how to create first android application using Eclipse

how to create first android application using Eclipse

hello everyone welcome again and after configure your set of Eclipse anyone in all now we are going to create an application our first application on Android so just open your Eclipse you can create a shortcut or go on your where you store the eclipse and click on the icon like this when in this icon and when you click when you click on this icon you get these types of view and for creating the first project click on files the new and go another click on Android application project so let's type your application name here like my a lot of know my hello remember is your package named application name is unique because when you store in your to market Android Market then it requires the unique name that note exists already so here you type in package name the format of a case name is all letter in a small and must be important the dot term in a single letter to my package name is my dog hello here you select the minimum required SDK it's mean that where you run your application on what types of fur and don't like sign which order the Devine and all others so my minimum required is 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the maximum is service and the target is 4.0 silicon simply next then again next hey slick here you can select an icon if it is a Isilon certain default icon if you want to something your icon or your a better for your application browse it on browse and select your image anywhere ok then click on next so simply create the blank activity and well the activity name your Java file name is man activity dot Java and your layout name your layout in XML so activity last goldmine note excellent click on finish okay now can see you're a via and it's activity Mendota XML file for designing loud if you want to see the code click on this you can see the code now here you can see the Java code for your application I will explain briefly in a next or next video what's mean of this code and what you mean of this code okay now this is my application folder and you can see that it's RC resources and as a chip older you get all packages and Java files like here I'm creating my package hello foreigner first so you you can see here in the main activity routes over here and for the activity file go here inner resources and layout and activity of an expert XML one more important file easier the main Android manifest the core of this file yeah yeah this is important file for permissions like you want to permit whether your application for GPS and an internet permission and all if you want change that any intent intent means any page on button Killick and all you create the entries here about the all activity okay now how to run your first program so go and program project and right click here and click on run is and first Android application hit on it and as I am using as IVD Android genymotion so I have when device virtual device and amid a limited Illinois meter okay here I am connected to device my mobile phone in the generation phone so as a laptop I want to show you practically so I'm choosing the genymotion custom phone click on OK as I click on ok this pop-up this genymotion is opened and please wait for output now you can see your application is done successfully and output is hello world here for it's an intro about the Android application for more videos please watch watch continue and thank you so much for watching if you liked this subscribe and the next video we'll see how to create that buttons and how to create the text field and how to get the values in how to print the message toast emits a toaster message and all the basic thing about the Android thank you so much for watching

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there is no android application program in eclipse


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