iOS 12.1.2 Beta 1 – Follow Up

iOS 12.1.2 Beta 1 – Follow Up

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 12.1.2 Beta 1 has been out for a few days and I’ve
been using it primarily on my XS Max and it’s been pretty good overall now
there was a new feature that I missed and we’ll talk about what you had to say
about it as well in the YouTube community poll in just a moment now that
new feature that was found afterward is on the iPhone X are specifically and
what you do is you go to settings then you go to general then you go to
accessibility and then you want to scroll down until you find wherever it
is here haptic touch right there and in haptic touch now has its own menu
so it has a touch duration fast or slow and you can touch test here it’s a
little timing if we go too slow it feels just like 3d touch when you’re doing
this especially when it’s on slow so the more you push the more it kind of fans
out just like it does on 3d touch so they definitely could replace 3d touch
with this I don’t think you’d notice the difference if they did that but either
way it’s a nice little addition so other than that this beta has been pretty good
for me now that’s not the case for everyone so I collected everyone’s
comments and tried to figure out what bugs you had now for me overall it’s
been stable I haven’t had it locking up or freezing the scrolling has been
smooth settings has worked for me it hasn’t locked up once not yet anyway and
it seems to be doing ok my battery is actually a little bit better this time
around and seems to be getting me through the day okay
battery health is still 100% and if we take a look at my battery percentage is
68% now what’s plugged in a little bit for
carplay those are those durations right here you can see it bumped the battery
back up a little bit but with 68% I have three hours and 18 minutes of screen on
time an hour and a half of screen off time if we look over the last 10 days or
so you’ll see five hours and 12 minutes four hours in the battery life was
pretty good as well so I can’t really complain it’s been really good for me I
haven’t even thought about it it’s been that good
that’s a good sign now as far as problems people are experiencing some
people are saying that signal is better as far as LTE I never had an issue to
begin with and I’m on t-mobile and I don’t know if it’s carrier based or not
some people say it’s better and some people say it’s not I know there’s some
other people that seem to think LT is fixed I’m not a hundred percent sure
that it is I think it’s more due to the actual physical design of where the
antenna is this is the antenna on an iPhone this outer ring I’m at nsns max
they’re using that as the antenna and it it’s got mixed results just like the
iPhone for head issues based on how you held it because you’re bridging the
antennas and things I think it’s just their antenna design in fact if you use
an iPhone you’ll see I have one bar one two two where I live if I’m on an
Android phone it’s usually a little bit higher than
that with the same exact carrier I think it just has to do with the physical
antenna hopefully they can fix something but I’m not sure at this point other
people were having notification issues as far as clearing them and them not
going away and then most people also agreed with me
and said battery was was pretty good not everybody but most people now some
people had complained about the apps which are glitching I’ve had no issues
with that whatsoever see it’s working just fine it doesn’t really do anything
it works fine no issues there and also some other people are still having
settings freeze and I really wish Apple would figure out what’s causing that
because it’s a pain for a lot of people and it was before this update for me and
then also some other people are having apps crash even iMessage crashing so
let’s take a look at what you had to say though in the community poll so let’s go
into YouTube the community poll and I’ll scroll back up here and you’ll see five
point four K or 5400 votes or so and 21% said it was great which is pretty low 7%
said terrible which was higher than the previous the previous one was 5% 8% said
okay but some bugs and 64% are not using a beta and that’s probably a good idea
if you don’t have to deal with bugs but there’s 81 comments I’ve read all of
them to compile all of these different things we just talked about
let’s take a look at a few of these and so a lot of people are having little
bugs like app crashes like I talked about before if we go up here you’ll see
the betas okay I wish I stayed on iOS 11 I’d say 12 is much better than 11 it
just in general but I guess that depends on the user I’m too much of a chicken to
use a beta well then definitely don’t let’s see great iPhone X and no freeze
so far compared to iOS 12 point one point one I’m not using a beta battery
life is great I’m still having App Store lags sometimes I close it and open it
and it’s still stuck at the same lagged spot I haven’t experienced that one
that’s the first I’ve heard of that one as well
I only beta that’s the major software updates with a new number every June
it’s not a bad idea I’ve been having some notification bugs the notification
highlights even though I’m not interacting with it but other than that
battery life and speed have been great I’m having issues charging wirelessly
for more than 15 minutes at a time tried restarting the phone and nothing
happened I heard that previously but not on this beta it’s alright doesn’t feel
any different than the official version but I did get a shutdown at 3% battery
3% battery is close enough that you may get a shutdown I wouldn’t say that’s
unusual necessarily I don’t I do have an 8 plus is there really a need to upgrade
if I don’t take too many pictures I love me well not really if you have an 8 plus
and you’re happy with it iPhones last for years and I did a video
comparing the 6s or saying if you should still get one the success is still fast
there’s success plus I haven’t installed this beta update the battery on my 6s
got terrible it drains so fast and I had some serious connectivity issues mobile
data not even working in 4G in for an full signal and that was supposed to be
resolved with iOS 12.1 but apparently some people are still having it they
released yet an NBN USA only the betas they’re released around the world at the
same time on the success so far the battery life has been terrible and it
seems to be the older phones or having battery life that it’s not so good the
newer one seemed to be great I had to recharge twice yesterday after
around 2 hours though it may be because my battery
health at 76% I don’t know if that’s necessarily the reason maybe have
something running I’ll take a look at a couple more no bugs and nothing out of
the ordinary going on on the iPhone X on my iPhone X I had a few hiccups such
as lag on the app switcher but I realized that only happens if I’m
running a lot of apps in the background I never closed apps and never really
have an issue so I probably have a hundred open or whatever the maximum is
it will manage them for me not great some bugs battery not the best apps
which are very buggy and we’ll take a look at two more using it on my iPhone
XS Max it’s been really good settings crashes when I open it otherwise it’s
pretty stable ok one more I’m still on iOS 12 point 0.1 waiting for the most
stable I’d say definitely upgrade to twelve point one point one I think you’d
be happy from coming from twelve point zero point one or at least get twelve
point well I don’t think you can get twelve point one but get the latest I
would say it fixes a lot of the bugs of twelve point zero point one so that’s it
with this one oh this one says trouble with battery calibration battery says it
is weak and still almost over 30% changing some charging sometimes takes
longer also you may want to bring that to Apple that’s not a normal thing and
you don’t have to calibrate batteries in an iPhone so it should just work unless
you recently replaced your battery that’s something completely different
but that’s it for this particular beta hopefully we’ll see a new one pretty
soon maybe next week it’s rumored will see another beta or maybe even it’ll
come out to the public based off its build number it’s hard to say at this
point but let me know your thoughts in the comments below I’ll leave a link to
the wallpaper in the description as I always do if you haven’t subscribed
already please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron
I’ll see you next time

