iOS 12.2 Beta 4 – What’s New?

iOS 12.2 Beta 4 – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 12.2 developer beta 4 this came in at three hundred and
eighty one point nine megabytes for me and my XS Max it may vary depending on
the device you’re on and the public beta will usually be out later today or the
following day let’s take a look at the build number and they’ve made some
changes under the About section again so let’s go ahead and go to general then
about now on the left is iOS 12 .2 beta 3 on the right is iOS 12.2
Beta 4 and you’ll see they’ve split this up again so here we have
songs videos photos applications capacity and available in this new
section here on the right they’ve changed this where it’s still grouped on
the left now let’s take a look at the build number you’ll see the build number
is 16 e5 2 1 2 F and this particular build does not add a whole lot that’s
new but there are a couple subtle changes the first one is the news icon
this news icon has been updated it’s changed and I’m not sure if I like it
and maybe this is a direction for iOS their team it’s kind of hard to say but
that’s a new icon they’ve also changed the remote for Apple TV in the control
center so the remote has changed and this carries across the things like now
playing when you’ve got an Apple TV on your Wi-Fi network so if you are on the
lockscreen it’ll change there as well so it’s just a new little remote icon now
in the notes there’s not anything new but there is an issue still with wallet
with the wallet app when you’re trying to select a card and authenticate it it
may fail so that’s still an ongoing issue they have not resolved with beta 4
and with this current build number I would say we’re still due for a couple
more betas as well and if we take a look here the event will probably be on March
25th where we’ll see a final release so I would expect maybe a beta the 11th
maybe the 18th and then the final on the 25th
now this particular version does not seem to have anything really exciting or
new but one more thing to know is under about in the About section what we have
is new modem and carrier updates as well so maybe they’re refining the issue
people we’re having with LTE and Wi-Fi again and hopefully you won’t have
connectivity issues I have noticed a few more the more I’ve been used
on my XS Max in particular it just seems to not behave properly that’s it
for the new things and issues there’s nothing new on the older devices it’s
going to be the same sort of updates as compared to this one but nothing new
that differentiates the two the same is true of the iPad that’s right here
nothing new there everything feels fast and fluid still and I haven’t had any
issues but it’s only been out for an hour and a half or so at this point so
there’s not really a whole lot going on it seems responsive it seems to work
okay and I didn’t have it lock up before now battery life as far as that goes in
the previous version seemed to be about eight to nine hours of battery life my
health you’ll see is still at 100% and battery life overall while it doesn’t
look like very much here with three hours that was over fifty percent
battery life left so the battery life for me on beta 3 was pretty good and I
would assume it would be the same for beta 4 but you never know it will take a
few days to know that for sure so be sure to check on the follow-up for that
that I put out I’ll do a YouTube community poll as well to see how it’s
going for you and which device and that’s where I wanted to follow up with
the older devices and show you on the older devices how it’s been but it takes
a few days to test all of those out so I did run a geek bench to test the actual
speeds and I ran it twice and it was ok this was the best score I got 4803 for
single core eleven thousand twenty from multi core if you take a look at the
history it’s not so great so these two I ran it actually went down but it’s about
the same and we should expect performance to be just about the same
now there’s one more thing I noticed it’s probably not a new change since I
found it on the newer devices but I noticed that it was not on the older
devices so I thought I’d share it with you if we go to settings go to
notifications scroll all the way to the bottom there’s a third alert there’s a
Public Safety Alert I didn’t see this on older devices and it only seems to be on
the XS, XS Max and XR so there might be a different antenna in them for
that let me know if you have that though in the comments below I know it’s not
new to beta four but no one seems to have mentioned it I even did a search
for it and haven’t found anything so that’s it for iOS 12.2 Beta 4. Be
sure to check back for the follow-up if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron
I’ll see you next

100 thoughts on “iOS 12.2 Beta 4 – What’s New?

  1. I have the government alerts toggles for Amber Alerts, Emergency Alerts, and Public Safety Alerts you mentioned I’m on a iPhone X iOS 12.2 beta 4

  2. My call didn't drop on the interstate or bedroom today. So far connectivity may be better…and I think The public safety alert came out with the first beta. Maybe?

