iPad Pro Review 2018 – in 4K – Is it worth buying? 11″ Model

iPad Pro Review 2018 – in 4K – Is it worth buying? 11″ Model

So the iPad is still a best-selling
tablet on the market today but after eight years of new updates it’s always
kind of looked roughly the same. Yes we’ve had touch ID and a few other
updates but finally it’s got a whole new design. Could this finally be the iPad to
replace your laptop? Now I don’t care what camp you come from Windows Mac or Android, I don’t think anyone can argue that this is one beautiful tablet. The
new design sees more screen and well less of everything else there’s now an
almost edge-to-edge screen with curved corners which Apple is calling liquid
retina LCD .The home button has completely gone and is now replaced with
face ID. Apple has also ditched the lightning connector in favor of USB-C
it’s gone much more squared looking than the previous iPads and at this stage I’m
not sure what I prefer. There is something nice about the previous
generations rounded back edges for holding in your hand at the same time it
gives the device and more pro look and if it’s much closer to the look of the
new MacBook Pros I guess it’s down to personal preference
, but write a comment below and let me know what you prefer. The device now
features a larger 11 inch screen in the same size device as last year’s model
and the thickness or should I say thinness of the device is now just five
point nine millimeters the sides are quite minimal with just the power and
volume buttons plus the all new USBC port Apple is clearly trying to get this
into as many Pro hands as they can and they’re hoping USB C will do that on the
back we now have a camera bump for the 12 megapixel camera I’ve always thought
a camera on a tablet was a little pointless but with a are growing in
popularity the better back camera you have the more lifelike experience you’ve
gone again now the screen is absolutely gorgeous and I think the rounded corners
of the display really help to modernize its look it comes with the same
promotion 120 Hertz screens of the iPad pro strong last year which still look
great any Content you have on this screen really pops
transy and animations are all super fast even
though this may not be the highest resolution screen on the market I still
do believe it’s by far one of the best I’ve never had any complaints about the
iPad screens and it’s only got better this time around
gone is the home button and it’s been replaced with face ID which i think is a
great addition I’ve had an iPhone 10 since launch day and I can honestly say
it’s great to have it on the iPad you can use it for Apple pay for securing
apps and opening folders and I can tell you it’s much more convenient than touch
ID as it just blends into the background so the device we’ve got here is the 11
inch iPad and I upgraded the storage to 256 gigabytes and I always go for the
smaller device because I travel a lot for work and I like a nice light device
to take with me on the go I’ve also gone for the upgraded type cover and the new
Apple pencil 2 now this whole set up came in at 1217 pounds which i think is
a lot for an iPad but more on that later now iPad pros have never been slow but
this one is super fast thanks to the new a 12x Bionic chip and the graphics have
also seen a major improvement Apple claimed that this iPad has as much power
as the Xbox 1s which i think is pretty incredible I can tell you everything on
here one’s absolutely super smooth every game every app of tested has no lag at
all the USB C port helps you connect cameras like a Sony a7 3 or a Studio
Series SL 600 microphone for podcasting or voiceover that said you do have some
roadblocks to get over you still need to import your photos to your camera roll
first before you can import them into Lightroom also a huge disappointment
with the USBC is that you cannot attach an external hard drive the storage or
video editing we film a lot of 4k footage on the go including this review
so it would be great to use the iPad pro as a mobile video editor but not having
the option of external footage makes that task a little bit more difficult
and again destroys your camera roll and the internal storage
another small annoyance is that Apple have removed a headphone socket yeah
yeah I know they’re trying to get to a wireless future but I think if they’re
gonna try and appeal to pro DJs video creators or podcasters they really
should have left one on we’ve purchased the iPad pro smart keyboard and it’s a
big improvement over last year’s model it now protects the device all the way
around and they’ve gotten rid of that horrible origami style setup of the
previous generation plus there are now two angles to choose one if we’re
comparing tablets I do think the Microsoft Surface type cover is a much
better tablet keyboard than this due to the touchpad and F row keys which
are there however this smart keyboard is much improved over the first generation
and the second typing angle is welcome the new Apple pencil has the same specs
as before but they’ve changed how it works instead of charging it by plugging
it into the bottom of the iPad which I think was a bit stupid you now lay the
pin on the side and it magnetically attaches to the iPad and charges it
directly so one thing which still nags me a little bit about the iPad pro is
that it still doesn’t have any pointer support it doesn’t have support for a
mouse or a trackpad and I would have really loved to see Apple do that
because I just think if you’re doing a huge accounting session in Excel or your
video editing or you’re doing any kind of other productivity work a pointing
device is always better it always just makes things a little bit faster having
to hold a pencil in one hand it’s like tap the screen as you type or use your
finger to sort of copy and paste big lines of text slows things down a bit so
I hope in the next iteration or in a software update they support maybe the
Apple Magic Mouse that would be great to see so what do I think of the new iPad
pro 2018 well I love the design I love the screen of the speakers and I love
the power and the speed behind it so on paper it’s all pretty good but at the
moment for me there’s just too many roadblocks which prevent me from using
this as a kind of a main device or even a travel device I think if you were
digitalized and you can stick within the limitations of iOS you can absolutely
love it I think it does many things better than a Mac or PC can
it’s much more fun to use but I hear some people saying well you know it’s
pretty good for email that’s pretty good for web browsing and
all that kind of stuff which is true well this is 1217 pounds you could buy
the 319 pounds I’ve had that has Penn support and it has a keyboard and it has
keyboard support sorry so you could get 99% of the same things done on the
smaller cheaper iPad as you could on this very expensive iPad pro and it’s
that price difference which just takes it into a different value proposition
for me that I’m just not sure if I could recommend it some recommend it to
everyone it doesn’t have photoshop support yet I know it will do because
Photoshop is coming out in early 2019 but at the moment I still can’t really
edit Photoshop files properly or illustrator files which we use here in
the office and the other big thing is Chrome extensions I can’t use Chrome
extensions that we use a lot for our business we can’t use Safari extensions
either because it doesn’t have the proper in a problem desktop desktop
browser which is a bit frustrating so it’s all it’s almost there but it’s just
these my new little things which still annoy me and I think with with this
closed book push it a little bit further this could be the best device for most
people at the moment I think it’s the best device for just a small few people
but though for those few you’re gonna absolutely love it but what do you think
leave a comment in the section below are you gonna get this iPad do you agree
with me or disagree of me please let me know as I’d love to hear from you and I
promise we’ll get back to every single comment thanks for watching and I’ll see
you in the next video you

