reset – A How To Video Guide

iPad Reset – A How To Video Guide

There are three ways to do a soft reset on an iPad. The first way is to hold the wake button at the top of the iPad, until the slide to power off screen appears. Slide your finger to power off the iPad. Then, hold the wake switch until the iPad turns back on and the apple logo appears on the screen. The second way, it to hold the menu and wake button at the same time, until the iPad restarts and the apple logo appears. If your iPad boots, the third way to reset the settings is to go into settings, and then general, and then reset. There you will find several settings to reset the iPad. If you need more help with your iPad, visit us on the web at powerbookmedic.com

16 thoughts on “iPad Reset – A How To Video Guide

  1. @lostdragon92 – That should only come up if you set a password for the device. That code will be the code you set.

  2. @powerbookmedic pls help, the photos and settings app on my ipad1 suddenly disappeared, how can I bring it back, even the installous is gone.. pls I need your help tnx.

  3. If they are no longer on the iPad, the only way to recover them is to get them off the backup on your computer or iCloud.

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