iOS 13 GM – How to Install if you are on a beta

iOS 13 GM – How to Install if you are on a beta

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 13 GM or golden master along with iOS 13.1 developer
beta 3 and so many of you want to know how can I get the GM which is the final
version of iOS 13 and I wanted to show you how you can do that now it’s not as
easy as you would think and this particular phone my iPhone XR actually
has iOS 13 on it now it currently had the beta profile which would allow it to
update to iOS 13 point one if you remove that profile you’ll still have iOS 13
and you won’t be able to update to anything so that was a little bit odd
and then also if you’re on iOS thirteen point one beta two and you leave the
profile installed you’ll find that you have developer beta 3 so many of you
want to know how do i downgrade to iOS 13 and this is where it gets a little
bit confusing because unfortunately the only way to do this is with a computer
with iTunes and the reason for that is Apple has actually announced when iOS 13
and 13 point 1 actually come out so iOS 13 is releasing to everyone on September
19th if you’re on iOS thirteen point one you’ll need a computer with iTunes to
downgrade to iOS 13 GM or the final version iPad OS will be released on
September 30th along with iOS 13 point 1 so it looks
like iPad OS won’t be ready until then so the only way to install iOS 13 GM or
golden master is to use a computer with iTunes using your lightning cable to USB
plug it in and then you can install the GM or golden master using iTunes and
that is really the only way to do that so take a look here now I’ve connected
my iPhone XR and you can see it says iOS 13 so I was on the previous betas
but I still cannot update without restoring the phone but to do that what
I’ll have to do is actually restore it using an IPSW file that I downloaded
from the developer portal so option click on restore phone
and here is my file it’s 4.0 9 gigabytes a software update is required to restore
your phone and then I’ll have to hit install so it’s going to take just a
moment and it will install I don’t think there’s a way to do it without wiping
the phone check for update doesn’t show up so we’ll see if we can close
application and install so now I actually have to restore my iPhone and
then install the backup after that it’s a big pain and that’s the only way you
can currently do it right now there’s no way to do just update you’ll see it
works fine it wasn’t in recovery mode but that’s the only way to do it right
now so we’ll wait for it to install and see what we get
so the phone was completely wiped we had to start over again in order to install
iOS 13 GM let me see if I have a different experience on the 6s plus so
with this particular device you may have a different experience if you’re coming
from iOS 13 point one it looks like we may be able to update when we do this so
we’ll option click and install the IP SW so we’ll update and we’ll see if this
actually works now the good news is if you’re on iOS 13.1 betas you’ll be able
to use the update feature I just updated and now I’m back to iOS 13 so if we go
into settings go to general go to about you can see we’re on iOS 13 17 a five
seven seven so the good thing is if you’re on thirteen point one you can
just use iTunes and use the update feature with the IPSW file from the
developer portal the bad thing is if you’re a public beta tester it looks
like Apple wants you to wait for iOS 13 point one in at the end of September so
with iOS 13 upgrades with beta 8 I had to fully restore the phone with iOS
thirteen point one I was able to update it so I would say update to iOS thirteen
point one if you’re not on it already from the beta then use the update
feature keep all of your data and you should be good to go
so I’m just restoring this one and then we should be ready now if you’d like to
get your hands on this wallpaper I’ll link it in the description and if you
have any other questions or comments let me know in the comments below if you
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is Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “iOS 13 GM – How to Install if you are on a beta

  1. I want to sell my iphone xr, but its on 13.1. Do i have to downgrade to 13.0 in order to sell it to someone who doesn’t have ios 13.1. Or can then just install their backup from ios 12/13 to 13.1 without updating? If someone could help that would be amazing

  2. Does all the users have that new camera app user interface along with the night mode as shown in the latest keynote of apple?

    What are your thoughts?

  3. I’m on iOS 13.1 beta 2. On my iPhone XS. Is it okay if I decide to keep my beta profile ? Or should I rather downgrade back to iOS 13.0 GM ?

    And also if maybe like 2-3 months down the line, I might want to stick to a final iOS update release and not a beta. Would it be possible ?

  4. I have iPadOS 13.0 final public beta and I deleted the profile to prevent from installing 13.1, now does this mean I can upgrade to 13.1 beta anyway since 13.1 GM is releasing the same day as iPadOS, or should I wait?

  5. Thanks Aaron, you have finally answered my query. I would choose update option to downgrade my phone from 13.1 to 13 instead of restore option Thanks a lot and am grateful to you.

  6. People used to worry about real life big problems earlier and here we are worried about an iOS update slow internet no wifi and etc

  7. So if I’m on 13.1 beta 3, will I get the official release for iOS 13 or do I have to wait until the 30th for the official 13.1 release?

  8. Hmm I‘m on iOS 13 gm now and still switching between homescreens is lagging with frame drops 🙁 what can I do to fix it? iPhone XR btw and it didn’t wipe my phone.

