In Record Time: How we Quickly Built a Serverless app with Firebase and Flutter (GDD Europe ’17)

In Record Time: How we Quickly Built a Serverless app with Firebase and Flutter (GDD Europe ’17)

49 thoughts on “In Record Time: How we Quickly Built a Serverless app with Firebase and Flutter (GDD Europe ’17)

  1. Go Seth! WooHoo! Loved what Posse did with Hamilton too. So cool to see what you can do with Flutter. Thanks for this!

  2. Had an awesome time developing an app to help students of my college to get the university bus and I really hope flutter succeds, it rocks!

  3. this is massively confusing
    google added Kotlin for android
    then created another OS fuchsia that'd replace android
    started using Flutter for Fuchsia.
    then added SWIFT support to Fuchsia
    (so does flutter support swift now?)
    Flutter uses dart by default…

    So my question is:
    do i learn kotlin, dart or swift.

    If my goal is to learn the next thing.
    I know java is out of the question as i rather learn kotlin

  4. Hm, he said his clients didn't want him to reinvent the wheel. He just did it when reinvented API by saving data to Firebase and then listening for change done by Cloud Function. Totally makes no sense to me

  5. I found that firebase cloud functions iteration speed is the exact opposite to hot reloading of flutter. It takes about a minute to try out a newly deployed version of a cloud function. So maybe a cloud function simulator would be good (matching hot loading capability).

  6. Great story. However, It was unlikely they were going to fail because it just wasnt Posse developing it. Googles reputation was on the line so they threw their resources at it too

  7. "Reach users across all of mobile"?
    No there is a small resistance against the monopoly of Android and iOS:

    Windows Phone

    Just kidding :'D

  8. Wow the mix sounds amazing, I think it's the fastest route to release an app on 3 platforms nowdays (if you consider all the features including hot reload, the builtin widgets and so on ). As for the Firebase requests I'm pretty sure the pattern of "persistent message communication trough a database" is around for many many years, it was just forgotten.

  9. What was not so nice about this marketing talk is about the constant BS of both companies trying to promote their platform, win win situation right ? Instead of showing real code and talking tech they became marketeers obviously funded by google. And posse just caught a piece of the cake in between.

  10. The paradigm of using RealtimeDatabase as a mechanism to process requests when compared to traditional req/response model looks super awesome and scales well. But isn’t the cost going to raise exponentially as well to use this approach for broader everyday use cases like blog,media,social messaging sites? The idea of using HTTP/Cloud endpoints to process requests seems cost effective?

  11. Why doesn't Cloud Function in FB support Dart language, so we can stay with ONE language fro the front end and back end. Currently we have to use Node.js and TS to write functions.

  12. It was a great start with Flutter and dart. I have a general question – should I just some state management mechanism like "Redux" in my flutter apps ? Thanks in advance for your valuable replies

  13. with this approach to data management, although it scales well, i’d imagine the costs of scaling the database could rise pretty quickly. are there other approaches for managing data with firebase that scale well but are more cost effective ?

  14. I have question. I create flutter apps using bloc and create class api provider and interceptor. If i got code 401. How to navigate directly to oage login from class api provider or intercwptoe withour context. Thanks

  15. When you are going to create an entry it checks if "everything is ok". Should it be the conjunction operator there12:50 ?

  16. I've never been so excited about a new technology since Silverlight. I jumped on that and fell flat on my face. This gem, however, looks to be a sound investment…!

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