iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 2017!

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 2017!

– Hey guys, this is Austin. And today I’m going to
compare what are arguably two of the most important
tablets out right now. The brand new iPad Pro
versus the Surface Pro. This might seem like a weird comparison but they line up surprisingly well. Not even counting that they came out within like a couple
of days of each other. So to start with, we have the 2017 version
of the Surface Pro. So they actually hooked us up
with the review unit early, which is funny because it has “Not packaged for retail sale” on the box. But I’m going to unbox it
anyway because that’s what I do. So, the Surface Pro as
far as hardware wise should be very very similar
to the Surface Pro 4. They’ve made a couple of small tweaks, mostly like smoothing
out corners and what not. But the hardware itself and the dimensions are pretty much unchanged. Inside we had what should
be the power adaptor. So if you saw our Surface laptop video you’ll know that not only is the adaptor
magnetic which is kind of cool but it also has a USB port on it. Next, we have the iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Again another new product. And again something that actually
really hasn’t changed much since the previous generation,
at least on the outside. Inside here we have yet again, pretty straightforward. So this is the actual
iPad itself in silver. We also have the Lighting
cable, some Apple paperwork, as well as the very very
small power adapter. The problem is this is
a tiny 12-watt adapter, so compared to the 44-watt power cable for the actual Surface this takes forever to
charge a big iPad like this. It still always surprise me a little bit when I touch one of these iPads because it is just so huge. I mean, look at this, this is an iPad. I feel like it’s a… Actually is it bigger than the Surface? Oh yeah. The Surface is actually
smaller than the iPad. Which I guess makes sense, it’s a 12.3 versus a
12.9 inch display but… Wow. One area where the Surface
definitely does have an advantage is with ports. So again like the Surface laptop we have the magnetic Surface connector which can be used not only to power it but also for the dock. We also have a full-sized USB 3.0 port, mini display, there’s also a
headphone jack on this side. If you pop open the
kickstand inside of here is a tiny little microSD card slot. The iPad has a Lighting
connector and a headphone jack. So for basic tablet use this is fine. When it comes to say
connecting a USB device or wanting to use a second display the Surface wins hands down. Something else going for the
Surface is the kickstand. It’s not only will it stand up by itself right out of the box but the kickstand’s also very adjustable. So it will go pretty much all the way flat and you bring it up. And it will stop anywhere along the way. It does add a lot of flexibility. With the iPad you pretty much have to have a cover or a keyboard to get
it to stand up by itself. That is where the
Smart Keyboard comes in. So like earlier versions
all it does is just snap on with magnets to the side of the iPad, and then once you fold it out you get yourself a pretty decent keyboard that’s going to be attached to the iPad. So not only does the iPad now support quite a few different keyboard shortcuts, so I can open up something like Spotlight, I can actually command tab
to go between different apps, and the keyboard itself
is pretty much full-sized and it feels decent to type on. The issue is, there’s very little travel. It really does not measure up to something like a
proper laptop keyboard. By comparison, the Surface
type cover feels a lot better. This has actual key travel, so that actually makes a big difference. And not only this is full
layout with back lighting which the iPad is not, but
it also has a trackpad. So well, yes, the trackpad
is not super necessary on something with a touchscreen. I find I use the touchscreen about like 80% of the time or so, but sometimes it’s nice
to be able to reach down and just be able to
mouse over to something. The issue is that neither of these actually come with their keyboards. So the Type Cover for the
Surface is going to run you 130 or a 160 for this Alcantara version. And this Smart Keyboard
for the iPad Pro is $170. Which is a shame because you
really do need the keyboards to get the most out of these devices. One area you can’t complain
about with these tablets are the displays. So the Surface Pro is
rocking a 12.3 inch panel with a resolution of 2736×1824. This PixelSense display looks phenomenal. No one looking at the Surface display is going to be disappointed, but the issue is the iPad
screen is just better. Not only does the iPad have
a bigger 12.9 inch display with a resolution of 2732×2048, but it also has some cool
features such as True Tone to adjust the white balance depending on what room you’re in. It gets really bright with
600 nits of brightness. But what blows all that away is ProMotion. What that means is that the iPad Pro has a 120 hertz refresh rate display. Now that’s something that you find on stuff like high end game monitors, and it looks awesome in person. So in video it’s a
little bit harder to show but the animations are incredibly fluid. And also more important than that it feels super super responsive. Hey guys, this is Austin. This is the Fairphone 2 and it is a fully modular smartphone. The speakers on the iPad
Pro are also top notch. So it actually has four speakers, so there’s going to be one each corner and combined, it sounds
better than a lot of laptops. Hey guys, this is Austin. This is the Fairphone 2 and it is a fully modular smartphone. The Surface actually does
sound pretty good as well, so it has two front facing speakers. But compared to the iPad
it’s just not as loud. All models of the iPad Pro
now come with the Apple A10X. This is monster of a processor, with six cores, three performance
and three low power cores paired with four gigabytes
of RAM is a lot for an iPad. The Surface comes with quite a
few different configurations. So not only can you get
it with the Core m3, i5 or i7 processor but it also has four, eight, and 16 gigabyte RAM options. Both the Core m3 and i5 models are going to be fanless
just like the iPad. But regardless of which
Surface you pick up they’re all going to be dual core chips based on the new Intel Kaby Lake process. Now that’s cool, but on paper the iPad has
a big core count advantage. Run them through Geekbench
and results are surprising. So not only is the iPad faster when you consider single core scores, but on the multithreaded side it is significantly
faster than the Surface. Now this is a Core i5 processor,
not even the base model, and yet the iPad Pro is still faster. That is impressive. Also Intel is probably
really scared right now. All the power in the
world doesn’t mean much without software to take advantage of it. So the iPad Pro ships with iOS 10. Though it is not bad, things like Split View
really make multitasking a lot more doable on the iPad. However, what’s really going
to change things is iOS 11. So at first glance it looks fairly similar but just like my wardrobe change there’s a lot going on under the hood. So say I’m web browsing and I
want to pull up the file menu, all I do is swipe up
from the bottom, tap it, and then drag it off to the side and I get my normal split view which I can then just
readjust if I’d like. Or if I want I can shrink it back down, and if I pull down from the top it becomes a floating window. So I’m still being able
to scroll on Safari but I can also just
toss this up to the side and do whatever I need to get done. This way you can get up to
three apps on screen at once. Now it’s not perfect. This is the very first beta, things are not quite as
smooth as they could be, but this goes a long way in making the iPad feel a lot more usable. On the other hand, the Surface of course is
running Windows 10 Pro. Now Windows 10 has actually
seen some pretty major upgrades over the last couple of years, but I’ve got to say I’m impressed with how much you can do
on the iPad with iOS 11. One area where I have no
complaints is with battery life. So the iPad Pro like
pretty much every iPad ever is quoted at 10 hours of battery life. Whereas the Surface actually can go all the way up to 13 hours. Regardless, you should
easily be able to take these for a full day of use
without needing the charger. Both also have solid stylus support. So the Surface Pro has
an all new Surface Pen which is supposedly a lot faster. And when I tried it recently, it actually does feel pretty solid. However, the Apple Pencil
on the new iPad Pro is stupid fast. It really does feel nearly one to one. The Surface Pro is
definitely the safe choice. It’s a great Windows PC that
just happens to be a tablet. The iPad has a terrific
display, it’s super fast, and iOS 11 is actually pretty good, but it might not be for everyone. So what do you guys think
about these tablets? Which one you would pick up? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you on the next one.

