iOS 12.2 Beta 1 – What’s New?

iOS 12.2 Beta 1 – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 12.2 to developers now this may come out to
public beta testers by the time you’re watching this either later today or
sometime tomorrow usually is how it goes came in at two point eight gigabytes for
me let’s take a look at the build number you can see the build number is 16e5181f
and this particular build actually does add some features
not anything incredible that we’ve been waiting for they’ll probably push those
to iOS 13 so we’ll talk about the features then we’ll talk about the bugs
that are in this beta and then battery life storage and things like that at the
end so the first thing is support for airplay two TVs which they showed this
at CES so if you go into the home app in the home app tap the little house icon
hit home settings and then tap on your home there and what you’ll see is allow
speaker and TV access so this is new it allows you to control airplay to TVs
eventually when that comes out now they’ve also redesigned the remote for
Apple TV so if you go into your command or control center here and we tap on the
remote which is right here you’ll see it’s now full screen if I do the same on
the previous version you’ll see they’ve changed it so it’s a little bit of an
update there another thing they’ve updated is the wallet UI so if you’re in
the wallet app let me open that and you’re on something like Apple pay cash
you can see on the left is the old version on the right is the new one you
can add money see your last transactions things like that and it just looks a
little bit better and it’s easier to navigate as far as that part goes
they’ve also updated the screen mirroring icon so you can see here is
the new one it looks more accurate to me there’s two
screens and they’re mirrored as opposed to the old one also some people have a
new airplay icon I don’t have this on my phone for some reason I tried it on
multiple ones and for some people there’s new airplay icons let me see if
it’s here and I don’t have it anywhere so if I was err playing you’ll see down
here there’s an airplay icon for some people it’s a little bit different for
me it’s not different at all so hopefully I’ll get that later on or with
a different beta now if you’re using Maps there’s a new option for air
quality so if you go out to here go into your settings
go down to maps and you’ll see down here there’s an air quality index button now
so if we turn that on we’ll go into maps and I search for Charlotte and let’s see
if we can get an air quality index and it’s not showing up but for some people
it’s showing up as far as the air quality goes I guess it depends on the
city you’re in but it should show up for certain cities now they’ve updated the
stock app icon for the Mac so I’m the Mac it now matches this and then while
that’s not terribly exciting they have updated Safari a little bit on the Mac
as well as far as its showing dark mode themes automatically that used to be
part of the preview settings on a Mac so hopefully we see that come across to the
iPhone maybe with iOS 13 but they have updated Safari a little bit and if the
website is not using HTTPS security settings basically or a security
certificate it will say not secure so that’s something new and then if we tap
here and I search for Zolo tech for example you’ll see there’s some arrows
here now so there’s some arrows and that will bring you to whatever you’re
looking for just tap on that and it will show you some of the information here so
that part’s really nice just a little tweak to the UI there’s also a new
feature in the health app if we go to health and then we go down to our health
data at the bottom we have the high heart rate notifications and we can see
that as read information or read only information so we go to high heart rate
notifications irregular rhythm and low heart rate notifications so if you’ve
gotten those notifications that should show up later as well now another
feature is Apple news and this is specific to Canada so if you’re in
Canada you’ll now be able to have access to Apple news in iOS 12.2 when it comes
out and it will also be in French and English there’s also signs that they
might do a subscription service with Apple news as well so that would be
really nice if you are into using Apple news I actually don’t use it that often
and occasionally when I do it doesn’t really have a whole lot new so maybe
when that subscription service comes and there’s magazines in there like there
probably will be later on did buy a subscription service for that
hopefully we’ll see that integrated later on now for a lot of people there
is a slight change to the modem number so if we go into here we go to general
and then about at the bottom you can see modem firmware and it’s one point zero
four point one zero on the XS Max so hopefully they’ve updated that for LTE
so if you were having issues with LTE or Wi-Fi hopefully that’s fixing even more
issues if you had that it’s hard to say without using it for a little while now
let’s talk about the known issues that are in this particular release the first
one has to do with authenticating different wallet cards so if you’re
using the wallet the Apple Wallet app and you want to authenticate a card it
may not work initially when you’re doing that you may have to try it over for it
to work again the second bug has to do with purchasing
a prepaid data plan when you’re using cellular so if you’re in your settings
and trying to purchase a prepaid data plan it may not work until you turn on
Wi-Fi so they’ve offered that as a workaround also if you’re using Xcode
and the Safari or simulator with iOS Siri doesn’t work so series specifically
won’t work in iOS simulators and that’s really it as far as the features and now
there may be support for air power finally built into this we don’t know
that for sure but there’s not a whole lot of exciting features they’re
probably going to save most of that for iOS 13 when it comes out or at least is
shown in June at WWDC now before we take a look at system storage let’s talk
about battery a little bit we’ll go into settings and then go to battery now with
the previous version of iOS that just came out a few days ago12.1.3
battery life has not been amazing for me in fact it was worse than the betas so I
was getting four hours and five minutes screen on time with about 20% battery
life left usually before that I could get seven to eight hours of screen on
time so there is definitely something that changed there and my battery health
is at 100% now over the next few days I’ll be monitoring battery you can’t
tell in an afternoon what the battery is like on a particular update you need a
couple days for it to kind of normalize and use your phone just to see what it’s
like so I’ll be checking that and we’ll doing the following follow up with a
YouTube community poll like I normally do we’ll talk about that in a few days
now also those of you that are concerned with storage let’s take a look at that
prior to installing this I had forty three point seven gigabytes used and
then also eight point four nine gigabytes in system storage if we go
into settings we’ll go over to our storage here and you’ll see now I’m
using forty three point eight gigabytes of storage
scroll down and before this isn’t showing system storage in fact I’m not
seeing it on here at all I’ve waited for it to show up I thought
maybe they removed it but then I checked the six plus and it’s actually there so
on the six plus it’s actually using less storage and now it’s disappeared let’s
see if I can get it back but it was there maybe they’ve removed that I’m not
sure it’s almost like they don’t want a seeing system storage now so it was
there it is 6.5 gigabytes but it wasn’t there before and it seems to kind of
disappear and reappear from time to time it’s kind of strange now as far as speed
is concerned everything seems nice and smooth and fast right now 3d touch is
working well if you’re on one of the plus phones landscape is working well
it’s only available on the plus but it’s nice and fast and even on the 5s
everything is working well compared to the previous version of iOS it does seem
a little bit faster when opening apps like Minecraft and things like that it
does seem a little bit better I’m not going to fully load it this time but
smoothness seems nice unfortunately there’s no updates to the iPad but it
does seem nice and fast and on the XS or XS it’s working well also now
let’s take a look at the Geekbench scores many of you have asked me about
this and many of you have asked me to actually run a GPU test as well so let’s
take a look at that first and I scored 21729 on iOS 12.2 this
is actually down from the last time I ran it quite a bit from iOS 12 now this
may improve it may have been doing some things in the background so don’t take
that directly as you shouldn’t install this but it is a beta and I would warn
against that unless you don’t mind not having stability on your phone now I ran
this twice with iOS 12.2 I scored 4822 for single
or 11092 for multi-core so it was pretty good if we
look at the history so this is the current
Geekbench score and this was the previous one with 12.1.3 so it is improved a little bit not a ton but a little bit and it seems
fluid and fast right now so there’s not much more to talk about with this
particular update there’s some features and tweaks and things like that and
we’ll see if they bring anything new but I wouldn’t expect anything too exciting
until iOS 13 is showin like I said if you’d like to get your hands on the
wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the description as I always do if you
haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and like as always thanks for
watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