  9. Thanks for the update, Arron. My problem is that I am not a developer (no access to developer files). Also, I don’t have a Mac. I have a Windows PC who’s iTunes program does not have an ‘update’ function. When I plug into my 2nd gen iPad Pro (running 13.1), I only have the options of: Sync iPad
    Pro; Transfer Purchases…; Back Up; and Restore from Backup… Can you tell me how to proceed. This is my first time as a beta tester. I don’t want to wipe my iPad.

  10. I would love if someone can tell me if this will be ok. So im on ios 13.1 beta and I dont mind waiting for the official 13.1 as long as its the GM version. So can I delete the beta profile and then update to the official 13.1 when it comes out and then not get anymore beta updates?

  11. iTunes is not letting me update from 13.1 , I downloaded the file but when I click shift and update its says I need the latest iTunes , but I have the latest

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    Kenny McCormick ate his iPhone 11 Pro and the doctors replaced his heart with a Lighting Charger, Tim Cook almost got sued. Kenny died because the Lightning Charger was connected to a 30 Watt Wall Brick, which made Kenny blow up

  13. Am on public beta 13.1 so so I remove profile and then update? The ipsw will work if I am a public beta tester or is it only for developers ? Thx

  14. So when the final version of iOS 13 comes out this month the only way I can update is through a PC using iTunes? I saw a video saying it would show up on my phone & I can download it from there 👀 please reply if you see this because I'm sort of confused

  15. Wait so if I’m on iOS 13.1 public beta should I delete the beta profile now??? And then wait until the 19th for the official iOS 13

  16. Hey zollotech I was wondering when iOS 13 comes out officially to the public on September 19th are there going to be any new emojis ?

  17. I’m on the public beta 7 of iOS 13 and already removed the profile. This way I’ll get the final iOS 13 version on 19th September?

  18. What if I have a series 2 Apple Watch? Will I still be able to use it with my phone if I install the GM? Since watchOS 6 got delayed for it. That's the only thing putting me off.

  19. Ya. . . I’ll just wait till the update comes out in 9 days. I haven’t had any problems with the beta, just something about wiping my phone seems scary. Thanks for this video though!

  20. I’m glad Apple is giving is iOS 13. It looks like all the leaks were right about iPhone 11 etc. Very disappointing as anticipated. At least we all iPhone 12 to look forward to next year.

  21. If I am on the last 13.0 beta, instead of wiping clean and restore now , could I just wait for public release of 13.0 on 9/19?

  22. to clarify, if I'm on 13.1 public beta 2, what do I do now? it sounds like only developers can access the gm, and I'm not seeing an update to public beta 3 unless it will come shortly

  23. I deleted the beta profile when I saw the first 13.1 beta was available. I'm still on the last beta (possibly the same build as the final anyway) of 13.0, and expect an upgrade notification when the GM is released. If not, there will almost definitely be a 13.01, and I can wait for that. Or, wait for the final of 13.1. I don't have any issues with what I've got, so no problem either way.

  24. Aaron: I've watched twice and am lost/confused. My XsMax is at 13.1 beta. I'm connected via wire to iTunes which shows 'up to date'. Is the GM only available to super-tech wizards like you OR will it download and then BE the final version as released to general public on 19th? If I wait til release date, do I still need to uninstall 13.1 or will new 13.0 GM happen? I'm thrilled to be privy to all the improvements earlier and be able to show 'em off/practice but as you've reported, the final version is a bit tricky? Advice? THANKS.

  25. Hey Aaron,
    Can I just make this right in my head lol, IF I use the beta program now and install iOS13 GM, next week when the ‘Public’ release goes out, I just delete the beta profile and install a fresh iOS13 ? Or will I have to restore back to 12.4.1 and then upgrade to iOS13, just a little confused

  26. Will there be an issue if we buy new iPhone 11s and our backup is of iOS 13.1 beta 3? Will we be able to use the new phone with our backup or will it require a fresh install?

  27. or wait after the gm of iOS 13.1 and remove the beta profile, hopes this will works cause I don’t want to do a full install

  28. You neglect to mention that it needs to be a Mac "Installation requires macOS 10.15 beta or Xcode 11 GM seed.
    " right under the files in apple developers page

  29. 13.1 has been great for me on my Xr I’ll wait till the 30th for official release then just update much easier this way plus I’m content with the beta thus far it’s improved very much

  30. I don't get it he says good news if you're on ios 13.1 u can update tru iwps the bad thing is if you're on ios 13.1 public beta you'l need to wait on september. What is the difference?

  31. I’m on the iOS 13.1 public beta. So I should just wait until September 30th, remove the beta profile, then update through Settings to the final iOS 13.1?

  32. Aaron help me. I have a XS Max on iOS 13 Beta 8. I didn't upgrade to 13.1. I intend to buy the 11 Pro Max and i didn't want to have any issues when i get the new device and need to transfer the data over. How do i get gold master from where i am with beta 8 without losing my data? Is my only solution to restore? I'm on the public beta.

  33. It’s bullshit we have to wait another 8 days for the official release. I get it developers have to make sure their apps run on iOS 13, but what the fuck have they been doing the last 2 months with betas???? It’s really a lame excuse……

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