How to run 64-bit assembly language program using NASM in Linux

Hi, welcome to my channel
in this video we will learn how to assemble assembly program for 64
assembly program so I will be using nasm netwide assembler for this
tutorial because I want to learn assembly and I take a look on internet
on google, find available assembly program with assembler on there avilable assembler and I think I will choose nasm for this tutorial and i very curious
about assembly program so I want to learn that but today I just
show you how to assemble this assembly program on 64-bit Linux I’m using Debian
in this video we we don’t talk about basic assembly program, so I will just
show you a source code here it just print hello world to the terminal so you
can pause the video and type in this source code so you can try it on your
own it’s just print string and with this
new line we are using the 64 play latest earlier
you can see and we go in the system all in the end okay
just pause the video and type this source code or I will serve the source
code in the description so you can copy and paste edit on your texture on your
text editor except that now the the comment over run
this SME assembly program is using our national
command before you can use that you can install nation’ on your machine to do
and I already installed this on my machine the version is 2.41 and you also
need to install GCC yeah because we need our linkle it’s operable in TCC to to
the the link on our object file letter okay so the commando assemble this
program here except it is an allotted SM the comment is nessam and test format
UCLA 64 and then our program if there’s no
error there will be no output and it will check on our directory there is a
new file called hello dot o it is the object file minute ol in debt so we will
produce the binary for our machine wielding that using common LT because
the LT from PCC if you run the LT command and it says the combo not fun
then don’t forget to install the TCC before so the comment is TCC hello now if there are no error then they will
no output here you can see again yeah if this oh well it is a binary we can run
this you see what sighs okay all right now we have successfully assemble the
assembly program it successfully clean out the hello world into the terminal
maybe in the next video I will talk about the basic assembly because I
really want to lean simply don’t know more about how how come to goes how
memory works or pursue yours always what’s register with memory and etc so I
ready I already I really love but the low-level stuff but computer but how its
work so I might be I will continue make this video to about basic assembly okay
so you can three on your own I will put the source code in the link for source
code in the description okay thank you thank you for watching

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