How to make 360° video  from smartphone for YouTube!!

How to make 360° video from smartphone for YouTube!!

what’s up guys welcome to adnantech and today
i’ll be teaching you guys that how to make 360 degree video for You tube using 360 degree
image taken by a smart-phone. In order to take 360 degree image you need
an app called google cam and make sure you have gyroscope sensor on your phone.
So once you have taken 360 degree photo from your smart-phone copy it to your computer.
so as you can see this is a picture and now we are going convert it into a 360 degree
video for you-tube. So before getting started make sure that the
resolution is correct or not. it should be in 16:9 ratio if it is not it will not work.
So just open it in Photoshop and go to image then click on image size then change the size
to 1920 by 1080 pixels. Now open your image in any editing software
that you have extend the video until the time that you want…
and then export it in .mp4 format. and we have to convert this video in 360 degree
video format which is special format by youtube so, you have to download an application called
360 video metadata tool from the link which is in the description section be low.
Once you downloaded it open it up and then open your file by this open button once selected
the file then select spherical option and then click on save as and save wherever you
want. and that it is.
Upload it
on you tube. Well that is for this quick video guys hope
you enjoyed it and found it helpful if you then leave a like down below…
and if you have any question regarding this video do let me know through the your comments…

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  1. I knew this would suck for me just because I have a different type of mobile device. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna find one for iPad Air 2

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  3. Do u use a voice app recorder for your videos cause I wanna have that sound ur mic has do u record on ur phone or is it a specific mic

  4. Thank you for sharing. Question: I used the Spatial Media Metadata tool before uploading but the video is not being read as 360 by youtube. Went here and it was over my head. Any updates to the instructions you have?

  5. That's incorrect, what you've shown is how to make a 360 degree "still" of a scenery, not an actual video, how do you make an actual video with things moving in the background like a busy street with people, cars, birds all moving in the footage in 360?,

  6. Your not using a smartphone
    It's called type of camera mode
    That is a photo not a video I see why there's a dislike option

  7. well to do a video you need special equipment is not that easy. you can make it with your phone but it would be so much harder and need edit skills. this tattoo is good he shows you the basics, use the concept and your head to make the video as you want.

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