Installing Java on Linux Mint and Ubuntu

Installing Java on Linux Mint and Ubuntu

hey guys this is BigJ231 today i’m going to show you how to
install java seven and above on Mint and Ubuntu using
the script that I made so awhile ago I had to install java to
play minecraft on this laptop and I found these instructions here at
this site all put the link in the description for you guys anyway hybrid of the problems with his
instructions because he wasn’t always updating the website as soon as a and jump first
came out so you’d have to go through and manually
change all the commands but that got to be kind for pain after the second time I did it so I decided to make a script. So what the
script does is it automates the JAVA install process so the only thing you have to do is download the script and grab their java package at the java dot com site so what you need to do here is you
need to go and get Linux package not the rpm package
either the sixty four-bit or thirty two-bit depending
on which reducing i have a sixty four-bit system and i only really need
the sixty four-bit java so i would download that south you grab that on this script you’ll need to go into your downloads
folder and create a file and copy and paste all
that text into a file went right click on it gota properties permissions and allow executing files
the program now if you’d rather use the command line
for that all you have to do is change directory do your downloads tractor
eight taken c_h_ mob seven five five them in the file a claim and that makes it so the owner can real great mexican pt can breed in execute than everyone else
redirects acute you could do seven five zero for security reasons okay so what you’ve done that you just
need to run the job install script and it’ll ask you which java version
heard stalin in this case seven update thirteen and it’s a sixty four-bit package so
make sure you put sixty pornstar thirty-two few tram put something else
that beer but say seventy eight it’ll tell you that input about architecture so you need to put into the thirty two
or sixty four now it’ll give you the option to remove the ice t_ plugin um…
generally you want to do yes in all asking for your password do you want to remove previous sixty
four-bit java versions yes and it’s already will prove so it won’t do
that do you want to remove the firefox plugin yes nick at remover ’cause it’s not there offer plugin notes you can’t move because it’s not there so malhotra to do is you input the decimation of the package that
you needed button put in the whole while brain it defaults to your downloads directory and whatever information you put in
somali fills about forty so discipline trickier and they’ll do that com you need to attract that package it’ll just extract it down wants now when you do this it’ll clean itself
up once it’s done so don’t worry too much power points at and we want to install the firefox plugin and uh… directory already exist and the opera plugin yes we want to do that and we don’t want to open the java control panel so it defaults to know button k she do
he just type in gas that concludes the install process hopefully somebody finds a studio when
the script useful and if you didn diva like and maybe make
a comment on the form page thanks a lot

59 thoughts on “Installing Java on Linux Mint and Ubuntu

  1. Did you actually read the description, the thread on the Linux Mint forums, and the original install instructions? All of them are linked in the description. If you're trying to run Minecraft, then Java's just screwy now. I can't get it to work properly either. All of my other Java applications work just fine.

  2. Lol. Get used to it. How much did you pay for this operating system? Oh, that's right. NOTHING! So you get to be your own admin, tech support, AND user. Google is now your friend.

  3. Did you make sure that you input the correct filename and path? (i.e. the one listed in the terminal) In Ubuntu and Mint, you should just have to press enter after you download the file and input the correct version and update numbers. Check your downloads directory to make sure the java package is there.
    Also, don't run the script as root. It uses sudo when necessary.

  4. Did you even read the title of the video?
    First, this script is for Linux. It will not do anything on Windows.
    Second, to use it on Linux, you have to make it executable. I show you how to do that in the video.

  5. Download the Java file to the default directory. Download the script and make it executable. Put in the right numbers and your password when it asks for that. then keep pressing return (enter) until it finishes.

  6. Plus also your script jsut ended up doing nothing. I tried running it multiple times, but then it jsut lagged teh hell out of my computer.
    I guess I can jsut call the people who made java or work for them, and see if they can actually give useful instruction.

    Yes. I HATE INSTALLING THIS POS SOFTWARE, i mean would it be so hard to get an exe file or atleast a binary file in the root of the archive? NO I COULD DO IT!

  7. *facepalm*
    1: You obviously didn't read my reply to you, the description of the video, the linked site, or the linked thread.
    2: Good luck finding their customer support number. they will just tell you RTFM.
    4: The open JRE is in the repositories (and already installed in Mint). It will be fine for 90% of users.

  8. Glad you got it to work. If you don't want to edit the script, you should be able to input the path and filename where it asks you. You solution is perfectly acceptable. Maybe some day I'll edit the script to ask whether you're installing the JDK or the JRE and adjust accordingly.

  9. And to elaborate, most of the script was copy-paste from the original instructions. I just tried to make a usable front-end for them. Feel free to add to the script. If you let me know of the changes you make, I can change the original and improve it.

  10. You copy all the text in the code box in the thread. The select all button makes this easy. you then open your favorite text editor (gedit is good for this, unless you're on KDE), paste the text, and save the file as

  11. You could modify it to work, but it will not work as it is. It's built for debian-style package management. If you can change the APT lines into their RPM equivalents, then it could be made to work.You will most likely have to modify the directories too.

  12. Did you make it executable? You can also launch it from your favorite file browser. Just make sure to run it in a terminal.

  13. i want instal java for catia in wine ; me sistem operation it is linux mint 14
    for now i not speak catia is work in linux mint, but i try this
    linux mint 14 for me it is the best
    thx man

  14. this is awesome! you should modify this to work on other distros like sabayon and suse! even though there was an rpm…. haha

  15. thank you very much jrhunter512. Huge help. Worked on Lubuntu 13.04 32bit on chromium and firefox well. However, on Chromium for some reason Oracle Java tester is saying that my 7u25 is out of date. It tests fine on Firefox. Thanks again on the script. Quick question: to be able to write these scripts, which language do you need to know, c?

  16. That's interesting that chromium says that it's out of date. It's not a problem with the script, since the script just installs and symlinks JAVA.
    As far as the language used, it's just BASH. no real programming language required. Knowing a real programming language does help though.

  17. It shouldn't be too hard to modify, the only thing you might have to change is the package manager lines and maybe some of the directories. The rest of the script should work just fine.

  18. Hello I came to the part "Input destination it downloaded java package. Defaults to ~ / Downloads/jre-yuy-linux-x64.tar.gz," and when I press enter I wrote Please input a valid filename: what to do?? ? please reply

  19. Make sure you downloaded the correct java file and input the correct numbers.
    Where exactly did it throw that error?

  20. You'll have to input the correct architecture (32), the correct java version number (7), and the update number (probably 25). Make sure the java package is in your ~/Downloads/ folder (Home/USERNAME/Downloads/)

  21. You're awesome. Thanks a whole bunch dude. Kudos to you man. Make more linux videos. I'm trying to relearn linux after 6 years of not using linux and this helped a bit

  22. It works to an extent i get to the open java control panel and press enter and it exits and nothing changes nothing is downloaded visibly im not sure if im doing something wrong or if you just cant see java anywhere in the system but its there please help 

  23. there is easyer way with automatic update
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer

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