iOS 12.4 Beta 5 – What’s New?

iOS 12.4 Beta 5 – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech
iOS 12.4 developer beta 5 was released today to developers and it will soon be
available to public beta testers if you don’t have it already by the time you’re
watching this video now this came in at 230 1.8 megabytes if you’re still
interested in running iOS 12.4 but alongside that today Apple also released
iOS 13 public beta 1 I’ll have a separate video on that later let’s take
a look at the build number the build is 16 G 5 0 5 6 D and the interesting thing
is normally with these builds Apple increments that last letter D closer to
and closer to the letter A until it’s close to the final so it looks like this
may not be releasing until July and that makes a lot of sense there is not
anything new in it as far as anything new usability wise but this is getting
ready for Apple Walla and the new Apple card some people as far as employees are
concerned and it seems some people outside of employees are getting their
hands on the Apple card and that’s what this update is all about so once Apple
card is available I imagine we’ll see the final version of this and that will
probably be next week or sometime in July as seems it’s hard to say at this
particular point but it’s kind of strange that they keep releasing more
and more of these betas with nothing really new as far as obvious
improvements now they haven’t said anything specifically that they’ve done
in here but responsiveness feels good and if you’re on a device that does not
support iOS 13 or you just don’t want to try that out this should work just fine
for you on something like an iPhone 5s now since this version is basically
complete many people are saying that battery life on beta 4 was really quite
good and it’s really stable and ready to go so we’re just waiting for Apple to
push that out so if you have any hesitations about using the beta beta
for beta 5 battery life seems to be great for a beta even though it’s a beta
and battery isn’t as relative this still seems to be better than twelve point
three point one for some people so other than that you’ve still got 3d touch here
the same way it’s always been and that’s really all there is to this now for
those of you that are interested in performance numbers I did run a
Geekbench right after I installed this so let’s take a look and you’ll see the
single core was 4,000 166 whereas the multi-core was nine
thousand nine hundred and thirty-four this is an iPhone X and if we look at
the history here you’ll see it was on a different version prior to this in May
and this was twelve point three point one so that gives you a little bit of an
idea I would expect the speed they actually
ramped up a little bit closer to later today and things like that just based on
it being freshly installed so normally when
you freshly install an update it will slow down a little bit and that is
really all there is with twelve point four beta five I wanted to keep you
updated even though there’s nothing really exciting in here nothing new as
far as features and they just keep releasing these over and over so that’s
all there really is to it but let me know if you’ve found anything
specifically in here I’m looking forward to Apple card and you’ll see apple card
is coming this summer and that’s all it really says on the website so it’ll be a
nice little card that we’ll be able to apply for and get discounts on Apple
products and things like that so it’ll help for those of you that are going to
buy new Apple gear this fall if you’re getting the card you’ll get a discount
let me know if you found anything else in the comments below
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61 thoughts on “iOS 12.4 Beta 5 – What’s New?

  1. I was waiting for a new video from you. I’m so excited that the public beta came early and I’m so pleased with the changes I’ve seen so far. If I missed anything I know I’ll find out in this video. 😊

  2. I like that we no longer have to tap the globe to access emojis anymore. It’s implemented into the keyboard itself now.

  3. I liked your channel, you are giving review about day to day beta update, it's a nice review and keep going on that. 👍

  4. I just updated to 12.3.1 over the weekend and have had problems with Siri ever since. I had to turn it completely off. Also, the battery is draining much more quickly. I don’t know what to do.

  5. Aaron,
    I can't get a device to beta test thirteen, I only have an ipod 6.
    Will I be able to eventually jailbreak this so I can install some of the 13 type goodies?
    Eventually I hope to have an i phone that can handle 13, but right now this is the best I can do.
    rik spector

  6. Just tried the public beta on the Xr and its still shit, the feedback app is missing, how the fuck are we supposed to send feedback on a beta with no fucking feedback app, a notification is stuck on one above the settings but there is nothing needing attention, I fucking despair, who codes this shite ?

  7. We luv our iOS 13 beta 2. On my xs max. This 12.4 seems out dated. Imjs 🤷‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  8. Did the 12.4 beta 5 upgrade, then got notice of IOS 13 Public Beta. So I backed up my iPhone 8 Plus to my iMac then upgraded to IOS 13. So far love it with no issues.

  9. I installed iOS13 beta and have problem with apple watch. It's connected but no weather, or other complications. Apple watch 0 (watch os 4.3.2)

  10. I’ve been having problems with charging cables in my car saying device not supported but will work in my home. I’m hoping updating to this beta will fix it? It did with 5 cables in my car. Two are from Apple.

  11. Thanks Aaron good review, hopefully next month Apple release the final version for 12.4. Because I can’t wait for iOS 13 😊

  12. I updated to the iOS 12.4 beta after downgrading from iOS 13 (was just trying out the new features and such) 12.3.1 is just a bit buggy on Xr for me

  13. Seriously 4h on screen?
    I wish back to iOS 12.1 on my iPhone XS
    But everyone said „Very important update,super smooth,fast. BORED.

  14. I down graded from IOS 13.0 t0 IOS 12.4 beta 5, on my iPhone 6S. there was just too may dang bugs and I couldn't take it anymore. Gonna wait for IOS 13 to be completely done, then I'm updating.

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