Install Packet Tracer on Mac Step by Step – With Linux

Install Packet Tracer on Mac Step by Step – With Linux

hey everybody and welcome my name is Keith Gebhardt with learn tech training and in this video we’re going to learn how to setup cisco packet tracer on a Mac computer now here you can see we are running cisco packet tracer on a mac computer but you’re also noticing it’s a different operating system that you’re normally used to seeing well that’s because it’s linux ok we have to actually install a virtual machine on your mac computer which doesn’t harm your computer whatsoever once we install that virtual machine we install was called linux ubuntu and that’ll allow us to install a cisco packet tracer so you can run it on your mac computer so now you can see that i am on a windows computer now this makes no difference whatsoever especially for the beginning part of this video ok the only thing you need to be worried about is going to and installing the OS X host and then when you’re done installing that you can go back to Ubuntu’s website which is and you’re just going to click the desktop icon here and then when this page loads you just click “Download Ubuntu” Now, there is another alternative to Oracle VirtualBox and it’s called vmWare. I run what’s called vmware workstation 12.5 pro which is what you use on Windows computers ok but they do have what’s called vmware fusion which is available for mac and it is amazing! I love vmware fusion, it’s great! I love working with vmWare Workstation as well, it really does a great job and especially if you’re in the IT industry a lot of companies and organizations are implementing different virtualized systems with vmware so it’s nice to know their suite of tools anyway let’s go back to the point on hand here once you have the virtualbox installed and Ubuntu installed you’re going to go ahead and just open up oracle boxes virtualbox ok now once it’s opened i’m just going to go ahead and expand it now this is pretty much exactly what you’re gonna be seeing on your Apple Computer all you gotta do is hit new and just give it a name i’m just going to name a new bun to underscore pt4 packet tracer type is the next version of ubuntu that’s okay to hit next and you can just continue it next through all of this you don’t need to worry about allocating any other space you can adjust these if you want but just for this tutorial you don’t really need to do so ok we’re only going to be using this packet tracer we don’t need to get a lot of memory or Ram so we’re going to go ahead and create but we are not done so soon as this creates the instance of our operating system in our virtual machine we need to set up the file which it’s going to load from its boot file so let’s go ahead and go to storage and other controllers ide that’s fine but we gotta go ahead and click this we’re going to actually I’m sorry we’re going to click controller clicking the add choose disc and navigate to where your bottom file is it will be an iso extension just click that and click open now you can see it also left that empty partition here i’m just going to go ahead and remove attachment all they did was right click and click remove attachment just so it makes it easier and then i’m going to click live cd/dvd right there and click ok now once that goes head all you got to do is click start now this might take a moment so be patient now that it’s over but i’m going to go ahead and just expand my window whoops not close it going to expand it and you’re gonna get a couple of these little windows pop up here on the top you can just click the little blue X and it will close out for you and here I’m just going to wait until you start seeing everything start loading and again this might take a few minutes so don’t panic it will go through will be then prompted with a try to bond to or install ubuntu option make sure you select the correct a language that you want to use and click install you’re going to go ahead and click download updates while installing ubuntu click continue go ahead and click erase disk in a solid bond to this is not going to harm anything on your computer again you have created a new virtual partition on your physical computer so anything you do from here moving forward on this virtual machine will not affect your physical computers ok so go ahead and click install now and click continue now make sure you just like the correct time zone that you are in it’s not really that important but it just makes life easier so go ahead and click continue once you have it and then go ahead and select the proper language for your computer now the name is just whatever you don’t have to be all technical with the output my full name and they username will kind of be like your computer name almost if you will and then your password i’m just going to type in simple just remember what this is because you need this for when you install packages ok so go ahead and click continue and just let this go ahead and install now you’re going to be prompted word to be restarted again go ahead and click restart that is not going to affect your physical operations and that’s only going to start the virtual operating system within your virtual machine which is what we’re working on right now want to go ahead and restart that and then when you get back into its gonna be prompting you for the password that you created for this operating system and remember i said mine was simple as I am ple go ahead and enter again you need to remember that password because that is going to be necessary for when we install packet tracer on our system here alright once you get logged into your operating system go ahead and go to your Firefox icon right here this is your web browser and at the end zone firefox just like if you run it on your Apple or Windows computer once you get into mozilla firefox you’re gonna go ahead and type in calm now this is cisco networking academy website where you need to go to actually install cisco packet tracer if you do not have an account with netic adcom you need to create one it is free to create one and i recommend you create one only not only to follow this tutorial but a lot of useful information on this website as well so you’re just going to go ahead and take into account or login i’m going to go ahead and pause the video while I login and once you’re logged in you’re just going to scroll all the way to the bottom here where it says packet tracer gonna click on that and it’s going to open up the packet tracers download window now again since we are on linux we need to install the Windows version and just select the operating system that you’re running now I know I’m running 64-bit so i’m gonna go ahead and click 64 bit download and now you’re going to get a little dialogue message window here i’m going to save the file i’m not going to use archive manager just save the file click ok and you’re going to see a download status up here and I’m just going to pause the video while this goes through once this is done sorry go ahead and close out firefox and closed bolt tabs alright so now we can go ahead and open up our applications and just type in TR here so terminal pops up it’ll be the first icon here just click it to open up and i’m going to expand this one so you guys can see a little easier and i’m going to take an LS download now if you’re not familiar with linux it is case sensitive now i can see package just 70 underscore 64-bit linux that tar gz right there that’s the file i need to access and it is it together i know that because of the tar.gz extension now we need to change our permissions to be able to mark you know modify that i’m going to do chm OD plus X and i’m just going to type in downloads /a packet tracer again cap rattles & case sensitive matters 70 underscore 64-bit underscore linux da ta our dot g z enter and now i need to extract all the files from that folder so let’s go ahead and type in PA our space hyphen z-axis v.s space downloads / packet tracer 70 underscore 64-bit underscore linux da ta r gz once again hit enter and here you can see it’s extracting all of these files for us now once it’s complete and might take a second you’re going to see it gives you dream back down there on the headhunter few times you can see it and now we’re going to just simply type in CD packet tracer again capitals matter 7 04 / and here i’m going to go ahead and type LS and look at that the big green it’s kind of just sitting there screaming out for so we need to do sudo for superuser bash install hit enter and I was going to ask you for your password for your operating system so- simple i’m just going to type and simple and now this is the you of terms of use just hit enter until you get to the bottom notice the little percentage there at the bottom left corner though so when you get to about eighty or ninety percent you want to slow down because if you accidentally passed the question that’s going to ask you you got to go through this all over again so there we are and just had a capital y for yes and i’m just going to hit enter so it installed into the default location and it’s installing now this takes a minute so don’t get carried away once it says copy the file successfully still have to wait a minute you will see when it’s actually fully completed that when you get asked if we should create a symbolic link you just going to go ahead and click or hit yes capital y enter and here we go now once you’re here we gotta do one more thing typing LS see here says SE pten bsh so we’re going to go ahead and do a pseudo bash SCT underscore PT ii + v that Sh one more time and that is good now the only thing we have to do is type in packet tracer all lower case of time hit enter and it will load up for us this is the first time they are accessing package for you have to sign into your net Academy count one more time so once this world up you’ll see it’s going to prompt you to do that and i’m going to go ahead and pause the video so i can access or enter my information for you guys and once you enter your password credential information cisco packet tracer opens up for you alright guys well i hope you guys found this helpful again please don’t forget to subscribe and like this video if you have any questions or concerns or just want to drop me some love and leave a comment please do so i will see you guys later

