How to Install Remix Os on VirtualBox [Windows/Mac/Linux]

Hey guys, Jay Kapoor here back again with another video and in this video i will show you how to install Remix OS in VirtualBox. If you want to use Windows and Remix OS side by side, both at the same time then you can follow this guide. So first of all, click on the first link in the description that will take you to this page. Now click in click here to virtual box. Now just select your OS and download the setup file. Now go back to that page and click here to download RemixOS zip. It’s a mirror link, so as soon as you click on that, it will start downloading. Now just double click on the VirtualBox setup file that we downloaded. Now install it by just clicking on next, next, next. And in the end, click on finish. Now extract the Remix OS zip that we downloaded. Right click on it, click on extract to. I am using WinRar, you can use any software. Now once the files are extracted, go back to virtual box and click on new. Give it a name and type name as Linux. Select version as other Linux 64 bit. If you can’t see the 64 bit option, then click on the 2nd link in the description that will take you to this page. This article basically shows how to fix this issue. So just click on next and it will say you to select the memory size. I will recommend you to select half the amount of your actual RAM. So if your PC has 4GB Ram, enter 2GB Ram here. 1GB Ram=1024MB. So 2GB Ram will be 2048. So after that just click on next and click on create a Virtual Hard drive now and click on create. Click on next, click on next. Now make this 16GB and click on create. Now once it’s done, click start and now click on this up arrow. Note select the ISO file that we extracted from the zip. Now it will boot into this screen, where you can select Guest mode or Resident mode. So select Guest mode and hit tab button. Now press the space bar key on your keyboard and type vga=791 and hit enter. Now it should boot into the Remix OS. Now you will notice that your mouse is not working properly. To fix this issue, go into input and click on mouse integration. Resident mode is not working in VirtualBox. But you can get the same functionality in guest mode. So once you are done with your Remix OS work. Just click on file and click on close. Now 3 options on the screen will appear. Click on the save the machine state option and click on OK. So the next time you start this Virtual machine, it will resume from where you left. So that’s it for this video. Click the Red Subscribe button because every day I upload something useful like this. Click the Like button if you like this video. Comment down below if you have any questions. I do read all the comments. Share this video with your friends, who want a true Android experience and i will see you in the next one.

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