100 thoughts on “iPad Pro Review 2018 – in 4K – Is it worth buying? 11″ Model

  1. I have ordered the larger iPad Pro. I have previously owned the iPad 1, 2, 3, and the first iPad Pro. I teach at a college and create a lot of technical line drawings and diagrams for my classes. If you want to draw, the largest screen size makes a huge difference. It is an absolute must-have to allow the space to input complex details. Additionally, the many excellent apps on the iPad are extremely useful for education, lectures, and for completing forms (such as for the medical industry ). The longevity of the iPad life is excellent, and it is typical to pay a premium for premium computer chip speed….. So that is all great. However, the iPad remains a compromised laptop/desktop replacement. The thin keyboard (and lack of a mouse) are not compatible for long word processing documents. The lack of a mouse makes data entry on spreadsheets really tedious and inefficient. Additionally, the limited multitasking, iOS operating system, and the available RAM all hobble the iPad for expansive projects…. So it remains a great portable consumer, artistic, and educational device—for moderate-size projects at most. The iPad Pro remains incapable for writing a book, a thesis, or for major media projects. Most people probably can be satisfied with an iPad. But it isn’t full-featured to cover expansive projects.

  2. I bought the space gray 12.9” 256gb model and the Smart Keyboard folio. I currently have the 1st generation 12.9” iPad Pro, I am upgrading because the battery is degrading rapidly. I hope i will be happy!

  3. I have the iPad Pro 10.5, and I’m waiting to updgrade. LumaFusion runs just fine for me now, and I’m waiting for the software to catch up with the hardware. The price is holding me back too.

  4. Great description of the new iPad Pro and what it does well, and what could be improved. I am a digital artist, so I fall into that group where it works for me as a main device. I am torn however btwn the 2 sizes. The new 12.9” screen in a smaller footprint is sweet, but it’s still a big device, and I travel a lot…so the new larger 11” screen in the same format as the previous 10.5” is perfect for travel. Tough decision.

  5. I want a mac with both Intel and A12X inside. Don't care about the touch interface, the trackpad more than makes up for me. I use the trackpad much more often than touch on Windows touch-enabled laptops anyway. So that's fine, the lack of a power headroom on current macOS machines isn't. Allow the t2 chip to do more.

