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  1. did you use a original LCD? will using LCD's from stores that fixes screens, will it affect the display? the colors etc.? answering this question will really help me. BTW i have a flickering screen on my iPhone 5!

  2. What’s the link ? for the screen Replacement that has all of the parts that are normally attached to the screen included (earpiece, home button, etc.),

  3. I had a screen protector on my phone and i had not even known that for 3 years, i dropped my phone, i wondered why my screen was smooth and then i realised that there was a screen protector. I then peeled it off to reveal that the screen protector was FUCKING USELESS.

  4. Mine isn’t really broken.. there’s a small crack on the top left corner of my iPhone 6.. and there’s a tiny crack near it with a long crack connecting them both.. help without having to change my phone screen..

  5. i thought this video was supposed to be a tutorial on how to stick phones up peoples bums efficiently, i was really upset when it turns out this video is a tutorial of fixing phones, how boring !!

  6. WTF? Mine has a wire that goes to the Home button, I can’t just “flip” the screen and take that metal plate off!

  7. Thanks for this video I definitely need to get a new screen my screen has a crack and also lifted basically mine is hanging off the board

  8. Hey, i just used your video to replace de screen of my iPhone but it didn't turn back on, i thought it was a problem of the new screen soo y tried back the old broken one but it didn't turn on either. Do anyone have any clue why it might be? Please i'm very stressed right now

  9. hi mann i know you don't know me but i really really need my iPhone Fix i have money but not a lot but i need my iPhone

  10. hi mann i know you don't know me but i really really need my iPhone Fix i have money but not a lot but i need my iPhone

  11. hi mann i know you don't know me but i really really need my iPhone Fix i have money but not a lot but i need my iPhone

  12. hi mann i know you don't know me but i really really need my iPhone Fix i have money but not a lot but i need my iPhone

  13. Spent 5 hours figuring out why parts of the screen was unresponsive then found out it was because he told us to screw the screw in next to the home button before we put the screen on. literally fucked it up…….. Dont worry fixed now but just keep in mind that there is one little asshole screw that you need to place over the metal plate that goes on the screen. PLEASE BE MORE CLEAR ON YOUR STEPS

  14. Nice video, but i was wondering as you know iphone5 screen are very bright, is there any way to tone that down, so as to save power and the screen life span

  15. I used your video to help replace my screen and I also did the battery. Now the screen has a slight glow and if I hold down the power to restart it quickly flashes the apple but it does not stay on or turn on. What am I doing wrong?

  16. that is not how you do it you have to hold the screen up right and DO NOT USE YOUR FIGERS TO TAKE THE CABLES OF that is all i watched because I know there is going to be another problem

  17. at 4.29 it will not feet that little peace. I bought iphone 5 screen . but visually that hole is smaller than on my old screen. I am afraid to push hard. Do you think they have given me wrong screen?

  18. You must have had a slightly later model, on my iPhone I had a ribbon going from the home button to a connector with a clip just below the battery.

  19. I messed up by accidentally breaking a piece on my phone so now it won't work. I'm just going to recycle this one and get a new one. Nice tutorial though.

  20. I did all the steps and it worked and turned on. But the top half of the screen was popping out so I tried popping it back it and I heard a pop. After that it would not turn on. I don’t know what to do someone plz help!!!!!

  21. Watching this in 2019 thanks this helped a lot even though I lost the two bottom screws I took one from inside to use outside lol

  22. Hello 👋 I just changed the screen of iPhone 5 with the help of your video. You save me $65 👍💐Thank you 😊

  23. ..just followed it and thank you.. but I think you forgot to remove the purple plastic at the back of your new screen…

  24. great video. I did everything correct except one thing ..be careful where you put the screws when you screw on the last part to the new monitor like shown @5.27 ..if you screw the bit longer screw to the wrong place that will create a black spot on your new screen like it did for me ..apart from that everything went fine with the instructions of the vid. Thank you.

  25. Wait….. you put the screw in the threaded hole where the back plate goes and then you left the plastch cover inside the screen under the backplate my question is who the fuck let’s you fix phones

  26. Did this all by myself, i was shaking like freaking crazy & i was able to do it! but! it did have a yellow hue & would not respond to my touch, so i took it apart again & i made sure the wires were connected by pushing them fiercely & it worked!!! And the earpiece mesh(?) i lost the screws & i freaked and started looking EVERYWHERE on my floor, turns out i didn't loose em… they were on my screw plate………

  27. I just ordered your repair kit for iPhone 5, the screen is not snapping back into place in the top left corner of the phone so it's not quite fitting. How do I fix this without breaking the new screen?? I don't want to apply too much pressure.

  28. This guide has some pretty big mistakes in it and it can ruin the phone if you're not paying attention:
    – First BIG mistake is pulling the home button flex cable from left to right which will most probably end up with the flex cable being damaged. Instead it should be first heated gently with a hair dryer or heat gun and then, from right to left (starting from the two golden cells) and using a razor blade or something sharp enough you should try and unstick that flex cable. Using this guide I broke my original home button flex cable
    – Second BIG mistake has already been pointed out by others here in the comments section and that is leaving that protective tape on the back of the replacement LCD panel. That should be peeled off immediately as you start assembling that new display back. Leaving that tape there will interfere with the digitizer as it will act as an obstacle between the digitizer and the metal plate on the back. DO NOT LEAVE IT THERE! It's only purpose is to protect the digitizer's back until it reached you.
    – Third mistake is in the front camera module where a little metal piece will pop-off and this video doesn't show that or how to put it back. That metal piece, with only two borders present on it's four sides acts as a protection and it's a pain to fit it back in although it only fits in one position
    Hope this comment will help and at least save you a couple of dollars, the normal price for a home button flex cable!

  29. When I’m 16 my sister is going to have one of these phones and I’m going to fix it for her
    P.S She’s probably gunna be 8

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