How to take tablets  / pills ? Tips for swallowing tablets – Tamil Health tips

How to take tablets / pills ? Tips for swallowing tablets – Tamil Health tips

How to take tablets How to take pills In olden days Our forefathers ate healthy food. Now-a-days we eat the available food and say we are having healthy food and take tablets. Tablets have taken such an important place in our life. This video is to check whether we are taking such tablets in the right way which we take for so many reasons. While consulting doctors they advise us that we should take some tablets before food. The acidic tablets is absorbed soon when taken in empty stomach. For example It may be the medicine to heal stomach ulcer or reduce the Sugar level in blood. Doctors advise us to take some tablets after food which may cause burning sensation or ulcer in stomach So as per doctor’s advice we should take the tablets whether it is before or after food. Normal medicines gets absorbed by stomach,sent to liver and mixes in blood, so it takes some time to work As some life saving medicines are kept under the tongue, mixes with blood through saliva immediately and helps to save life. We get these type of pain killers and vomit controlling tablets are available in all medical shops. Many people have a bad habit of taking tablets with coffee or Cold drinks. By taking like this we will get the essential iron to our body Taking tablets with tea hinders the absorption of iron. It is better to consult with the doctor about when and how to take the tablets than asking in the medical shops For kids some medicines should be given by diluting with water We should not use this kind of medicines for more than 5 days. Sometimes doctors may prescribe medicines for 3-4 months and we buy it accordingly. But it is best to buy the medicines in monthly basis We should not take tablets after expiry date We should not take unknown tablets or exchange tablets within the family For example you should not take the medicines prescribed for your son or others You should follow the instructions given by the doctors while taking Antibiotics and Pain killers. You should not take more number of tablets prescribed by the doctor If any tablet is allergic, stop using it and consult your doctor.

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