How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad Air 2019 iPad Mini (without iTunes)

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad Air 2019 iPad Mini (without iTunes)

Transferring photos from an iPhone to an iPad
is super easy using DearMob iPhone Manager. Connect your iPhone to the computer with data
cable and click Photo on the main UI. Here you can see all the photos on your iPhone,
and you can view them by year, month or date. Also, you can browse albums on the left panel. Let’s say that you want to transfer Instagram
photos from iPhone to iPad Select some or all the pictures in this album, and click Export. Easy and straightforward,right? Then maybe you want to create folders on your
computer to better organize exported photos. Repeat these steps if you want to export photos
from other albums, such as those in the WhatsApp album Also, you can batch transfer photos from the
camera roll. When you are done, unplug iPhone and connect
your iPad to the computer. Then click photos on the main UI,
and click that Plus icon to create an album. I am gonna name it “Instagram photos from my iPhone”. click this album, then you can hit add photo or simply drag and drop photo here. all you have to do now is to click that sync
button, and Ta-da! pictures are transferred to your iPad now! Repeat these steps to create other albums, and you can also hit “Add Photo” instead of drag-n-drop. when you finish adding photos, remember to
click that sync button to confirm transferring photos to iPad. iTunes might erase data when you sync photos
improperly,DearMob iPhone Manager never erase any data again your will. Find the download link in the description
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