Galaxy Tab S4 e Tab A 10.5 são os novos tablets premium da Samsung no Brasil

Galaxy Tab S4 e Tab A 10.5 são os novos tablets premium da Samsung no Brasil

Samsung announced in Brazil its new line of premium tablets at an event held on October 1 at the company’s headquarters in São Paulo. Among the new features of the pair, Galaxy Tab S4 and Tab A 10.5 there are design novelties, like the absence of a physical Home button the presence of Bixby and, in the most powerful model, the DeX mode. The company also revealed price and availability, which we’ll tell you soon. Before, let’s go to a quick hands-on. The tablets differ from each other, basically, by the finish. The Tab A 10.5, the more accessible model, brings a metal body with the back in a rubberized material which offers a much more secure grip to the user. Tab Tab S4 is finished in glass, following its predecessor, which is more elegant, despite being much more slippery. The sides follow the same finish of the rear and both bring physical buttons for power and volume on the right side where there is also a tray for micro SD and SIM card. On the left side, four metallic dots make the connection called Pogo that establish a physical connection between the tablets and other devices such as the keyboard cover, for example, sold separately. At the bottom, both Tab A and S4 have a USB connector type C. The screen is 10.5 inches in both cases but with Quad HD+ resolution in Tab S4 and Super AMOLED technology while in Tab A a TFT panel with Full HD+ resolution is used. The difference, the reason why I said that “it’s like one or the other” is that the smaller sides bring more pixels than a Full HD or 16:9 Quad HD, as you can see on the screen. The dimensions are a bit smaller in Tab S4 because of a bigger screen-to-body ratio. And as you may have guessed, the Tab S4 has a more powerful hardware than the less expensive model. But no 2018 flagship chipset, we have here the elite smartphone platform of last year but that should be enough for the type of use of a tablet according to Samsung senior product manager, Renato Citrini, since the device is usually used at home, without constant connection with mobile networks to transfer data. That’s also why the amount of RAM is less than what we have in Note 9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, for example. The Tab A 10.5 has the same chipset found on the Galaxy J8 and A6 Plus which is also the same one inside the Moto G6. The amount of RAM is also lower when compared to the the more powerful tablet. With regard to storage space, there are 64 GB in the most expensive model and 32 GB in the cheaper one, and both carry 7,300 mAh batteries. Also, both have a 5 MP front camera, and an 8 MP one on Tab A and 13 MP for Tab S4 on the back. And, to finish the hands-on, let’s talk about the software. Here we have version 8.1 of Android Oreo on both devices both still running the Samsung Experience 9.5. Bixby is present, so is the children’s mode, with browser and special games for kids. It also has the presence of the Frame function in the two which allows the user to use the tablet as a digital frame with the advantage of showing some date and time information and the daily agenda. For the audio, the tablets have a sound system with four speakers which adapt to emit stereo sound according to the way you hold the device. And finally, the DeX mode, present only in Tab S4. No need to plug an external screen, let alone a special device. The Tab S4 displays DeX mode on its own screen, resembling a computer. You can connect a keyboard and a mouse and take advantage of multitasking with functions like drag and drop from one window to another. And if you want, you can also plug in a larger external monitor for a more comfortable use. Another difference for the cheaper model is the presence of the S Pen which is bundled with the Tab S4 and offers the same functions as the predecessor with writing, drawing and cutting with more precision. Both Galaxy Tab S4 and Tab A 10.5 arrive in Brazilian stores still in this first week of October, in black. The suggested price is R$4,300 forTab S4 and R$2,200 for the Tab A 10.5. The keyboard cover will be available along with the tablets, and the suggested price is R$700. Another cover, with protection for the S Pen, arrives for R$350. For more information on the Galaxy Tab S4 and Tab A 10.5, check out the full story on our website. The link is in the description, where you can also find offers for the devices. Do not forget to leave your like here in this video and a comment if you want, telling your thoughts on Samsung’s new premium tablets. I’m Felipe Junqueira and I close the broadcast. A big hug and see you soon.

32 thoughts on “Galaxy Tab S4 e Tab A 10.5 são os novos tablets premium da Samsung no Brasil

  1. caraca, pra um tablet de 2.200 uma tela TFT é muito zuado, se guarda um pouquinho mais de dinheiro já dá pra comprar o iPad 6 que é melhor que esse Galaxy TAB A em tudo

  2. Enquanto tiver essas briguinhas da samy e a maçã, o povo aqui ainda mais os brasileiro nunca teremos aparelhos baratos, o jeito é importar que até isso o governo tá fufu com o povo, aí é partir pra olx, ml, pq pagar 4k num tablet ou celular o cara não faz mais nada da vida

  3. Bons, porem caro demais, da pra achar o iPad PRO por 3800, ainda mais se contar que o IOS e bem mais otimizado para tablets

  4. Investi no Tab S4 para estudo, excepcional simplesmente perfeito para estudo. Fiz uma unboxing que está no meu canal, qualquer dúvidas respondo os comentários…

  5. o infantil é uma merda só pra a gente ñ conseguir jogar GTA e ir no "xfilmes" que aposto que ñ vai

    imagina como é pra criança mão no palmito meu 🙁

  6. Olá amigo!
    Preciso da sua opinião relativa à qualidade da tela deste Tab A!
    Estou pensando comprar esse modelo porque aqui em Portugal custa cerca de €240 , cerca de 1000 reais, mas estou habituado à tela do IPad 9.7" 2018 e ao celular Galaxy com super amoled.O que pensa da tela desse Tab A?
    Acha que é muito diferente em qualidade da super amoled?
    Muito obrigado pela ajuda!
    Abraço de Portugal,

  7. Estou tonta até agora! Cara, fala mais pausadamente, você não está radiando uma partida futebolística! Se não fosse a legenda eu não teria visto o vídeo. Fica a dica!!!

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