How to get Samsung video assistance back 2019 Pie update

How to get Samsung video assistance back 2019 Pie update

hey what is up guys it's Marcos here and today I have a brand new video we should be showing you guys how to get the old Samsung browser so like the old one that I had the video assistant as you guys can see I have video assistant I am using a galaxy no 9 as you guys can see I'm on the PI update and I am reading the galaxy no 9 so but this one mostly work on like any device that is decided to update it and it doesn't let you down great so idea as you guys can see it is working if I go ahead and pop it up to open the video in full screen or if I go ahead and do this I can play it in the background and I'll be in the browser another reading a lot of people liked it was because you can download the videos so if I go ahead and play it and then I hold the screen and then hit save video ok save video and then hit download will start to download it it's already done though well yeah I'm not sure you guys had to do this so I'm gonna go ahead and delete it that way you guys know that I won't have it alright guys so this is the original one that comes built into the phone I can't delete it or anything that's why you can install them but imma show you guys how to do it right now alright so I'm gonna have a direct link in the description but if you don't want to follow the step all you gonna do is type on apk mirror I think I typed it right no I didn't so once you are right here and it became here you're gonna want to search up samsung internet browser and then go ahead and type in beta now once you're here you can only you're gonna want to get the one that says eight the 8.2 the other one I'm have a direct link to this so you guys don't have to search it up if you don't want to so once you're here are you gonna do is click on see available ap caid's and then you'll see the make sure it says virgin aids out truth out their own 1.2 and then tap on it you might get in hand click on that top X the top right on the X once you're here all you gonna do is click on download apk and they'll bring you to another page depending on what you're using you might get a pop up so I'm using Chrome so it's asking me do you want to download and then the name may hit download and it's good it's gonna go ahead and download it it's right here so I tap on that and then install it so one thing I forgot to mention is that when you guys are downloading the version is to turn off auto update in order to turn off auto update you're gonna go into your google play store and then go into settings and and then you're gonna want to click on the third tab the third option right here auto up the app and you're gonna want to hit John don't do not auto update basically you guys are gonna have to have to update your app manually but it's not a bad thing if you really want the browser because otherwise the browser will just keep updating itself and then you can update the normal one but whatever you do do not update the beta one the one that says beta because I've known that you're gonna be using so just make sure not to update the beta one okay so one day because then all you're gonna do is hit on open go ahead and accept it set as your default browser and then that's pretty much it um you'll have the video assistant so one thing if you want to get if you're not liking uh if you're on a carrier and you get that all you gonna do is just go to setting' homepage um current if you go to google and then now when you go home it will take you to the Google Website I do recommend you if you guys are using Samsung to backup your stuff so I'm gonna go ahead and login to my account so once you logged in all you gotta go into settings and then go to a Samsung clone go ahead and turn that on and it'll start syncing your bookmark if you did do make bookmarks so mine should be popping up any so I loaded up YouTube again and as you guys can see the video system is working so one thing I do want to say is I don't take any responsibility if you stay on the lower version and because of security issues so if something does happen I don't think anything will happen but again I don't take any responsibility for it I would suggest trying now staying in the lower version forever because then the reason they update the browser is probably because of security oh yeah that's pretty much if you guys did like this video please leave a like and subscribe for more to like those hopalong I'm almost to a thousand subscribers or even 900 I'm hoping to hit a thousand before summer start and now catch you guys in the next video

7 thoughts on “How to get Samsung video assistance back 2019 Pie update

  1. You're my savior! I was trying to watch a movie and realized my video history wasn't there so I couldn't track my time. Thank you so much

  2. I disabled autoupdate in Google play. Yet it keeps updating every week or twice. HOW CAN I MAKE pHONE STOP UPDATING SAMSUNG iNTERNET? Im on android 8.0.0. I just need brightness/VOLUME controls back when swiping on screen.

  3. bro thanks for this i was tryna download some porn and i notice the video assistance wasn't there. thanks alot bruh

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