iOS 12.1.3 Beta 2 – What’s New?

iOS 12.1.3 Beta 2 – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 12.1.3 developer beta 2 now yesterday they
released a different update that was to the public and that was 12.1.2 and they skipped over beta 1 of this version so that seemingly was
beta one it’s kind of confusing but if you were on the final version yesterday
the update should be about 2.77GB as you can see here now if you were on the previous beta and you never updated the update
size will be closer to 349.9MB so it just depends what you were on let’s take a look at the build number and then
we’ll talk about what’s going on with this beta and what’s new you’ll see the
build number is 16d5032a and this particular update was kind of a
continuation of yesterday’s where they wanted to include those features but
they had to rush out the previous build yesterday to fix some patent issues in
Qualcomm where it actually halted sales of iPhones from about the 6s and newer
based on the way the app switcher animation works so when you’re closing
apps it was a little bit different it kind of zooms out instead of just swipes
off and then also has to do with photos and setting them as wallpapers it’s kind
of a goofy patent but it seems like Qualcomm one after them halted that
Apple had to fix it so they could resume sales in China so this is based off
where you bought your phone not the region you currently live in so if
you’re if you bought your phone in China you may have this issue it doesn’t
affect performance or anything else now before we talk about the couple new
things that they’ve resolved let’s take a look at the amount of storage that
this used before and after prior to updating I used 43.7GB of storage and system was using 18.83GB of storage let’s take a look at what it’s doing now if we go to
iPhone storage we’ll wait for it to resume and let’s scroll down here and it
hiccuped there for a second but you’ll see it’s using a little bit less system
storage which is good 17.43GB this can vary dramatically depending on what you’re doing so keep that in mind but it’s
seemingly about the same now battery life on the previous version from
yesterday normally it takes a couple days to know how battery life is you
can’t tell within a couple it takes a few days to kind of use the
phone let it do what it’s doing in the background and then come back to it but
yesterday battery life was okay my battery health is still at 100% and
you’ll see yesterday it was okay it wasn’t amazing but it was ok 3 hours and
20 minutes and I still had 50% battery life left at that point so it’s it’s
doing ok I’ll let you know in a few days how it’s going from here on out though
now as far as the things they’ve resolved there’s two issues they’ve
resolved in their notes they resolved an issue where some user interface elements
were inaccessible – voiceover in the electrocardiogram and irregular heart
rhythm notifications in health so if we go into health and then we go under
heart date or health and then heart some parts we’re inaccessible under here as
far as the specific area under heart where there’s voiceover capability that
wasn’t available now it should be fixed also if you have one of the newer iPads
such as the third-generation 12 point 9 inch or 11 inch iPad they fixed some
performance with audio when using third-party apps so that’s some things
that are fixed so this is a bug fix update and a continuation of the
previous version now speed overall I’ve been using it for a little while it
seems good on all of these devices and I did load a game on this one on the 5s
since this is the oldest if it’s fast here it should be fast everywhere will
resume you’ll see we’re already in and if games are not something you want to
see let me know in the comments below or if there’s games that you play regularly
let me know what you think if there’s something you’d like to see if it runs
and you’re curious about so I can cover that in future videos now on all of
these devices this is a 6s plus it seems to be performing well your 3d touch well
I don’t have anything set up there but 3d touch is working well scroll speeds
are fine and just general usage seems to be okay as well so there shouldn’t be
any issues there and then of course if that’s performing well the 8 plus is
going to perform well also now there is some good news with
benchmarks I did run some benchmarks and for some reason it’s not saving that
information but what geek bench I got 4800 on the single-core
and eleven thousand one hundred and eight on the multi-core score so this is
doing really well compared to the previous versions where I was in the ten
thousandth let me show you what the previous was it’s not saving the current
one though and you’ll see it didn’t save it but right here we have much lower
scores than what we had before so we’re doing much better on the current version
than the old one so that’s a good sign they’ve improved performance at least
and that’s really all there is to this to simple bug fixes and that Chinese fix
was done yesterday for that patent dispute with Qualcomm and that’s really
it but let me know what you think in the comments below and also this wallpaper
will be available in the description now if you’re using an OLED display like the
XS max or the X or XS this should save you a little bit of power too if
you’re on the home screen because they’re using black pixels so you’re
only lighting about half of them and it saves a little bit more power but let me
know your experience in the comments below and if you haven’t subscribed
already please subscribe and like and as always thanks for watching
this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “iOS 12.1.3 Beta 2 – What’s New?

  1. One suggestion, Rather than re-uplaoding wallpapers to your website why not link AR7’s original twitter post? It’ll help him grow.