  3. I think these betas are cool, I’m pretty new to them. Will we get the iOS 13 beta sometime soon? If so, any ideas/speculations when??

  4. I seriously regret upgrading my 10.. My 10sMax has given me nothing but problems. At first it wasn’t bad. A few WiFi and call drops. WiFi signal strength moving when I’m less then 10 ft from the router. Sucks. I’m in the beta program and thinking that was the issue did a fresh install. Nothing changed so I joined again praying it’s a software issue but truly think it’s an antenna issue unfortunately. I love all my Apple products (Iphone 10sMax, Apple Watch4, AirPods and a new MacBook Pro) I wish Apple would go back to the company they used to be when I got my first MacBook in 2005

  5. Thanks, Aaron, for the heads-up. Also, a new beta update for the Apple Watch.
    I hope this fixes a few issues I've been having with Apple Car Play.
    Looking forward to checking it out.
    Again, thank you, Aaron for staying on top of all this, love the vids! 🙂

  6. I can’t call sometimes through mobile when mobile data is on especially on lte
    It sometimes says call failed until I turn off mobile data

  7. Your video is really good ,the way descriptions pop up on the screen every inch of the detail is really amazing,really love it,lots love from🇲🇾

  8. If they fix modem issue then it will better of my Carrier because I’m going to switch to other network(JIO)

  9. I don’t have the public safety alert on my AT&T iPhone XS On 12.2 beta 3. It has to be new on beta 4.

  10. Is there tls1.3 support in this beta??? I have seen in websites showing apple will release tls1.3 support in ios 12.2.

    WHATZ. 11-97137-7492

  12. How does anyone give a thumbs down on good content that is 100% free of charge? Another great video and I gave a thumbs up of course.

  13. I noticed my battery health took a hit I lost 2% it’s down to 94% on my iPhone 7 but the battery itself has improved it’s not draining like it was

  14. Are the alerts settings available only in the USA? I’m in Canada, iPhone XS Max… I don’t have these settings

  15. I’m beta testing on a 6s. I DO have the “public safety alerts” toggle as well. Curious as to what the difference is going to be between that and the “emergency alerts”

  16. My FaceTime app crashes after 10 seconds. I'm not on the beta. But on the latest iOS available. Anyone else having similar issues ?

  17. Really looking forward to seeing iOS 13, still love iOS 12 and all but these iterative versions are probably the least interesting they've ever had since they're focusing on a huge design change this year.

  18. AT&T Iphone Max is receiving 5GE 40-100GB, a appropriated safer compromise for the standard 5G.

  19. Liked your video, but iOS really sucks. On my Note 8, it synced my Outlook contacts perfectly into the phone app. On my new iPhone XS Max, the contact info (birthdates) is being changed for some unknown reason. The contact data comes from Outlook and it was synced through iTunes. When I look at people’s birthdates on the phone app, they are off by a day or in some cases, show an erroneous birth year of 1904 for my stepmother (she was born in the 1950s!!!). Not sure why my iPhone is altering data, but it’s making my contact info unreliable. I want to wait till iOS 13 comes out to see if an iPhone is going to remain as my primary device. But, if errors like this continues, I’m going back to Android. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

  20. I’ve realized that in this beta, the photos app doesn’t show in the iPhone storage like it only shows in recommendations but not in the other list where it shows you all the apps that are using space

  21. Is this available to all country??? I’m using XR but it says my software is up to date – 12.1.4 .
    I’m not a techy or have knowledge regarding this but I’m just curious that from beta 3 and now 4 , I still don’t have it .

  22. My iPhone XS Max has just upgraded 12.2 beta 4 a couple days ago. After plugging battery charging with night mode and screen time mode activated at night, the touchscreen did not respond, it only responds at the corner and left right hand side. I have to reboot the device.

  23. Any issues with smart battery case ?
    When it’s at 1% on this beta it continues to go in and out of charge rather just switching over to iPhones battery.

  24. Hi Aaron, wanted to ask a question have you come across this issue, iPhone XS and XS Max devices exhibit slight animation stutters after ten seconds of being idle. It’s an article from 9 to 5 Mac here is the link apparently it’s still and issue in iOS 12.2 Beta software.

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