How to install Roblox on Linux Ubuntu Based

How to install Roblox on Linux Ubuntu Based

Hello youtube today I’m going to show you how
to install roblox on ubuntu xenial xerus I want to tell you that you can’t play
roblox games you can just open your Roblox Studio and play solo or a build in
roblox studio but you can’t play games so you need Crossover and robloxplayerlauncher.exe and gdebi package installer
this one with more starts. Install it. Ok I installed it now those two will be in the
description open with gdebi package installer. Install package. Wait a bit. And I think it’s installed. Yes it’s installed now so now go to crossover when
you start application will see like this. So install windows software let it update. Now. Browse available application. Ok. Now select the installer click open now go
to select bottle and choose windows 8 I always chose windows 8 now press to continue and install. Now click try now here’s the tryal this
application is not full. Now we just wait to install roblox. I also tryed to install roblox with wine but roblox studio kept crashing and It’s better with this application Ok click ok we wait for roblox studio to Ok now close and you install the
roblox studio ok exit this exit this and Don’t try roblox player will not work it
just probably go to firefox on your web browser so click roblox studio wait for installation. And there it is roblox studio. I will test a place to show you. Ok. and what I recomand you to do go to files this is for graphics settings so files settings rendering I think yeah Grapchis mode switch it to opengl because macs
and linux use opengl ok exit. What the fuck?!ok roblox studio. And now you can edit places like this edit. Sometimes it might crash so yeah you have
to reenter on roblox studio. Ok. And as you can see it looks everything
so everything works and select the other stuff. So yeah I can play solo too. I also tried some tricks to see if I
can teleport other place but doesn’t work those things doesn’t work I tried
an teleporter and I pasted another place ID there and doesn’t work we can
teleport anyway so yes as you can see it works you can put shits like this so it works but you can’t play
roblox games let’s go back and I as I told you Sometimes roblox crashes but it doesn’t
don’t worry because it will auto save so if it crash go to this or wait you can
right click and quit and force quit. So that is roblox for linux so thnx for watching.

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  1. Users on linux ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS if your using ubuntu 18.04.1 doesnt matter if its LTS just follow the instrocions on getting Gdebi its no longer availble on ubuntu software so press Ctrl+Alt+T then type in this command: sudo apt-get install gdebi and then things will appear dont min these then it will ask you are you sure you wanna continue press y than enter boom done it might not work guys so if it doesnt you dont need the package and stuff like taht go to the link here: redirect to download and open it and the ubuntu software will apear click download

  2. crossover is missing dependencies, I will try to get the missing libs. I am running MX-17 Linux. I guess I will just run it in VB instead.

  3. what happens to me is that I enter roblox, everything works fine until I put a game, when I put a game opens a new tab and nothing happens

  4. Hello, I know you live in romania Click show more to know how

    If you find a Media fire file just scroll down to the map it will show you where it was uploaded :)))
    Thats why I never use media fire

  5. Ten years and they didnt achieve anything, Minecraft has a Linux version and took them like one month. LOL. Lazy devs. I think Ill buy Minecraft and my daughter will have to move there, Im not installing windows just because Roblox
    Bye the way its not anymore working with WINE and Proton.

  6. hello umm im running on linux 1.18 and trying this but it says ERROR: Dependency is not satisfiable libpng 12-0. it says that right before i would be able to install package

  7. When trying to install the RobloxPlayerLauncher provided from the link crossover gives this warning: "
    A virus was found in one of these files:

    It is strongly recommended that you Abort the current operation to protect your computer.

    /home/xxx/Downloads/RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe: Win.Malware.Agent2303915277/CRDF-1 FOUND"

    Will not go on installing…

  8. I have a problem… Because I RUSSIAN!!!!!! Для русских: Кто ничего в этом видосике не понял, ставь этому комменту лайк))))

  9. when i am trying to open the crossover it just says "other applications" aand i dont see GDebi Package installer

  10. ¡Atención! Enlaces directos:




  11. hola ,tengo una pregunta yo quiero descargar roblox y mi compu es de ceibal y no se como descargarlo

  12. The problem is that the download button doesn't work (maybe because it knows I'm not windows or mac)

  13. There's a page dedicated to Roblox on Lutris website… Unfortunately Roblox doesn't work due to it having a powerful anti-cheat known as VMProtect…

  14. tell me if u learn how we can use roblox on linux and play multiplayer like installing browser on wine so it gives us acces to detect roblox

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