How to use Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support

How to use Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support

Use your iPhone or iPad
as a personal hotspot when you need Wi-Fi on the go. Here’s how. First, tap Settings. Then tap Personal Hotspot. Here, you can turn on
Personal Hotspot and set your Wi-Fi password. Now tap Wi-Fi Password
to customize it. Your password should be
at least eight characters long, and can consist of both uppercase and lowercase
letters, numbers, and some punctuation marks. Once you’ve entered
your password, tap Done. Now that your device is
set up as a personal hotspot, you can activate it
more quickly in the future with Control Center. Swipe up from
the bottom of your screen to access Control Center. Or, if you’re using an iPhone X, swipe down from the upper
right corner of your screen. Now you can firmly press
the network settings card to see more features like
AirDrop and Personal Hotspot. Personal Hotspot
will now be turned on. But you can return
to Control Center to turn it off in the future. Next, on your Mac,
click the Wi-Fi icon in the upper right corner
of your screen. Look for your personal hotspot
in the dropdown menu, and connect. You can also connect
your devices via Bluetooth or through USB. Now you can connect
wherever you are. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel or click a video
to keep watching. ♪ Music playing ♪

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  1. Dear Apple Support, my iPhone X WiFi very slow compare to my iPhone 6 & oneplus 3 at the same WiFi and the same distance. FYI

  2. Just waiting for iTune Gift card well I am still a kid and not have debit credit card that's sad but I love apple and I am into ecosystem of apple totally cool in India it willgiven in diwali or weeding or rakshabandand or eid or anyother festival

  3. Thanks for sharing

    How much energy does that thing consume if it's continuously activated? Is it better to switch it off if you need it just from time to time?

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