Insta360 One X Beginners Guide | Camera, App & Editing Tutorial

Insta360 One X Beginners Guide | Camera, App & Editing Tutorial

57 thoughts on “Insta360 One X Beginners Guide | Camera, App & Editing Tutorial

  1. Yesss!! I was so waiting for this! im a bit early but I couldn't help myself to comment!!! uggh! I am getting so much better with editing and understanding my canon t7i EOS! I think my problem is lighting!

  2. @Sean – you're truly an inspiration. I'm following your channel dedicatedly and trying to implement much from it onto my new & growing channel. Hope I make it into something.

    Would appreciate if whoever reading this would head over and hit the subscribe button. Cheers!

  3. Thank you, so now I know how to be a youtuber. And it is all thanks to your, how to make vids on your phone. Just a really big thanks for that

  4. Helpful video! I want to start taking my content seriously to get more subscribers and your guideline will definitely help me out. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  5. Just recently upgraded from the Samsung Gear 360 to the Insta 360 one X . Updates to firmware and software make this a really useable vlogging camera but the editing does take a lot longer than a standard camera. Great for Instagram but don't if it is YouTube standard kit yet.

  6. Thanks a lot. I had been waiting for this for a long time; something this simple but instructive. Hope to see one on the GoPro Max soon. Thanks.

  7. Some awesome tips for how to use the camera! A lot of the tips for 360 video can transfer over to whatever 360 cam someone may have!

  8. Can you do a video about COPPA? If you haven't, I'm sure you will be shortly. I"ve seen a couple from other big channels, pretty hot topic. 🙂

  9. Great overview of all the features on the Insta360 One X! This camera has been a game changer for my business. Highly recommend.

  10. QOTD ⚡Would you use a 360 degree video camera? What would you use it for? Let me know! 👇🏼 **** 🎯 Looking for the best budget camera and equipment for creating YouTube videos? Watch this video next for our top picks 👉

  11. I would use if for some special effect shots when traveling or seeing unique locations. Really loved the idea of throwing it on the dart! Great job 🙂

  12. Man that is a awesome little unit. First time i really sene a good video on its use 👍 May be looking into it instead of another go pro…

  13. Great video. This is an awesome camera. Only one issue, which is attributed to my style of recording. It hates vibration from my motorcycle. If i mount it to my bike it throws the gyro off and 2 things happen..1: the footage spins..2: the camera gives up and shuts off. So i mount it on a backpack and it works great. The stabilization is awesome. Doing 180 and blowing in the wind has no affect on a stable pic, it just really chews the battery up.

  14. Can you just take the raw clips from the camera and edit them on Premiere? I've never edited a 360 video before, so I think it would be interesting to do if possible!

  15. So much fun reviewing this camera for the Think community! It is definitely a cool piece of gear to get some really unique shots for my videos!!

  16. Totally off topic. But could you guys answer or give more info about “can a YouTuber from another country make money or a good amount of money from youtube like most American youtubers? “ TIA

  17. great video. how much roughly is the resolution at 5.7k for 360 equals to wide angle action camera like go pro? split in half?

  18. I there, usualy i dont comment on youtube videos, but this time is different. I’m pissoff with apple and i hope you can address this in a video. I love the airpods, and i love apple, but since the introduction of ios 13, they started to disconnect frequently. i think the airpods are, one of the best products from apple in the past years, and im sad to see them ruin those. i dont know if its because of the new ones, since i have the first model. i know you can influence more youtubers and general people talking about the subject. That being said, i’m counting on you to make apple better….. hope you read my comment and make some action for all of us. Best Regards, from Portugal.

  19. After you "cut" or select your beginning and endings, does the app save the original or is the original gone forever?

  20. Can you do a video how to put music on your youtube videos and you are the best you gave me like a lot tips of how to be a youtuber you and your best friends are great

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