How to Submit Your App to the App Store in 2019

How to Submit Your App to the App Store in 2019

Hi Alex here from and
in this video I will show you how easy it is to upload your app to the App
Store. First of all we will test how to upload your build to App Store
Connect so without further ado let’s get started! Great! Now make sure that you do have an app that you want to upload to the App Store and in this video as I have
mentioned in just a seconds ago I will show you how you can upload a build to
App Store Connect. Now why what is the difference? The main difference is
that uploading a beer to App Store Connect is a part of uploading your app
to the App Store it is well taking a build that you have created from your
project and sending it to the specified place on the App Store Connect
that you have also created there. Now I am working on an app for one of my
clients and I will show you this process with this example. What to know
before we upload? First of all you need to have a Bundle Identifier and
that needs to be registered in App Store Connect well it needs to be registered
in the developer portal of your developer account. Let’s check that
out, if that is like so. Let’s open up our browser here and let’s go to Okay, and now let’s go to account let’s sign in and select Certificates Identifiers and
Profiles. Okay, here we go and now let’s take a look if our ARSlingMaster is inside our app IDs. Okay, select app IDs and let’s search for ARSlingMaster. As you can see there isn’t any so what I usually do here is go to
my Xcode and select Capabilities and enable than disable any of these
capabilities. I usually do it with in-app purchases. Let’s go there and let’s
turn that off again and in just a few minutes this should be updated in our
Developer Portal. Let’s search for that again maybe we have a luck. There we go! com.Rebeloper.ARSlingMaster is now a registered. Great! Now
what you need to do next is to go back to your account and this time select App Store
Connect. Let’s go to App Store Connect great! Now that we have our app
ID in the Developer Portal we may create a new app. Go ahead and click on My
Apps and then at the top left corner go ahead and click on the + button and
select New App. Ok this will load select iOS and I will name this for now I will
name this ARSlingMaster. Okay, let’s choose our language English (U.S.). Bundle ID and now let’s select it. Here we go ARSlingMaster. SKU I usually use SKU
as the name without of course spaces. User Access I want to have full access and if you turn now what this new user accesses go ahead and take a look at my
video about that I will link it up here. Okay, let’s click on create and here we
are. Now let’s wait for it to load and we are ready for your upload. Great that is
the work that you need to do before you actually upload. All of our uploads will
be available under our Activity tab. Of course now there isn’t any. Let’s go
back to Xcode and select our app. One last thing before we upload I want to
mention is that you must have an app icon. Go ahead and make sure that in
your Assets folder there is an app icon. I will use this standard Apple one for
now because we are uploading and you haven’t guessed it by now but I will
show you in the next video and that we are going to create a simple test flight.
I will show you how easy it is to share your test flight apps your test
apps with anybody. Don’t need to have anything set up with users and so on
with emails. It has been simplified by ten-folds. Getting back to our
business of this video let’s take a look at how we upload it. So again we need
our Bundle Identifier registered and we need a version and a build number.
Let’s set this version to 1.0.0 and the Build number is 1 that is okay because
we are uploading now to our 1.0.0 version. If we are uploading this version
and we made some changes we want to bump up that build and upload that next one
with let’s say Build number 2 or 3. Make sure that you bump up the
Build number because App Sore Connect will recognize it and will not approve your
Build. So that’s about versions and Build numbers. How to upload? Okay,
under your tab here select a Generic iOS Device. Okay, and then go to Product and
Clean your build folder just make sure that everything is cleaned up. Next up go
to again to Product and Archive. Okay! This will take a while according to
your size of your project and it is building and it is creating all of our
tasks. Okay, maybe I will fast forward this. Okay now that the archive has completed
the organizer window should pop up for you. And as you can see here we have our
version and our status. First of all what you want to do is maybe validate
your app. Let’s go ahead and validate it. Of course you don’t need to you can
distribute your app straight away but I really like to do this step to check
for anything, any errors that might occur. I will use this little wizard here
and hopefully we will have everything validated. As of Xcode10 I have some
issues and this was this really strange issue so I needed to delete after a few
searches I have found out that I needed to delete all of my Provisioning
Profiles they were conflicting with a Provisioning Profiles from App Store
Connect. Let’s just click on validate before I tell you what to do. So let’s
click on validate and I had to delete all of my Provisioning Profiles. And you
can find all of your Provisioning Profiles under Library – Mobile Device and
Provisioning Profile. Go ahead and delete all of them. Anyway if you are handling your Provisioning Profiles automatically by
Xcode it doesn’t really matter once you open up and want to send your archive
then these are created automatically. Okay! How can you go to your Library? If you open up Finder and select Go then
you will in your case you more most probably not see this library but go
ahead and click on alt and you will be having this toggled on for you. Okay now
let’s see how our validation is going and it is going quite well. And this can
take a while again it depends on your project. Okay now that the validation is
created we click on and Done. Great! Let’s go ahead and distribute our
app and that is what we wanted to do in the first place.
Select iOS App Store because we want to upload it to the App Store. Select
upload again and now it is fetching some data it is basically preparing a file
that we want to upload. Select all of these 3 or leave them selected and I
want to Automatically manage my signing click on next and now it is preparing
its grading all of the data necessary for our .ipa file that will be uploaded
to the App Store. Okay now that we have all of this gathered
let’s click on Upload. Okay and now it is uploading. Again this might take a while
for you and maybe I will just fast forward at this again it will basically
go through everything that fetching data from the App Store Connect and basically uploading it to your App Store Connect app and I
will just fast forward this. Okay now that we have uploaded our app to App
Store Connect let’s click on and Done and as you can see the status has
changed to Uploaded. Let’s just double check and go again to your App Store Connect account and select Activity and as you can see under version 1.0.0 we
have a Build number 1. And it is Processing now this will take a while
usually it takes about 15 minutes for me and we will get back to this soon when
we are going to take a look at how you can create a Test Flight app and send it
to your friends with only one link. So no Test Flight app installment needed.
They will have to install Test Flight app. No set up needed it’s only one
clickable link that you need to distribute to your friends. That is it
for this video! Hope you enjoyed it, if you did go ahead and give it a thumbs up
and subscribe to the channel and I dare you to hit that notification bell. Now it’s your turn! Have you ever had any issues with
uploading your a build to the App Store? If you did go ahead and comment down below because I really want to hear your thoughts. And I want to know how you
managed to solve your problem, if you actually did manage to solve that upload
problem. Okay, I will see you in the next one!

44 thoughts on “How to Submit Your App to the App Store in 2019

  1. Did you have any issues uploading your app to the App Store? If yes than go ahead and share it with the community in the comments down below ( and share the solution too )

  2. Great video, i to also Validate my apps before uploading to the store. The issues i've run into usually deal with the icon sizes but those are easy to fix. Plus the validation helps on the typical things that might get your app flagged and rejected. I've noticed sometimes they have rejected an app but i argued for it and on the next round when i submitted it. It was accepted. This happened with an update. Keep up the awesome work.

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    I dont know what to do to upload my build now. I can not connect a device.

  5. No supported iOS devices are available. Connect a device to run your application or choose a simulated device as the destination.

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  19. I had issues with the domain name. I hadn't see this video first. I'd somehow registered the domain. The app didn't pass validation – the app icon had an alpha channel, there were no screenshots (I thought I had to submit even a test flight app for review). I deleted the app. I tried to re-archive, re-upload. It told me there were conflicts with previously submitted domain names, on and on and on. I changed the domain in Xcode and did the whole process over. It's now in the app store awaiting review and I'm about to watch your test flight video.

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