Introducing Screen Cleaner in the Files app

Introducing Screen Cleaner in the Files app

These days, we use phones to do a lot of different things. Fun things. Useful things. More fun things. But over time, they can get cluttered. Which is why millions of people use the Files
app to keep their phones organized and clean. But what about the outside of your phone? There are a lot of ways to keep your phone
clean. Wiping. More wiping. Cases. Cases for cases. You can even get specialized hardware. But what if there was a way for your phone
to keep itself clean from the inside out? Introducing a new feature in the Files app:
Screen Cleaner. Screen Cleaner uses the Smudge Detector API
to identify imperfections. Using our geometric dirt models and haptic
micromovement generator, Screen Cleaner dislodges dirt, smudges and more. Once the phone is clean, internal vibration
and haptic controls create microvibrations, forming a long-lasting non-stick shield around
the surface of the phone. So with just a few taps, your screen is like
new, with a fresh pineapple scent. Keep your phone clean, inside and out. With Files, by Google.

100 thoughts on “Introducing Screen Cleaner in the Files app

  1. YouTube just recommended me this today after a month and I was like wow, is this? Oh wait! Google is known for April fool jokes

  2. The google AI drank some venom v2 lying on my desk……..
    Then the AI vaporirzed my phone!…..

  3. cool android updates: exists

    dust: im not feeling so good disappears

    first law of thermodynamics: wait thats illegal

  4. Ich finde es schade, dass so ein Unternehmen wie Google keine 4K-Videos hochlädt.
    Translation with
    I think it's a pity that such a company as Google does not upload 4K videos.

  5. 喔你喔喔喔愛愛欸! 有❤️安癌愛ㄢㄞㄞˉㄧㄛㄛㄢㄛㄏㄛㄢˉㄜㄨㄢㄨ❤️哎呀這兩種ㄛㄧㄛㄨ哀哀需求 一⋯⋯

  6. I have a small pet gecko, and he jumped on my phones screen while it was doing the cleaning process and he just vaporized! Please help!

  7. Its a joke but even the app was the worst if I deleted my photos through files but it didn't delete my photos

  8. Hi Im trying to get this to work but I wasnt able to find the feature… is this more of a work in progress type of thing?

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