  6. Nice review! I am getting one, but not as a main device. Will use it everywhere except at a desk, and even on the desk as a second monitor for my MacBook in business trips.

  7. iPad has been my main and only computer for several years, replaced air 2 with pro this year. I think it’s the other way around, good fit for most and poor fit for few.

  8. Please please please fix the iOS so we can take advantage of this awesome piece of hardware Apple!!! Until then, totally not worth the money!

  9. Really good review! I am still deciding on whether or not to get on. And if I do not sure which size to go for. I also think the bezels are a bit too big.

  10. Hi i am confused between which size should i choose. I have Macbook pro 15 but i need ipad for my university. My main task will be note taking and writing reports. Multitasking will be a plus because i usually keep notes app on left and word on right to look at my notes.

    I will appreciate your recommendation. Thanks 🙂

  11. iOS dives not have a file structure. That’s why it can’t support external drives. Until it dyed it’s no match fir a laptop.

  12. How can you call not having a headphone jack, a small annoyance. It means all your headphones now require an adapter and what about charging while listening to music or watching a video. Why would you not mention RAM? Isn’t RAM important. Why do you think Apple keeps holding back on the features we all want. They could easily have added another USB-c port and given us proper connectivity for file management. I am sure it’s because no matter how hard we yell and scream about not having features,, we keep upgrading. Why would you upgrade? Is it because it looks better and you have a lot of cash to blow. The thing is that most people do not have lots of cash but they still run out and buy the latest apple devices by putting them on a credit card. Its about being cool and bragging to their friends. Very strange. phones and tablets are must have devices for everyone who is not homeless. I am still not getting that you did not mention the amount of RAM and spent most of the time talking about the look. Do you think iPad pros are purchased mostly for how it looks, or what it can do. What about all your lightning stuff needing adapters. Good video, thanks.

  13. I never understood reviewers wanting mouse support on a tablet. If you want a full desktop experience… get a desktop or a laptop. I think you are completely missing the point of a tablet. Android tablets have support for all this crap and nobody cares for them. Reviewers moan that Instagram isn’t native on it. It isn’t native on iPad either. The iPad is a niche product the mainstream bought into.

  14. A lot of smaller users of the iPad Pro in the past are switching over to the 12.9" iPad Pro this year with the thought that if in a smaller foot print if you get a bigger screen why not ?? But I am so kind of torn between should I go for the 11" or the 12.9" ?

  15. Loving the iPad Pro 11 inch. Have not bought a keyboard yet, I am waiting to see what third party options are available before I decide which way to go.

  16. I don’t know man, still think if I buy it the only thing I will do with it is watch porn, which is not a bad thing I guess.

  17. Too EXPENSIVE iPad Pro 2018 !!!! For THAT PRICE the APPLE PENCIL SHOULD GIVE IT TO YOU, and even the Smart Keyboard!! And then what is the usb-c if it does not read files from hard disk??

    A STANDARD APPLE OPTION should be what it does “luna display”, but without external drive like “luna display”! And then, WHY APPLE does not develop a SINGLE OPERATING SYSTEM between macOS e iOS?

  18. So I got the 11inch last week with the folio keyboard. I only use the 11inch for watching movies, browsing the net and general media stuff. I also only use the 11inch whilst on the sofa.. so do I keep the 11inch or consider changing over to the 12.9inch?? Would the 12.9inch be any good just using it on the sofa with the larger folio keyboard or should I stick with the 11inch?? I wish they had only made one size as that would be a lot easier for all of us!! 😂😂

  19. I bought the 11 inch model with 64GBs. It’s not worth it for many reasons. Older iPad was much more comfortable to hold. It’s super expensive. The infamous AX12 doesn’t really offer any huge advantage over A10, unless you use this for photoshop. The home bar at the bottom can’t be removed. I also have a iPhone 6S plus, and the 3D Touch is amazing. I was surprised to see that an iPad that advertised as a laptop replacement didn’t have 3D Touch. 3D Touch is a great way to move the cursors around when typing. It also is great for having quick menus on apps. Once your used to 3D Touch it’s hard to go back. It feels like apple adds and removes features every update. So again, I think this is just an over expensive media entertainment device. There are some good ideas in place, but I think Apple will iron everything out in the next iPad. The question is what are you missing out on by using the regular 2018 iPad instead? Not much at all really. I think when they finally upgrade the design, they will also introduce a smaller variant, because the iPad mini is due for an update. That would be amazing, an iPad mini pro.

