How to Play Pokemon Emulators on Acer Chromebook

How to Play Pokemon Emulators on Acer Chromebook

hello guys alienated here and today I’m
gonna teach you guys how to play emulators on an Acer Chromebook such as
Pokemon games or you know anything like that so you want to go to the Chrome Web
Store and get the app gpemu okay you want to add to Chrome yep and so uh
wait for it to download all right it’s installed now and then just like that it
is right there and so we now going so yep there it is right there and now
we’re going to go I’m going to do go to I’ll leave a
link to that in the description and so it’s got all these um rom racks of
pokemon so let’s just go ahead and uh just pick oh I don’t know let’s just
scroll them see one ultra fire sun right alright so you do Google Drive at least
that’s what I do I don’t know what if you do mediafire I don’t think it works there you go now you go to files after
it downloads go to files and go to there we go
right there so you just open that up and then it will open gpemu you and you can
play just so you know if you guys want to know the controls
well first off if you right click then I’ll give you the controls and some
other things you can know but the controls for a is s B is d shift is
select I believe and enter to start yeah so all right there we go only meet this yeah so yeah you can just
start playing in there and then I’m gonna give another example so you don’t
just need to do this you can do randomizers the only one I can find how
to do is read using the same one that’s Pokemon right there is the only ones I
found that work if you know one and by all means
comment down below so here we go no we’re just gonna do it quickly right now
um let’s do just random basics of that just random everything should be like an
extreme yeah yeah yeah why not yeah then yeah we all just do um a couple days
honeymoons yeah and then just do random read then you just generate right there
then download you can also have the link and um yeah or actually instead of going
to files you can just click on the notification that it shows it’ll bring
you right to gpemu but yeah it’s a great app to have really fun to do play
and um all that and we hit this again just because it’s all cracked so
like it’s it’s like not as thorough I guess
as it is normally but yeah you can already see that it’s been randomized
Jolteon Alakazam persian so yeah oh so the professor oak is Giovanni and
I’m just gonna play through until we get our start or just if it has um time
we’re gonna do alienated just alien because that’s me
alien and then um let’s do let’s do Lich why not I don’t know why not yeah but
yeah Muk was the randomized um first Pope one you see if none of you caught
that for some reason oh that’s all right what is it seed bomb ooh that’s
interesting that’s fun yeah let’s go this way you always forget yeah that’s
it yeah all right okay so we’re almost about to end this I just want to see
what the starters gonna be I’m I’m pretty sure there’s a website that you
can randomize emulators I’m not quite certain but um you know yeah you know
you guys can try it out I’ll try and try it out myself
um and if you guys figure it out please by all means put it in the comments down
below right so there’s Landorus okay and you
know Ekans know and Cherubi know
see I’m I could just go with Landorus for that that’s most that that that’s by
far the strongest let’s just nickname em mustard I don’t know why it’s just the
first thing that came to my mind mustard there we go and so yeah this is gonna be
the end of the episode after this battle right here I just wanna move set and
this goes but uh yeah awesome app and greatly recommend it no that’s a bummer
no ground type moves I guess I’ll just do substitute and then do rolling kick
or something but but yeah oh yeah all right
yeah times gonna be up soon I hope hopefully I’ll kill it no I won’t all
right well that’s gonna be it it saves automatically by the way so you
can just exit out and it’ll be automatically save I’ll try and leave
links but yeah so long I’m just gonna wait for it to end just because that’s
easier farewell

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  1. Thank you so much for making this!!! I’ve been wanting to play these games but I only have a chrome book. Keep up the good work!

  2. when i stared pokemon red it would get me to the title screen but i hade no way of starting the game can any one help me pls ;l

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