Hidden Features of iOS 8

Hidden Features of iOS 8

Hey everyone how’s it going? TechSmartt here
with a video showing the hidden features on the brand new iOS 8. If you’re interested
in getting iOS 8 for yourself early, stay tuned till the end of the video and you can
find out how. With out any further delay, lets get into the video. Now obvioulsy this
isn’t going to be list of hidden features and we may even see some new ones added or
deleted in future versions of iOS 8 beta and definitely they won’t all be the same when
this comes out for public release in the fall. However we’re going to go ahead and a look
at some new ones that are available today in iOS 8 beta 1. Without any further delay,
lets get started. If we go ahead and click on our camera app, the first thing that you’re
going to notice is there is actually a self time up here where you can set if you want
your camera to take the picture for a 3s delay, 10s delay or no self-timer at all. This is
a nice little feature, but of course there has been apps to do this in the past but it
is nice to see it baked into the OS. And if you scroll over to the left pass slow motion,
there is actually a time-lapse feature. This is
kind of nifty, and what it
lets you is set up your
camera next to a tripod to shoot if you’d like
to choose and save them.

97 thoughts on “Hidden Features of iOS 8

  1. Hey Siri only works if your device is connected to power, which sucks, I want it to work at any time and I don't want to call it Siri, I like Jarvis better. 

  2. Hey Siri, only works when connected to a power source. Hopefully this will be extended in a future update. 

  3. Soooo it looks like you can only use the "Hey Siri" when it's connected to power? I got excited and then when i saw that I was sad again….

  4. I mean shit guys.. I have a Galaxy S5 and it kicks ass. I dont know why you guys have so much hate, like im just watching this video because im curious, is all..

    oh, and i bought the IPhone 6…. Android, your products are amazing, but apple just dominates the cellphone industry.

  5. To get rid of the message in spotlight search, I just searched a random thing, clicked the wikipedia article that came up, and then opened in safari.

  6. Where is my iphoto application? Big mistake for apple having all these new apps without iphoto!!!!! I expect new ios9 with iphoto application!

  7. i don't know why android fans are coming at apple users were not using ur money to buy our applelicious delight we simply love our gadgets.

  8. These features aren't hidden. They are blatant features of iOS 8 and are in no way concealed. Remove the 'hidden' from your title please.

  9. Other than the message pop out none of this stuff is hidden.  How are these hidden features?  Are people that lazy where they cannot spend 5 min with there phone and look around on it????

  10. ios 8 is fucking dissapointment. HTML5 vids appear as fully loaded, more lag, restrictive app downloading and a shit tun more of bugs and shit modifications.

  11. the globe is to change language not to put emoji dumb shit. in ios 8 and before….emoji had to be added as a language to your device and if you want to use it you wold have to change your keyboard language to "emoji"

  12. Can u anyone tell me ?
    Is that possible to get the SLO-MO on iphone 5 with ios 8.1.1 without jail breaking and apps?

  13. If you go to ->Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Invert Colors (ON). You device now looks awesome. I also found a cool way to triple click the home button to make it go on and off to regular. Reply to learn more.

  14. You can use the quick message by pulling down on the default banner at the top so you don't have the annoying alert popping in the middle of the screen.

  15. had my iphone in the charger next to my mac while watching this. every time he said "hey siri" my iphone's siri popped up hahah

  16. When you said "Hey Siri" the first time, my phone heard it and my Siri popped up, haha! And doesn't that only work when you're connected to a charger?

  17. So what Apple copied Android? So does every Electronic company out there get over it. I have an android phone and an iPad and I must say the iPad pleases me much more. All you butthurt Android fan can say Apple is shit yadayada. So what, Apple is still making 20x more money then Android are so all this complaining won't do anything!

  18. Another cool feature you don't know   ''low light'' feature using triple click home button
    to use this feature set this setting – 1) go to setting
                                                            2) go to general
                                                            3) go to accessibility
                                                            4) go to zoom and select ''show controller''  and set ''ldle visibility''' to 5% as low
                                                            5) go to the accessibility shortcut and select zoom please do not ''on'' the zoom feature
                                                            6) click the home button 3 times and you get the a round icon,
                                                            7) touch the icon and go to ''choose filter'' and select ''low light''
                                                             now your done
                             when ever you triple click the home button you get ''low light'' feature without going to the control center. to exit this feaure just triple click the home button

  19. if you delete your mail you can shake up your iPhone 6/6 plus and get a  pop message that says do you want to undo

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