How to Install Android 7.0 Nougat on any Android One smartphone

How to Install Android 7.0 Nougat on any Android One smartphone

what's happening guys it's a burner from phone bunch and in this video we are going to tell you how to install Android nuke it on your Android one smartphone I have a very detailed step-by-step guide on phone burns comm to check that out first because you need to download some files which need to be kept on the SD card of the phone remember to do that next you need to have an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery installed like t WRP so once you have done that you can follow the steps that come next all the details are on phone bench comm link in description now let's boot up into recovery press the volume up key and the power button together the volume key is used to move up and down and then the volume down key is used to select so select recovery this will help us boot into the recovery module from where we are going to install everything so you'll see the screen right there just swipe to enter now the first thing that you want to do is create a backup of your current rom so to do that select boot system data partitions after doing that just select the storage where you want to save always select the SD card once the backup is complete we need to wipe the current system so going to advanced wipe option and there you need to select the awake art cache a system data as well as the next cache a option just that select that and then swipe to wipe everything so the current OS will be wiped you don't need to do anything and now we need to install the new get base cm 14 built for your Micromax canvas Aven so go into the install option and then you need to browse to the file now I have kept the files again in the SD card so I just select that press ok I've kept that in a folder which is recognizable so these are just some steps which will really help you out in this interface now just go there you see the CM 14 file right there all the links to these files are in description again so just go ahead and swipe to install this is going to take some time be patient and just remember one more thing your phone should be charged above 50% before you begin all of the so once this is complete we need to install the G apps as well the same method and after doing that wipe cache a and dalvik cache a again and then reboot system now this is the last step we are all done now the first boot is going to take quite a bit of time be patient and you will be greeted with Android nougat on the other side now you can see right here we have booted into Android nougat on the Micromax canvas even yes there are a few things that are not working right of the start I must tell you that mobile data is still not working hardware video acceleration is still not working but you can get video playback through MX player you can see Android nougat running on this device overall nougat is actually working quite well on this device it is a stock build you can see the dual window functionality baked into the OS as well now I will be using this phone in the coming days to see if there are any more issues but yes this is not fit for everyday use it's still pretty much an alpha room but if you have a canvas even lying around you can just check this out thanks for watching this video folks and again please do follow the step by step guide on phone watch comm if you have any questions about this please citizen Twitter Facebook or in the comments section and as always have a great day

39 thoughts on “How to Install Android 7.0 Nougat on any Android One smartphone

  1. goddamit pls chnge the title as Android Nougat (CM14) Rom for android one devices !! you are just making everyone fool !! and this Rom is not official as well …in that the bugs are 1. no calliing .. where you are pretending to use airplane mod!! its very unstable and it makes your phone battery drain in more ratio than any other roms !! pls tell details man dont make anyone FOOL!!

  2. just one thing i noticed. Its not pronounced as cache, its more pronounced as "cash". :P.
    However, good tutorial mate.

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