I Put a Home Button on My iPhone X

I Put a Home Button on My iPhone X

So you guys know with the iPhone X (pronounced 10) this year, they got rid of the home button and for me personally I didn’t think it was gonna be a big deal at first, but every single day I cry myself to sleep and I’m just like I missed the home button, man! And, quickly going up in the iCard, if you guys miss the home button or If you’re cool with it being gone on the iPhone 10, I honestly want to know what you guys are gonna say. So this product that I found, no one else has really checked this out, It adds a physical button to your iPhone 10- *inhale* Do you guys know where this is going? So these are here are called flicks if you guys wanna check them out I’ll leave the link down below and Basically this just adds a button to your iPhone, and the cool part about it is it works with iOS devices and of course Android devices and with the Android side of things you can control a lot more functionalities than you can of course control on the iPhone so once you need to flick an app download it because that’s what you need to work this here You can peel off the adhesive on the back You can place this button on the homescreen- we’re gonna try it out on the iPhone X (10) with a fresh one so I can show You guys how it all goes down. We’ll put this on the back so when I press this once It plays my Spotify playlist– wait for it- When I double tap it- We’re skipping to the next track check this one more time Just like that you got a button added to your iPhone, let’s hold it down Makes a funny noise you can customize Everything in this app so when you go into the Flic app, one click, the single click is just play Spotify double click a skip to the next track and then hold it plays a random noise, so I’m gonna switch the single click to- [cut] Use trigger for camera, so you can use it as a remote shutter, keep your Flic in your pocket, have your iPhone set up on a tripod, do a little few clicks in your pocket, and you’ll take your photo remotely So let me show you how this goes- I pull open the camera app here [ding] Bam, just like that we’re taking photos, but other than that we got a few more options here, set our double click to Snooze and alarm, order an UBERx, or an Uber 10, hey! I thought that was pretty good. What else can you do, you can add a fart generator, a flick flyer, how far can you fly? What’s this about so- [cut] DoubleTap launches the flick flappy bird wannabe games- Enough games! We’re gonna get to the real reason you’re here. Not to see me play a wannabe flappy bird, but to get the home button added back to the iPhone 10 So I got a fresh flick right here, This is pretty much what you get, and you can see some of the stuff that you can control, Share your location, take a selfie, control the lights, you can do a lot of things with the app.. anything else? You get that little remote clip if you want if you want to use this as like a remote shutter You can put it on your belt That’s pretty dope stop the flick app all installed so to tap The plus button to add your flick is found a flick you can see the bluetooth pairing request comes up pair Finish I’m guessing you guys are probably just gonna want to hit it once and that’ll serve as your home button so we’re just gonna Do that you’re gonna scroll all the way down to foam control Do a lot of things here like control your home button we’re gonna hit add. I’m so excited Oh, I’m so excited Please give me what I need. Please give me what I need back in my life so when I press it once No way you’re kidding me you are kidding me The app menu just came up. I didn’t even have to swipe by hit it again Takes me back to the home screen. Are you catching this Kyle? We just got the home button back yo peep this when I hit it when I hit it once Just like that the app menu came up I knew it was coming up, I mean you have to look hit it again Goes right back to your home screen I’m not saying something, but I’m saying something here We just added the home button back to the iPhone pen, so let’s place this properly We’re gonna have to put it back on the screen. You’re not gonna miss these these two middle apps here Just place your flick right down there and with the adhesive. It’s actually gonna stay Doesn’t look too bad does it not at all it looks like it’s flush Just perfectly designed with the iPhone 10, you won’t even notice it Let’s go ahead and try this out with a few apps, so I’m gonna fire Instagram here I’m just text mark you guys are following me hit the home button Just like that we’re going home alright YouTube Say, I want to watch this. Uh is that what Leonardo DiCaprio? Just like that we’re going home, let’s open up the clock app BAM we’re going home, it is a little laggy But honestly guys it’s better than nothing when I double press all the apps come up I have to hold down and then I can clear them out for me It’s faster than these swipes now a lot of you guys have probably seen this going around on the internet But there’s actually a way You can add a virtual home button to your iPhone 10 at no cost and quickly drop a like on this video if you guys Have ever turned on assistive touch before I know I look like a hitchhiker But this is how we’re gonna do it so you’re gonna go into settings Scroll all the way down. You don’t even need a flip you can just do this for free you’re gonna want to go into accessibility Scroll down to assistive touch Make sure that’s turned on and what’s cool is you get this virtual button here that you can move around place Anywhere you want on screen and you can actually configure this for a single tap a double tap a long press We’re gonna go with a single tap here, and you can set it to open menu Notifications we want to set it as the home button that’s the reason why we’re here after all so when I press it Just like that. It’s taken you home check this out Wanna double tap it you got your apps. I know you like that. Kyle. I like that too dog hold it down Close out all your apps It’s like you got the home bun kind of Another thing that I really miss about the home button not being there is to close out apps on the iPhone 8 I can double Tap throws open all my apps, and it’s super easy to close them out on the iPhone 10 I have to swipe up wait for all the apps to pop up hold down on the app And then I can start clearing them It’s just faster with the home button so I got the last iPhone with a home button in and I want to do a comparison to see How much faster the home button is on this one compared to this one and it’s a difference you’ll notice double proceeds Okay, it’s night and day the iPhone with the home button built in is obviously faster now what I want to try out is if I can add a second flick to this iPhone 10 and maybe get two home buttons That’s what you’ve been wanting all along is two buttons to press to take you home open up the flick app We can add two flicks, baby No way, we’re gonna Have a second home button add this thing because we can why not that’s added let me add a double click in there Nothing like getting that lockscreen adjust trigger so no one’s going in your phone It’s gonna hit the home button from the first flick flip it over to install the second flick We’re gonna put this flick right on the Apple logo So this way the next time Apple kills a home button not only do you have one on the front? But you got one on the back so I can just press down the back Just like that we’re locking the screen what if like the fingerprint reader just came up and like teleported out of the screen We all have hopes and dreams, that’s all I could say guys I just found this out But actually in the flick app instead of having your flick play that annoying noise every single time on your iPhone You can actually just set it to vibrate Or just turn it off completely Kind of like the whole vibration thing and one other cool feature is on the flick you ready for this You can actually have it set so if you ever get lost or you’re walking home, and you press your flick It’ll send your location to a select group of contacts that you want to know hey I’m in an emergency come help your boy out. I have it set to Apple’s campus so every time I press my flick whenever I’m an emergency it lets Apple know where’s my home button. I can’t find it I don’t know where it went. That’s pretty much it you can actually add two flicks 10 flicks Hi, everybody flicks to flick black blue black you want you can do it on your iPhone 10? That’s it for this video make sure you get subscribed with notifications turned on if you’re new around here And let me know in the comments if you guys are just joining the notice squad But up in the iCard if you guys care about the iPhone home button being gone Or if you don’t care at all follow us on our insta story So you don’t miss any of the behind the scenes, and that’s how you add a home, but these guys

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  1. Let's be honest guys who would want to have that thing as a homebutton it's taking half of the bottom of the screen it's a cool thou

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