27 thoughts on “How to install Android Auto in Maruti Suzuki Baleno | Latest Update 100% Working

  1. Just installed a new update in Baleno (2015-2017) today successfully in just one attempt.

    After checking out multiple resources where I found out the some of the links leading to updates which always are failing or either ANDROID AUTO is not working.

    Working Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RbJfqezzhqqtm3LZpCX28Xy4VSoR7PP0/view

    Below given links doesn't have working Updates :


  2. I have downloaded and copied all the files and connected USB drive(made USB drive as bootable also) and wait for several times it is not booting.. Please help me..

  3. I tried but after 100 percent installation the screen reboot and show the S sign than screen goes blank…… what to do….

  4. Hello Sir! Very Infirmative video. I have 2-3 queries. I have Baleno Alpha 2018… will it work with it. Second, I have Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android Oreo. Will it support Android Auto after Installing in Baleno? Thanks!

  5. Hey bro thanks for the update , i have successfully updated it.
    Can you please explain how can i use Mirror-Link ?

  6. I've booked an Baleno Alpha in the first week of Jan 2018 assuming that the infotainment system will be pre-installed with Android Auto or can be updated later, but today when I inquired with my Nexa Relationship Manager, he told me that Baleno does not come with Android Auto but with Apple Carplay as on date. Is this correct? I'm confused.

  7. Nitan bro, m waiting for my new baleno after i booked almost 12 weeks over now. After allocation from manufacture plant how much days you wait to get car and how long it takes to ship a car to shoowroom. I am from karnataka mysore

  8. hey nitant bro welcome to punjab , amritsar .I saw u today with ur family nd car u crossed my shop wish u happy nd safe journey bro…😉

  9. Android auto worked only for 5 mins after that its showing no smartphone linked plz help me bro, and also my redmi note 4 not working at all, tried with Samsung a7 its worked only for 5 mins 🙁

  10. Bro what about 1750? Because yesterday you told that that is working in all cars. But today you came up with new update which is 1750.2. is it the same? Or should I go for this one.

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