70 thoughts on “iOS 12.1.2 Beta 1 – Follow Up

  1. Anyone else having the problem of not being able to turn on Do Not Disturb While Driving? It doesn't activate in Auto and on Manual, tapping the control center button only makes it flicker.

  2. I have issues with calls just not coming in this week alone I had 3 people tell me they tried calling an I have good service it has been like this since day one Apple had me go get a new SIM card now Apple says they are aware of the problem

  3. Don’t know if anyone is having the same trouble but when I have a missed call it’s not coming up on the lock screen

  4. Does anyone has got the silent issue cause I’m facing the problem with my iPhone though it’s in silent still it rings😞😞😞

  5. Please can you cover on the issue of iPhones XS and XS max Randomly restarts mine is an iPhone XS was randomly restarts often on 12.1 but got better on 12.1.1 but I still have the problem. For your information I have deleted all contact and restored it from iCloud on version 12.1 but did not help. Is it software or hardware I you think please help

  6. Does anyone else have stuttering animations and videos on iPhone XS or Xs max?

    This happens only with regular videos though, 60fps videos play well, and the stuttering animations like pulling down the control center only happen after the phone has been left idle for like 10 seconds and there’s nothing moving on screen.

    Anyone? It’s like the animations are 30fps instead of 60fps…

  7. I had hardware breakdown on iPhones 4, 5 but the 6+ wrapped in a good case. The other two melted down by battery the 5 just dissolved when screen and back plane came apart. Have Xr and so far pretty happy. Need new battery in 6+.

  8. What about LTE issue on older devices such as 6s. Because i m facing same issue after 12 update.
    Always searching inspite network is good at my locality.

  9. One thing everyone should keep in mind for cell signal is that different OS’ display signal strength differently. For example, on an iPhone the LTE signal could be -44 dBm and show 3 bars. On Android with the same signal strength of -44 dBm it could show 4 bars. The bars shown in the UI are all relative.

  10. 6:07 to 6:27 is what exactly happening in my mobile after iOS 12/12.1 update. Did not fix it on 12.1.1 even. Friends please don’t update to iOS 12 on ur 6s. So irritating

  11. @Aaron im having sometimes issues during phone calls (normal and whatsapp calls) with my iPhone XS and the Airpods, ios is 12.1.1, others are getting some kracking or "echo" sound, did you have something similiar ?

  12. I do know if there is merit in reading comments given a wider enough audience, there will always be someone not happy, very happy, etc. You summary is more than enough for me.

  13. My Hey siri doesn't work. Not tried my do not desturb while driving. Iv not had any crashing or problems with my app switcher

  14. @zollotech are you still having Wifi and LTE issues..on your Xs Max…? As I have an Xs Max since a was fine and I updated to 12.1.1 and then found that bug where it will just not do anything and as you suggested To switch to Airplane and go back to normal mode and it works fine.
    Please share your views.

  15. Is anyone experiencing a bug where when they’re watching YouTube, their volume just randomly explodes to the max for no reason? I’ve been getting that about once or twice a day.

  16. I never use a beta but I do have the settings freeze.. When I open my settings it freezes sometimes and becomes on responsive for e few seconds

  17. Another new thing is if you’re on YouTube watching a video on full screen, you can tap your screen and be able to see the time and battery percentage

  18. iOS should be renamed to Feature Phone OS compared to vast plethora of freedom and options Android offers in 2018. Funny part is Some Android phones like OnePlus and P20 Pro are beating iOS in speed test for app launch times.

  19. My 12.9 inch iPad Pro keeps respringing every once in a while. Around 4-5 times a week. Btw this is on 12.1.1, not beta. Anyone else having this?

  20. Honestly, the network bars really dosn't mean anything, it changes what it means in each operating system so as long as you have a signal, it's fine.

  21. Settings freeze is the only problem I’ve had with iOS 12. Crazy how the main app on the phone is so problematic. It is some better for me in 12.1.1 on 7plus

  22. I had a battery bug on iOS 12.1.1 beta on my iPad Pro 12.9 first gen. The bug was when I take my fully charged iPad Pro off the charger it shuts down itself and shows the dead battery logo

  23. I am also having a bug with my mic when recording video it dips in and out and there's a high pitched noise Hey siri also doesnt pick me up it also happens when I record using my airpods

  24. Hi Aaron,
    Is it a bug in 12.1.1 that wants you to long press the power button to turn on the iphone? Like it used to be before ios 12 I guess?
    I am having this issue on iphone x.

  25. I fixed the microphone problem the same way I fix my speakers I suck them. Sounds weird but it works! Now Hey siri works and the sound in videos

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