100 thoughts on “iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 2017!

  1. Austin. Thank you for your comparison between iPad Pro and Surface Pro 2017. However, I got the sense that it comparison was very one-sided in favor of Apple. For example, several minutes were spent highlighting the new IOS window docking feature; however, Windows 10 was dismissed quickly (even though the same feature has been is available in Windows 10 for a long time). Also, the pen comparison was not a true side-by-side. I have an iPad with a keyboard and a surface pro 3 and can definitely see the benefits of each one. The iPad I seem to use for entertainment and watch videos, and the Surface Pro 3 for everything related to productivity: emails, web browsing, homework, programming, etc and is my main computer when docked and connected to a monitor with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

  2. These are two totally different things tho. The iPad is not trying to be a computer, that’s what a Mac is for. The surface is basically just a laptop. It has a tablet mode but you really buy it for that keyboard with the touchpad pad. The iPad Pro is just an iPad with a keyboard. Done and simple.

  3. Irritating voice delivery. However, iPad is the best tablet and frustrating to use as a laptop. Wish Apple would make a hybrid.

  4. This is not a fair comparison. I own an iPad Pro when I didn’t need it. I found out I had over 800k rewards points and that was good enough for an iPad Pro. The pen works great! If you are a student it’s perfect for taking notes and records at the same time. If u want to type, buy the keyboard. When the first iPad came out I thought it’s useless and thought it was just an oversize iPhone. I was sooo wrong. It’s a great table. It all depends what you are looking for. I never used a surface pro but I heard great things to. If you’re looking for a tablet iPad Pro. Laptop go with the surface pro.

  5. The surface pro is basically a laptop that can have the abilities of a tablet. The iPad is a tablet that can have the abilities of a laptop.

