100 thoughts on “Free iPhone X Case – Buying 5 Wish Tech Items

  1. The dude deadass plugged the DVD player into the charging port expecting it to work omm you dumb😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. 10:30 you should have connected the data cable directly to your Mac… the multiple USB port that you bought probably didn't have data transfer, it was only for charging…

  3. I've been using wish for several months now, and more than two thirds of the comments will say "looks good, haven't tried it yet". And yes I said two thirds.

  4. Don't throw that dvd player/burner away!!!!
    the difference between a usb hub and a usb splitter is that the hub is only meant for charging and NOT for data. This is why you dvd player/burner didn't work. hook up the dvd player/burner DIRECTLY to your Computer. Don't worry, mistakes happen. we have all been there…

  5. fun fact, the reason why people just write the reviews is because you get points for writing them and you can get discounts/coupons when you redeem the points

  6. I bought a t shirt that was a nice tribute to Stan Lee with the Marvel Characters in each letter of his name and it came in two weeks and its nice

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