53 thoughts on “iPad Mini Alternative : Goopad Mini – 8 inch Android 4.1 Jellybean OS Tablet PC – OrientDeal.COM

  1. In Fact, it mislead somebody, At Present, No One Sell 8 inch iPad Mini Alternative Goopad Mini except Orientdeal com. "The 99usd" is always not exist !.if the price is 99usd, the function can be shut down large.

  2. Which goopad mini has the 3g (dongle) ability?
    On your website you describe the 129$ version has the ability, but the 149$ IPS version not…..(3G:NO)

  3. I don't trust that site. the first pic is of the ipad mini and the next pix are of whats on the video. ive seen a website that sells the goo pad mini. the real goopad mini not this one.

  4. try again. this is a tablet with a 7.9 inch screen not the goopad mini. the goopad min look just like the ipad mini. not a normal tablet. this isn't it. the bezel is too thick to be a copy of the ipad mini. don't lie

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