How to Install an Android Emulator (PC)

How to Install an Android Emulator (PC)

so today I'm going to show you how to run an Android emulator on your PC an Android emulator is it's a basically like a simulator on your PC that will run an Android software like this this is fully functional completely full Android running on my computer now oh it's computer so it's not a snapping quick but it's actually completely functional you got your function buttons over here so you can press home and then I'll tree take you home get an app drawer speech or it's got everything actually and this little keyboard on the side right here take you right home and you doesn't have to be just gingerbread you can install any version of Android on here it's pretty easy to I want to show you how let's exit out of this so to get it you have to go to your internet go to I'll put a link in the description go to SDK and download the Android SDK the top one don't do the recommended one do this one so once you have that installed extract it to your desktop open it up and go to the SDK manager it'll fetch all the software and as you can see right here you have tools from here developer I'm not much of a developer I design cos all fun and then you've got all your Android versions 1.5 and then even the newest Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 point 3 I just ran 2.3 cuz um they take a long time to install so I only did one run to one at a time but you choose the one e1 install like installed Gingerbread Android 2.3.3 then you press install packages but you also want to do make sure the Google USB driver package is also installed you don't have to do that once so once you install it you go to the abd manager I already put mine in but this will be empty if it's the first time so you'll press new name it one word so gingerbread target 2.3 sighs it's just um just put five one two and then the rest of this you can do whatever you want so my cancel X already have it so once you've done that it'll appear right here press refresh click on it let's start okay so if it's your first time starting it up it might take a little while I already used it so if I don't take that long this is just full stop gingerbread this is it's got everything you could actually use your web camera as the camera and it's good if you like let's say you don't have an Android phone but your thing I got any one you want to try out the software the market is fully functional it actually has everything so here we go you got a blue logo okay so now that the Android software is loaded you can see we have the lock screen so drag it and there you go this is Android it's a little slow just because it's not but it's very cool and it's kind of like if you seen if he ever the best buy when they first had them the fresh gingerbread phone come out and then a galaxy knife whatever and they had a at least to Best Buy over here they had a giant display of fully functional Android like on a giant phone that you could just use your whole hand to use and suppose this is what they use this is from your developer and you'd rather when you can develop on here so they'll be on your phone because then you can save whatever Daddy pond here you can put on your phone if you hold down and click you can just it's fully functional I want I don't want do life wallpapers it's going to make it to make it too slow but let's whip the wallpaper you can remove widgets and then if you're going to type you can just use the UM keyboard on your computer to type so you can say this is there you go and then I think and then I go home you've got your phone keys right here I'm pretty sure the camera works as a webcam I'm pretty sure so you can basically have any version of Android on here it's pretty sick I'm going to be using it for a while because I have my Droid X and it's not going to Ice Cream Sandwich for a while so I'm going to be using this to test it out see if I like it hungry so yeah um just be mindful at these on files take a long time to install so yeah bye

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  1. do you think i can install marshmallow and you wrote 512 mib does that mean you have 512 Mo storage for game cuz i basicaly wanna do game with it not that my phone is slow but its already full and also the battery is going down so fast with nexus 5

  2. I have windows 7 and if i download android emulator, will i be able to play android games like critical ops or temple run or any other ? Please reply me who knows and as fast as you all can, thank you.

  3. Thanks for the tip, I wonder why it's slow but I do hope it will work faster on my pc or else it won't be of much use to me ๐Ÿ™

  4. how do i install .apks into it from my desktop,i have minecraftPE.apk on my desktop and i want to run it

  5. i use it too, but when i start it i takes too much to load 6.9.2013 it doesn't take long to load but in 3.8.2013 it takes :/

  6. So if I get this I will be able to play and android games like Dead Space and Minecraft Poket Edition and others?

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