9 thoughts on “Install Packet Tracer on Mac Step by Step – With Linux

  1. This worked, but once I closed the program how do I launch it again, as I don't see it when I do a search in programs or in the default location? I guess I'm looking for the icon to click and launch the program

  2. I restarted my computer and no longer see the Ubuntu VM I had on with Packet Tracer Running. I then had to reinstall Ubuntu and go through all the steps again, which was a huge headache and waste of time. Can I avoid this in the future by saving the machine state or is will I have to keep reinstalling everything?

  3. Easy follow tutorial. I have a PC and a Mac and wanted to be able to run Packet Tracer on both. With the videos and verbal instruction I was able to do the installation.I would pause the video and rewind when needed.It was much easier to follow than using written instructions. Good job and thanks
    Chris Lizardi

  4. I'm currently trying to install VMware Fusion 10 on my Mac OS and believe I may've skipped a couple of steps and it's NOT installing correctly! I may need to delete the current set up I have and REINSTALL the current one I have on my machine!

  5. Hi I have the 71_64 bit for linux and i can follow all steps up until 8:34 when I have to write cd PacketTracer71/ there it says file doesnt exist

  6. I follow you instructions but when I type ''packettracer'' I get a message back ''Starting Packet Tracer 7.2.1''
    and it freezes there . Nothing else……Some help please?

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