How to Use a Graphics Tablet in Blender & Photoshop!

How to Use a Graphics Tablet in Blender & Photoshop!

hello everybody welcome back to another blender made easy video today i’m gonna be showing you how to use a pen on a graphics tablet in blender there is multiple ways to use it but i think the most common one is sculpting alright and so what I did with my pen i did the first button is the middle mouse and the second button is right click so if I hold down the first button and I go across it moves the view like that and I think that’s really cool because let’s say you’re sculpting are doing some sort of work it’s it would be such a pain to go all the way over to your mouse and then move the view and then go back to your pen and then draw so what I did and just go back over here what I did is I said the key bind like I just said and so if i hold it i can pan the view and then work over here to do whatever then go back over here and then go like that i think that’s really really cool and the graphics tablet that I got is called me when they grabbed the blocks or quit it is called human 420 you and 420 i think i’m saying that right it’s human you on whatever only get it in the descriptions you guys can go check it out another really common way to use the graphics tablet is by using the grease pencil so let’s open up the toolbar come over here to the grease pencil in the tab then click draw and what’s really cool is the harder you press on the tablet the thicker the line will become i’ll show you in a second so if we let’s come over where to get right there if I go really light at first and then I come thicker and then I go light again as you can see let’s zoom in a little bit it goes like that the harder I pressed on the tablet the thicker the grease pencil line became I think that’s really cool and I’ve also heard people like using the grease pencil to create animations I have no idea how to do that that seems just really crazy to me but i think this could help if you if one of you watching does that so like that don’t know where I have to click dragon draw and let me come like this like that yeah like that and that there’s there’s multiple things that you could do these I think are just the main one sculpting and the great pencil I think you could do a little bit of modeling but it would be really hard let’s let’s just try something let’s go into edit mode and if i press G and I’m my hand is on the keyboard and my other hand is holding the pen so I’m going to try this G Z so you can move stuff around and then if I right-click oh gosh what happened wait right click there we go then it will snap back to the middle and then let’s just try coming down here oh man this this would not be great me oh let’s just select multiple faces like that and extruded and then there we go oh man yeah so it modeling it’s not the best for modeling but it’s still cool so now i’m going to jump over into Photoshop and then i’ll show you what to do over there so now we’re in Photoshop and how do you enable the graphics tablet is you come over here to this little button you click this and then there’s a couple of things that you can do the first one I’m just going to check those the first one is shaped to dynamics make sure the control is set to pen pressure right here I think it’s automatically set to like fate or something said it to pen pressure and then if we come over here this is that it works the same way as a grease pencil did the harder i press down the thicker the line becomes like that let’s try that again because that line was not very should like the there we go that looks pretty good so as you can see that that looks decent but there’s still more that you could do let’s come over to the transfer this will make it so the the lighter you press the less you’ll be able to see it the opacity that controls the capacity to make sure the control is set to pen pressure not fade and pressure and then if we just go like this hold on and like that so as you can see right over here it’s really low transparency and then over here it’s really high you can totally see it so that’s really cool and then there’s there’s some more stuff that you can do like the dual brush I think you can make nope i think the color dynamics maybe yeah you can set it to pen pressure i’m not sure what this one does yet I haven’t really played around to some of these settings but most of these you can use the pen pressure as the control so that’s really cool that scattering I know you can print pressure right there there’s a lot of other cool stuff so that was the graphics tablet and you don’t have to do anything in blender to enable it all you have to do is just plug it in and start using it but in Photoshop you do have to set it to 10 pressure right there alright well that is going to be it so thank you for watching and it was a short video but the next tutorial that i’m going to be doing is going to be pretty cool so watch out for that it’s gonna be uploaded in a week or so not totally sure so and also if you guys have suggestions on tutorials that you would like me to cover like let’s say fire or more fluid I whatever you have in mind leave it down in the comments and i’ll be sure to look at it alright that’s gonna be it thanks for watching goodbye

8 thoughts on “How to Use a Graphics Tablet in Blender & Photoshop!

  1. U hold alt and move your pen then your view will change accordingly. If u hold alt and ctrl while moving the pen, u get to zoom in and out.

  2. Amateur use a mouse and pro use a space navigator with a Wacom and beat anyone with a mouse in term of productivity! Trying is believing!

  3. 1st button for RMB and 2nd Button for MMB may help.
    Its much more faster using Pen-Tablet for modelling.
    One of the Express-Key for DEL to zoom-in helps too. The other 2 Express-Key buttons are for anything else comfortable.
    We don't need large sized Tablet to Monitor-Screen relationship. This size is good enough for the wrist to move around, MINIMUM. So less tiring as compared to mouse.
    I hope that helps

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