How To Play PS2 Disc Games on a PS3! (Software Emulation!)

How To Play PS2 Disc Games on a PS3! (Software Emulation!)

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60 thoughts on “How To Play PS2 Disc Games on a PS3! (Software Emulation!)

  1. Even with your accent you explain this better than most native English speakers. Thanks for the great videos bro!! you helped me jailbreak my PS3 and back up my PS2 discs!

  2. will this work on PS3 Slim? here is my modle CECH-2001A and i been wanting to play my PS2 games or come and play ps2 games on ps3 with the disk

  3. I get a blue disc when I mount the ps2 game and then it says An error occurred during the start operation (80028f17) any idea how to fix this issue

  4. Is it worth to get a Fat PS3 nowadays? Is it true that every single model of the fat it's going to get the yellow light?

  5. Does it play ps2 games at the same quality as the original ps2 version. I do not want washed out colors for gta San Andreas or any compatibility issues, is there a list where I can see compatible games

  6. Do you need to have a working disc drive? And if this is done with a fully backwards compatible ps 3 will it increase compatibility? I own one with a dead drive/ disc sensor. When it died I lost the ability to play even legitimate downloaded games from psn store.

  7. Thanks bro i found my old ps2 game that was my first game i bought and now i can play on my ps3 in case your wondering what game i bought its Naruto ultimate Ninja 4 for the ps2

  8. Guys. I have a Playstation 3 and 4 and I am planning to only jailbreak my PS3. Is it a good idea? I am kind of paranoid.

  9. Great tutorial !
    Is PS2 emulation possible by reading straight from the disc or do you need to rip the ISO every time ?
    Thanks again !

  10. Nice tutorial but work on your pronunciation a little bit because I could barely understand some words

  11. I get ps2emu switched. Time for a restart. I did it but still shows original instead of cobra. Any suggestions?

  12. Few things: One, should've added in installing the toolbox into this video, after installing the regular Rebug. Two, can this be done on any PS3? Because I don't see it after installing the toolbox. Third, what is the difference between REBUG and Normal in the system mode? Why does the change matter?

  13. uughh this is too much shit that i may screw i just bought a PS3 backwards compatible on eBay. can't wait until it arrives.

  14. Will this work with an 80GB Ps3 Fat cuz I heard they are no longer backwards compatible? And yes I know it has to be jailbroken.

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