GoodNotes 120%使いこなしバイブル !!【 iPad Pro 】

GoodNotes 120%使いこなしバイブル !!【 iPad Pro 】

Hi, guys! today’s theme is
how to use GoodNotes GoodNotes is a memo app you might already be using it today I’m using GoodNotes to show you how to make
a fancy recipe journal I myself often use GoodNotes I use it for work and home
for all kinds of things the GoodNotes I’m using
is GoodNotes 4 the latest version is 5 I’m in love with 4
and still using it now, how to make a recipe journal
useing GoodNotes 4 It’s going to be a great video
for those who love to cook I’m going to use lots of
really useful techniques I’ll go back and forth
from app to app to make a cool GoodNotes journal you’ll see lots of that so, I hope you enjoy! Ok, here we go before we start let me show you
what I use GoodNotes for with GoodNotes
if you open the upper left tab you can make categories I have categories for like
work and personal things and here’s one for the memos
for this YouTube video there are lots of notebooks
inside this category let me show you some of them for example
here is a menu I imported a PDF what I do is check and correct
by adding comments for example
I’ll mark a word like this then add directions
such as “expand!” and pass it to the designer these are just everyday memos I would scribble notes
when I’m at a seminar or something here are some of the storyboards I draw for my videos each illustration representatives a shot kind of like a “Kamishibai” paper play we call it storyboard
in Japanese, too and here is one of my
really messy notes just so I don’t forget things I also make fashion collages
with GoodNotes it’s a rather ladylike usage I’m subscribed to D Magazine I take a screenshot if I like
something in the fashion mags then I trim it and save it in my GoodNotes that’s how I make a fashion book
with only the items I personally like so, if I can’t make up my mind
what to wear in the morning I would go through this notebook
and get hints from it here are things I use
when I’m designing just some easy outlines I keep my layout ideas in my GoodNotes
and use them later on in different apps I also keep some rough sketches
that aren’t Procreate level GoodNotes is just easier really simple sketches
I use as memos you can see that I don’t use
GoodNotes for studying much but rather as a memo pad
for my ideas there I quickly introduced my notes today, I wanted to do something new so, I picked a recipe journal to start, tap the plus in the upper left and tap “Create Notebook” first, you can change the cover so choose the one that you like I don’t think
the default covers are that good I’ll just choose this blackish one anyway now let’s get started here we can choose a layout if you look at “Standard (A4)”
and go about three down you’ll find one with thick boarders
which I prefer to use all the time then name your notebook
to finish it up in today’s notebook I’m going to write
how to make a mojito I had a lot of mojitos
when I went to Cuba Cuba is the birthplace of the mojito I enjoyed a lot of it
and wanted to make it at home, too so, I’m going to make a journal about it first about the line thickness if you tap on custom you can change the pens color
and line thickness I usually use about 1.9 so I have that set as my defalt setting I’m going to use about 1.9 today, too to keep space for a picture I’ve drawn I square in the right now I’ll to write in the left here’s a tip when you’re writing small things instead of zooming in
I have a smarter idea if you tap this zoom tool thing
up in the left you can keep
lokking at the whole page and get a zoom-in view
at the bottom of you screen you can write here what you write down here
will show up in the top, too the good thing about this is because you can see the whole sheet it’s easy to take the balance if you pinch to zoom a lot of times things get messy
while your writing like your letters get uneven etc. but if you zoom in like this you can constantly zoom in the same
and write really neatly I recommend this now that I’ve about written everything let’s tidy up the layout
using the lasso tool open the tab ubove
and select the lasso tool circle around the object
and then you can move it the square & triangle & circle
at the upper left this is a straight line tool you can draw a messy square
like this if the square & triangle & circle thing
is blue you can make the lines straight you can also change sizes, too next, I’m going to add
an image of a mojito what I’m using here is an app called Unsplash Unsplash is an app where you can
download high resolution images for free the images can be
used for commercial purposes it’s a great app/web service let’s choose one right now I’ve searched for “mojito” there’s some nice ones let’s choose a few from these the arrow button on the right bottom
is for downloading you can also drag and drop into the black part on the left bottom they will be copied
to you photo folder Unsplash is wonderful
I hope you find it useful, too I have a video
with more details about Unsplash I’ll leave a link in the description box so that you can watch it if your interested now let’s insert the image I’ve just downloaded first use Split View to open a photo app here’s the picture I’m inserting then drag and drop the image to GoodNotes to trim the image
all you have to do is tap and hold then tap the edit button
which pops up the bounding box shows up here you can change sizes
and rotate the image after you set the image if you press and hold again
you will see a trim button here’s where you can trim the images we’re almost done next, I’m going to change the title it’s not bad
but I find it too simple I feel like it’s too simple
so let me try something more attractive I’m going to use a different app here what I’m going to use for the title is
my favorite, Procreate tap the plus button
to open a new canvas then tap on the gear icon in the upper right
to find the perspective guide with the perspective guide
you can adjust the guidelines now I’m going to write because I’ve used the perspective guide
I can use the guidelines to write straightly haven’t you ever realized your
writing going up or down towards the end? I recommend you to set the guidelines
because it’s so easier to write straight with them now I’m going to
finish the title with my favorite brush I think it looks better on GoodNotes
when you use a thicker brush after you finish the writing you can use the lasso tool and arrow tool
to fix the balance if you want to move just half first select with the lasso tool then use the arrow tool to move it the next step is
trimming the canvas you can select Crop and resize
through the gear icon trim the canvas
so it fits around the letters and you’re done when you want to copy swipe down with three fingers the copy menu will pop up
and you can move on back to GoodNotes tap and hold somewhere tap the paste button which pops up and here’s the title I wrote this title we copied and pasted
is a PNG it has a transparent background this technique comes in handy you could draw
and copy on Procreate and paste it on you GoodNotes
to make things cute It’s worth trying we’re almost done let’s add some decoration I’m going to use markers
to add color with the markers you can color over the letters and still make the coloring
go behind the letters you can add colors
without messing up the black letters that’s why I’m using markers I’m also going to draw a bit so, let me fast forward
that part for you ok, now that I’m about done let me take care of
the margin surrounding I’m going to copy and paste
these leaves select the leaves
and tap and hold to copy tap and press where you want it
and choose paste that’s how you copy and paste I want to bring everything down so, I’m going to select everything and drag it down
to make it look better this should do and that’s it this page size is A4 it’s vertically long so you might want to
rotate your iPad when trying at home I did it this way to fit the video I recommend you rotate yours to export the file use the exporting tool
in the upper right you can see me tap export I’m going to use AirDrop
to send it to my iPhone here’s a button for other apps and there’s AirDrop in the list you can also do things like printing or
sending the pages to other apps today I’m going to use AirDrop
to send it to my iPhone I sent it
and here’s my iPhone I’m going to open the file using Acrobat here it is Acrobat is pretty useful
because of the OCR I use Acrobat to manage my PDF files you can link your GoodNotes and your iPhone
using it like this this is the complete version today I used GoodNotes to make a journal I’m planning to show you
ideas for other memo apps, too I would love some thumbs up
if you liked this video that’s all for today
thank you for watching see you!

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