  20. I think if apple is going to remove the headphone port and add usb c atleast keep the lightning port on the opposite side as well i think that makes it way more compatible for everyone imean it cant take up that much room at this point.

  21. I purchased one, 11 in, and do my own video editing ( lumba fusion, have my own YouTube channel)… In my opinion, its excellent… Good review video….

  22. Surface Pro 6 vs this? As a tablet as well as computer? Any recommendations? Given that the Surface Pro 6 has full windows and expandable storage, it should ideally be a no-brainer for laptop replacement for travel. But initial impressions after playing with Surface Pro 5 was that the back of it gets warm and it's not really designed to be used as a tablet. Thoughts?

  23. I was considering upgrading my iPad Air first generation to the new IPad Pro but I discovered that I had 12 apps purchased in App Store that needed upgrade and was not working anymore. I contacted Apple to complain as they have needed an upgrade for a long time. Apple just told me to contact the software developer and that I had absolutely no rights as consumer few months after purchasing the apps. The software developer I contacted did not care about my problem with their no longer working apps.
    I purchased an Apple IPad because I wanted to get access to all the apps in App Store and I wanted to be sure that things were working. Since this is not the case there is no reason for me to pay extra for an Apple product so I will wait for a tablet from the competition, which is 11” and save myself a lot of money.

  24. Personally I agree of having this new 2018 iPad Pro for anyone who likes doing basic work like surfing the web and watching YouTube videos, cause it can really replace a laptop. I’m transitioning to IOS mobile instead of Mac OS cause I love things that are lighter and portability, the laptop is just too heavy and thick for my liking. I loved the IOS ecosystem especially iPad’s and iPhones.

  25. I got the iPad Pro 11” and honestly I can say it’s definitely not for everyone. I’d only recommend this to someone who does graphic design or is interested in learning and mastering Swift.

  26. How does not having external storage destroy your camera roll, can’t you just delete your project once you finish editing?

    why do you need external if you plan to delete clips anyways?
    If someone can answer these questions I would really appreciate it 😊❤️

  27. the ipad is a cloud based computer. no internet or no cloud and its even more limited. need to velcro an ipad to the top lid of a macbook then both are complete 🙂

  28. Hi there. Just subscribed to your channel.
    I bought a few days ago this new IPad Pro. I’d like to know if it worth to buy the Apple Pencil?
    I just use the IPad for the web, check emails, Social Medias, Netflix, excel, etc. Thanks!!

  29. Nice video, I have the same iPad Pro configuration as you, with the Apple Pencil. The only difference is that I just got the Folio case instead of the folio keyboard. I decided to just buy the magic keyboard with it, which i like because of the function keys.

  30. I do largely agree that the iPad Pro is overpriced. Despite the iPad Pro having exclusive features from the base iPad like Face ID, Pro-motion, A12X and USBC, the capabilities of both devices are rather similar but with a major price difference of $500 to $700 depending on the model. Hell, iOS 12 gave the base iPad the same gesture features that you would find in the iPad Pro. Of course, you would have a better experience using the Pro over the base model, but I don't think that difference is worth $500. iOS 13 better be one hell of an upgrade to make the iPad Pro actually worth it. At least it is futureproof which is the one compliment that I will give.

  31. I just picked up my an 11” iPad Pro and the new Apple Pencil over the weekend. My Smart Keyboard Folio is coming in tomorrow and I can’t wait! I have loved it so far and I expect to keep loving it for years to come

  32. The iPad needs to have a foldable real keyboard so it can bend backwards and an sd slot for more storage. And Siri needs to be rethought. The iPad needs to be a touchable 2 in 1 360 rotation computer something I can put in my lap without worrying about it falling or flattening from a prop up stand case that’s not even worth the price.

  33. Its wayyyy OVWRPICED considering you cant connect anything to it before buying dondles. 😪😪😪 I'll wait till the price drop as I belive the last year's model is just as good. Something this big has no to Not HAVE a headphone jack!

  34. i think this device has professional apps like mac. i can handle with 4k footage in ipad and macbook at the same price may not be so powerful.

    If there is any use, what can we do in premiere pro and what we can not do in lumafusion?

