iPad Pro 2018 hands-on: Apple’s new all-screen tablet

iPad Pro 2018 hands-on: Apple’s new all-screen tablet

– Hey everybody, it’s Nilay from The Verge, I’m here with Apple’s new iPad Pro. This is the 12.9 inch iPad
Pro, it’s the larger one, but it’s smaller than the
old 12.9 inch iPad Pro. This one is actually about
the size of a sheet of paper. (soft ambient instrumental) This thing is really thin,
it’s 5.9 millimeters. It’s got a camera bump, that’s a 12 megapixel camera, right there. You can see, it’s got these LTE lines, which are not beautiful,
but there they are, and the smart connector
has been redesigned. It actually, instead of at the
bottom, it’s on the side now, so when you plug it in, so
your keyboard case goes there, bang it out, now it’s
in the keyboard case, smart connector on the side. So you notice there’s no home button here, it’s the same gesture controls as the iPhone X, XS, XR. So I can open an app here, that’s great. Swipe around, swipe up to go home. If I swipe and hold, I
get the app switcher, I can take this photo of Becca again, I can swipe from the bottom and
go to another app real fast. That stuff is all super cool. I can also grab Mail, put it over here, and get the little popover view of Mail. I can go home, now that I’ve got that, you can slide Mail over, do
the actual side by side view. Then I can swipe between apps here, you see, there’s Becca, there’s that, then I can go back, my
space has been maintained. So very familiar multitasking
setup to previous iPads, but now you can do it a little bit faster with the gesture support
and no home button. Apple has totally reengineered the screen, it’s becoming a liquid retina screen. It’s the same idea as the iPhone XR. It’s got pixel mask rounded corners. There’s also Face ID right here,
this is the Face ID system. This is technically the top of the iPad, the Face ID will work in landscape, they actually say it’ll work
any way that you hold it, which is super cool. And you’ve got USB-C on the
bottom, which is super exciting. An important note: This
is not Thunderbolt-3, like Apple does on its laptops. This is USB-C, Apple
says it’s USB 3.1 gen 2, so it supports 10 gigabit transfers, and it’s optimized for file
transfer and display port, so you can run a 5K monitor off of this, and you can plug in a camera. We’ve got a camera over
here, it turned on, I took a picture of Becca earlier. I’m just gonna plug it
in, and you can see, just like the old SD Card
adapter for the iPad, it’s gonna pop right into Photos. Open Photos, then I can grab
this photo I took of Becca, hit Import, and bang, I’m importing it right off of that Sony camera over there. So keep it, then I can go into Photos, there’s our girl, look at that! Nailed it! There’s still no file system here. When you plug in a hard drive,
it’s not gonna do anything. If you plug in a printer, Apple said, we’ll find out what happens together. It’s really optimized for a
smaller class of peripherals, you’re looking at cameras,
you’re looking at monitors. Those are big deals for the
iPad, it has not been able to support all of those
things in the past. We’re gonna plug in a lot more stuff. Every app can add its own support for peripherals over USB-C, so we’ll plug in a lot of
stuff and see if it works, but app developers are gonna have to do a lot of the work here. The iPad Pro, the 12.9 here, starts at 999 for 64 gigs of storage. There’s a smaller 11 inch version that’s the same physical size as the old 10.5 with a bigger display. That smaller one starts
at 799 for 64 gigs. Inside, you’ve got an
A12X bionic processor. The X line is Apple’s
beefed up version of the A12 in the iPhone XS and XR. Apple says these are
faster than 92 percent of portable computers shipped today. They really, really want
you to think about this in comparison to a PC
and not other tablets. That’s why they’ve got USB-C, that’s why they’re pushing
its performance specs, that’s why they had Adobe
onstage to show off Photoshop, they actually have a video of Photoshop on the iPad that you should check out. And that’s why here,
when I’m talking to them, they’re showing me
Lightroom CC on the iPad. Apple also has a new Apple Pencil, which is honestly way
nicer than the old pencil. It’s kind of a matte finish,
it’s a little bit smaller. It’s flat on one edge, which
makes it easier to hold. It charges magnetically, there’s none of that old
lightning port stuff going on. So you just click it in,
you can see it drops, Apple Pencil, 97 percent,
that’s super cool. If I’m on the lock screen
here, I can just tap on it. There it goes, it opens Notes. I can write away, hello,
that’s super cool. If I double tap on the pencil,
it’ll switch to the eraser. It’s gone, I can double tap, switch back to the pencil,
and now I’m writing again. That’s super cool, it’s something people
wanted for a long time. And then I close it up, it’s still locked, it’s still ready to go. I can put the pencil back on
top of it, it’s charging again. And then, this isn’t
programmed to my face, so I’m gonna grab my
friend Stephen over here, and we’re just gonna have him unlock it. So he’s looking at it, swipe up, unlocked Face ID, it works like a charm, just as fast as the XS, XR. So that is the iPad Pro, 799
for the 11 inch 64 gig version, 999 for this 12.9 inch version at 64 gigs. It looks pretty cool. We gotta get one. We gotta plug all kinds of stuff into it, we gotta see what USB-C on
this thing can really do, and I personally am gonna have to get over the lack of a headphone jack. So there’s a TrueDepth sensor here, so it also supports Animoji, of course. I like to be this fox. What’s really interesting is, Apple had to recalibrate the system, so you’re not looking at it off axis, because the camera is over here and not at the top, in landscape. That’s pretty neat.