83 thoughts on “iOS 12.2 Beta 1 – What’s New?

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  2. Hi Zollo I was using my iPhone yesterday and I powered it off and when I powered it on today in the afternoon after school my iPhone was disconnected from the Wifi when I started using it and the device was really slow I think this is a bug but I don't know all I know is that I was connected to Wifi before I turned my Smartphone off and when I turned it on today it was off of the Wifi. Do you have this issue or anyone else it is happening on my Factory Unlocked iPhone XS Max 512GB Gold model.

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    Always love your attention to this stuff and I thank you! 🙂
    Interstingly, before my iPhone XSMax was updated, my watch wouldn't let me update until the iPhone update was finished.

  5. Gonna be honest, for things like the new airplay icon, or AQI, it would have been nice for you to show an image of what it looks like. Honestly, when half the "updates" in the video are "I can't show ya yet but they're there", then the video is kinda useless. If you're unable to show them because the "source" of these changes are just random people online saying so with no visual proof, then don't put unsubstantiated claims in your update videos.

  6. 2:06 The Air Quality shows when you zoom in on your map…try and get a little closer to street level than just “Charlotte”.

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  12. Installing it right now. iOS 12.1.3 has not been so good for me. Really hope Apple fixes these connectivity issues. If not, we shall see what happens in the fall. Will maybe get a new iPhone if not Pixel 4.

  13. 12.2 beta 1 with new Apple News for Canada, the app crashes a very often and in widget there is no preview on my 7plus otherwise it run smoothly like it should 👍

  14. iOS 12.2 beta 1 not only brought a few changes, but I’ve noticed on the iPhone XI Max, “”the camera algorithms (especially night photos) has improved. I’ve taken some photos and the results are pretty amazing in pitch dark for a camera phone!

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  18. Apple news has been available and working for a long time here in Canada. I’ve been using it at least 2 years if not longer.

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