  35. It's still very limiting and still no mouse support.
    Smh this is not a laptop replacement, It's great for light on the go productivity and media consumption, but apple still makes sure you need a MacBook by putting those restrictions and roadblocks.
    Most of the horsepower on this tablet is just gonna go to waste for most users anyway. So overall you're actually paying a premium for extra processing power you don't need.

  36. Great review. im still thinking which one to get 10.5 or 11 inch. My mainly device is hp pavilion 15 notebook, bought 4 years but Im travelling a lot and would like to get something light with touch screen and more powerful as my current laptop, but I dont wanna a laptop, I want tablet, yes ipad pro 11ich quite expensive, but I think so its the best in market

  37. Calling for mouse support shows a fundamental misunderstanding over what a tablet is. You’re asking for a touchscreen laptop. Those devices, such as the surface pro, suck in tablet mode because the interface isn’t built for touch support. Getting a mouse on this is going to cause a bunch of third party folks to not support tablet mode because now they have a mouse. They’d just be able to port over their MacBook apps without having to think about all the potential a touch interface can have. Screw that. It’s a tablet, not a laptop.

  38. If the ipad supports a mouse or trackpad or al those things you say then no one will buy a macbook anymore, apple is smart and your clearly not so smart

  39. I own the 11 inch 256g iPad Pro and it’s a monster. It packs a punch for the everyday creative to do exceptional work fast, particularly within illustrating apps. It also offers perfect portability. I’m really enjoying it and looking forward to creating tons of amazing content in the years to come.

  40. Such a stupid, waste of time name. "Liquid retina"
    About as useful and impressive as calling a bath tub, a 1 person swimming pool.
    edit: And yeah, I just bought a 2018 12.9" pro. While I do like the device, the question remains … "liquid retina" really?

  41. Imo I think this device is pointless. If you’re Interested In drawing you can get one of the older iPad pro’s or the 2018 iPad 6th gen for $329. If you need it for photo/video editing then a MacBook will perform better, if you need it for coding a MacBook performs much better, for school laptop is much better, and for browsing media and entertainment you might as well buy the 2017 iPad Pro or the iPad 6 for $329

  42. Great video. You are a very good presenter. You will notice many presenters should write themselves a script bc they can't speak well. Thank you for considering your viewers and for sharing your knowledge with us.

  43. Hi! Which is the best screen protector for the new iPad Pro? Tempered Glass or just a regular one? I don't like the matte finish of some brands… But I want something intuitive with my apple pencil 2 with no lag. Thanks for your help!

  44. After this iPad came out, I totally regretted buying the 10.5 iPad Pro. So I’m trading mine in and getting the 11 inch one. Don’t get me wrong though, the 10.5 iPad Pro is still a beast tablet

  45. I want to replace my Macbook (first apple product I really don't like) with an iPad or iPadpro. Just so I get it, all the stuff we are all wishing for (trackpad, mouse, external storage etc.) are software related issues. Just not available yet because Apple wants to keep making money by forcing people to buy two Apple products laptop + iPad. Is this correct?

  46. it just looks so beautiful but a kid like me ain't gon use even 5% of it's power. also, PRICY!

  47. well they listened and guess what , you got your wish. However the prices will increase even more come september

  48. I use the 12.9 everywhere as I have a smart folio ..I use in bed with no problem . I use it on the trains rush hr ….why
    If I can use my 15inch in bed in the cafe I can use the 12.9 anywhere …
    Did try the 11 but was too small for me as I had the air2 before that ..
    Since I can use the surface pro anywhere ..i have no issues with the 12.9

  49. I don’t understand the point of recording and rendering in 4K when we can’t even watch it past 1080p60 lol.

  50. If you’re going to buy a iPhone that’s a thousand dollars 💵 why not buy the iPad as well you get more out the pad then the phone it’s all about what people want at the moment what’s hot and what’s not kinda thing.

  51. You reply to every comment? What you make of the video recording capabilities and editing power? Would love to know since I wanna use the iPad Pro for film on ice

  52. Hey Mark thanks for the review! I’m just wondering – to which model of LG UltraFine monitor have you connected your iPad Pro 11" on this video? Is it a 4K version 22md4ka-b that was disappeared from Apple site and was it connected properly? Thanks in advance for answering!

  53. Great review. Agreed with all that you said. I just sold my Galaxy Tab S4 and got this and honestly no regrets. I guess when it comes to phones Apple does have much competition but in the Tablet world Apple rules!

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