  2. I think Pokémon Go should be used to measure game loading speed, I play it all the time and the time to load varies widely across different phones

  3. Is it ok to update to this new ios version? If so, how can I download and install? For info, my previous is ios 12.1.2 beta profile…

  4. Hi Aaron!
    I heard that Apple has patented a new product which is likely to be used in their next iPhone.
    Apparently the phone will have full glass coverage and rear finger print sensor incorporated within the glass

  5. Still enjoying iOS 12 so far, but really would be nice to see them add a few new features. Still wish they would add some more function to their keyboard. Would love native swipe typing. Third-party integration is a lot better than launch but still leaves a lot to be desired. Would also be cool to see more done with the bottom notch on iPhone X series devices.

  6. Hey, I know that you’re not a specialist in this theme but I hope you can help me )
    My iPhone 7 is on IOS 12.1 ( not 12.1.1) and when I’m playing games ( all games not just pubg or AAA titles) IPhone is overheating and FPS starting drop
    I don’t know what to do … I’m also scared to update to 12.1.1…
    If you know solution let me know

  7. 3:53 Now that you bring that up, I would love for you to make a video about the planned obsolescence theory and give your opinion as to where each iPhone (starting from the 5s) stands at today and whether or not is a good investment depending on what type of person you are. And by doing that, I would also like to see a real life speed test between these devices, like opening Facebook and other apps at the same time, etc. Thank you, and great video btw.

  8. still cant update to official was at 12.1.2 beta and now 12.1.3 beta..need only wit itunes now for official?pls help me guys im at iphone xs max

  9. With the whole legal issues going on between Apple and Qualcomm who thinks iPhones will be banned in the U.S next? They're already banned in Germany and China.. That would suck considering I just bought my iPhone 7.

  10. Hello Aaron. I was wondering if the case between Qualcomm and Apple will affect the user experience of the iPhone 8 Plus. I quote “The issue seemingly stems the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X models using chips from Qorvo. Qualcomm alleges that the chips use ‘Envelope Tracking’ to preserve battery, a technology that allegedly violates one of the company’s patents.

  11. Wow 😲 it’s awesome 👏 🥰😂🥰😂🥰😂🥰😂🥰😂🥰 I really appreciate that Aaron 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  12. Hey Arron,
    Quick question for you. Do think we ever see the minimizing of the home screen again?…versus it completely disappearing from view…

  13. I have to ask you a question is it safe for me to do this latest iOS update I understand people have had problems with their XS and xsMax.? I don’t want to lock my phone up if I’m not mistaken your thread showed your xs max locked.

  14. Hi there My name is rawan im from midle east kurdistan I recently bought a iphone xs max and im realy happy about it but i have a problem i want to share with you and got your opinion about it I never use screen protector for my phones before and now i use one for my iphone xs max so when i barely touch the screen it wont respond when i took off the screen protector its ok but i test 2 iphone 7 with screen protector on they are ok and responsive with screen protector And i want to know its just my unit or other xs have the same problem
    And this unresponsiveness give me problem when im typing if you want i can send you a video to show u the problem
    And by the way im a big fan, keep it going man

  15. When are they going to fix the xs and xs max front camera ? It still makes me look like a damn mannequin with the smoothing effect.

  16. Mr.Z is my go to source for apple news. And updates.. automatic like no matter what the video is.. thank you boss

  17. since iOS 12.1.1 my iPhone 7+ has lags in animations (open/close folders and control center, sometimes scrolling in some apps) it’s very very annoying i just installed this beta hoping it will fix the problem well SPOILER : I DIDN’T 💀 what is happening ? 😭

  18. Hi Aaron. I wanted to reach out to you today to inform you of a little bit of a bug that I have found in the Apple Watch Series 4 operating system 5.1.2, while running my iPhone 10 S max operating system 12.1.2. I’ve noticed a bug in the walkie-talkie feature. Whenever I’m carrying on a conversation, a walkie-talkie conversation, with anyone, after I finish that conversation, and I have a raced or gotten rid of the used app on the Apple Watch, I’ve noticed that it disables Siri. No matter what I try, Siri remains deactivated. However, I found one way to get around this issue. After I have minimized the walkie-talkie app after my conversation, I swipe up the control center, and simply toggle off and back on the walkie-talkie icon. This seems to “reset” Siri. I know however that this is not the way it is supposed to be. Could you please verify On your end and see if you are noticing the same bug issue or if any of your followers are noticing the same bug issue? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks! Love your channel!

  19. I know none of these updates fix cellular strength or wifi, but does anyone specifically use the xs for a hotspot? Latency is very poor along with speeds.

  20. Hey man do you know if they’re gonna fix the problem of WiFi “incorrect password”, im having problems with my iPad 9.7 and iPhone 8 Plus and I’ve tried everything, even restored from factory, and I’m still having the same problem, do you have any recommendations ? Thanks

  21. I just noticed my battery health went from 100% to 97% in a 5 month span I got my phone ending of August 2018 is that normal??

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