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  1. I want one but I thought they would have made the screw look similar to the current iPhones. Either way it looks nice!

  2. I am in the market for a new laptop and was thinking of the macbook air. But seeing how good the new ipad is and for that price, idk if I should bother with a laptop.

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  4. no more button, face id , magnetic pen, magnetic keyboard its the all new Apple surface pro !! without core i5-i7 cpu and desktop operation system, software and games! the pen charging improvement was nice though, its a lovely device and i would love to have one but not as long as its the same price as surface pro they are simply not in the same level , i can't run maya or visual studio and do my works with it

  5. It’s seems harder to really use it without accidentally touch the screen. I never trusted the « dead zone » it works so randomely. Ipad air 2 is the thiennest gap to have a physically hans on. The last 10.5 where difficult. To bad there is no review about the handle but just feature

  6. it should be about the ipad not trying to crack on to becca lol – thumbs down – recon he didn't get lucky – you're not the fox – you're the poo

  7. Its expensive and still not a complete laptop, Surface wins being a tablet/laptop experience and with the integral kickstand compared to Apple's foldable keyboard and limited functionality.

  8. still got the A10X iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) i'm very happy with it 🙂

    and i'm not thinking about to change the iPad for the next years

  9. Apple, just make a true file system already! I never thought Apple would consider usb-c for their mobile devices. Why not consider a true file system.

  10. How can this device replace laptops when you cannot even locate a file that you downloaded onto it? The Files app is pretty useless so far….

  11. Steve wanted fingers to navigate. Keyboard is nice for pages, otherwise useless. Apple Pencil is excellent for writing, not a stylist

  12. Hey, I Saw a lot of Ipad 2018 Review, the Shape of Ipad always Square, but the Movies/Videos usually have WideScreen Format, Because of this I Change & Convert to Android & Windows Tablet with WideScreen Long Time a Go till Now.

    My Question, is this Ipad Pro 2018 still Has Black Bar, or Bad Ratio to Watch a Movie, if Yes. Maybe I will wait for WideScreen Ipad Version in the Future ^_^

  13. I am using the Ipad Mini second Generation, do you think there has been significant changes to warrant upgrading to the new Ipad Pro. Thanks for your feedback in advance……..

  14. Every iPad with ios12 has the gestures, they have been around for years… it’s really nothing new and everyone with an iPad already knows that the home button has been useless for years!!

  15. Will it run Mac apps like Ableton and Setato? Basically can I use it in lieu of a MacBook since it “faster then 92% of laptops on the market”?

  16. Apple made a slew of announcements today including a new credit card, a new streaming service, a new arcade service, new ipads, imacs etc. Did Oprah being there help or hurt it's event?

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