  6. Surface wins hands down. I own a iPhone 8 Plus and love it. But my surface is so much easier to use to get things done than a iPad. It’s a computer vs a giant phone essentially. Surface FTW

  7. Every time this guy said something, it sounded like he was asking you a question. "Hey guys, this is Austin?" What?

  8. I really doubt Intel is scared what so ever. I promise you, Intel is gonna stay ahead in terms of processors. Both AMD and Intel. It'll take any smartphone manufacturer years to catch up to Intel and AMD. Why else does Apple not use their own processors on their own iMacs and MacBook Pros?

  9. This review is depressing. The surface pro and the iPad are not even the same kind of product. The iPad runs a mobile software while the surface runs full windows perfectly. With absolutely no difference then a laptop. How does this video the make it look like a toss up? I'm sensing some deep apple biased opinions here. Bad review.

  10. i bought both and surface wins here because of the os the keyboard. The features on the Microsoft pencil has better magnet and more features but the apple pencil tip feels better to write with but not a huge difference.

  11. Surface pro all the way when it comes to any type of school work but when it comes to drawing and using a stylus to get stuff done the iPad Pro is better but in my opinion Even though the surface pro doesn’t have a stylist that is as good as the iPad Pro it is still very good and useful. so to Break it down Easy The surface Pro is kind of like a portable laptop and the iPad Pro is like a iPad that can draw that’s it. So I suggest The surface Pro instead The iPad Pro if you’re thinking of buying one of the two but those are two very expensive items so I don’t think you have to buy any of them just stick to the old paper and pencil.

  12. Why always try to compare a Pc and a tablet? i don't understand ! can the iPad run software? no i don't think so. i'm not talking about apps but real full software. why should i buy a very big phone i pretend that i'm using something new or amazing. for me the ipad is and always be a very big phone thats all.

  13. I watched a lot of these comparisons now and I have never seen a commetn saying that the IPad is an overall better device. So is the Surface winning the contest?

  14. Apple Macbook Retina Display Laptop (12 Inch Full-HD LED Backlit IPS
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  15. The ipad only has a faster processor and better display. Otherwise it lacks the RAM, typing experience, full office access, and storage… Definitely would take the surface pro

  16. If I wasn’t fully into the iPad ecosystem. I would have to go to the surface laptop. It’s always running computer apps and os, and it also has pen and keyboard support

  17. I disliked because i felt like you were quickly glancing over Surface Pros positives and highlighted the negatives. But on the iPad side you highlighted the positives and glanced over the negatives. For example, the iPad Pro doesn't have mouse support or a trackpad at all making it pretty much unusable for productivity. But you didn't even mention this fact. And you glanced over the fact that Surface Pro does multitasking and productivity much better than the iPad.

  18. The selling line for Surface is right there in the end: "It's a great Windows PC that just happens to be a tablet". The moment when you've been using Surface RT for a couple years and now see past couple generations that it has finally turned into this.

  19. Surface Pro is way better. Sure, the iPad’s faster and has a 120 hertz display, but iOS, even after iOS 11 (and iOS 12), is still horrible for professional use. If you want to get any real work done, get a Surface. If you hate money and want a freakishly big tablet, get the iPad Pro.

  20. 2:13 I wish my kid would do that. Got him a few days ago. I've been trying to just drop him and see if he will, but he just cries a lot. Please comment down any tips.

  21. I honestly have used both of these devices, I have mostly used my surface because I honestly just love the more responsive, software it build in to it. I have ran into a few problems making the switch from the ipad to the surface, but it was worth the switch.

  22. I had my surface for about 3 yrs now and love it BUT now I want an iPad bc I think of my surface as a laptop and honestly the apple pen looks sooo good much better than the surface pen. I want the iPad to take notes for school.

  23. I feel like the Ipad would be worth it if it was running Mac OS instead IOS.

    So what I mean was that ipad should use what Macbooks use. Considering the fact that Apple created the Ipad as a laptop replacements.

  24. I think Surface Pro is still the Best ,Cheap and I can't evan think , It is the winner 🏆🎉🏆🏆🎉🏆🏆🎉🏆

  25. Nobody:

    Not even a single soul:

    Not even living things:

    Not even a unboxer:

    Austin Evans when he sees something new and popular:

    *insert deep fried austin evan photo with glowing red eyes

  26. I think alot of people think like me…idk if you agree but on the phone side I would take android,huawei… but on the tablet wide iPad is a living beast

  27. The iPad Pro with the keyboard looks like Apple tried to make a 2-in-1 (computer and laptop) but they didn’t so they only add a keyboard w/o a mouse to simulate a laptop. Why include it if the keyboard is on the screen and there’s no difference in the screen display? I still think if I were to run softwares like SketchUp, the iPad wouldn’t have the laptop capacity. I’m sorry, but I have to go with the Surface Pro.

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