FREE BITCOINS from Qcash Quiz App! Paano kumita ng libreng bitcoins sa paglalaro lang ng quiz app!

FREE BITCOINS from Qcash Quiz App! Paano kumita ng libreng bitcoins sa paglalaro lang ng quiz app!

Do you want to earn free bitcoins from playing quiz? Hello future millionares, welcome back with my 2nd channel Aiza Mer 2.0 For today, i will post a new video here coz its been 1 month since i posted last video here. Thats why i will post new earnings here… If you haven’t subscribe yet consider subscribing for more videos how to make money online. And please subscribe to Earn Money With Aiza Alright, in this very i will be teaching you how to earn free bitcoins from answering a quiz app! I already posted this app in my telegram channel, but today i will make a full video tutorial. In my telegram channel, i sent all the details and ways of earnings using this app and the app is called is Qcash You need to answer quizes, Cashout tru and coinbase and minimum withdrawal is 5000 points. Please check our video description to download the app for the link or visit my telegram channel. Download this app or we can use mediafire you can see my proof of payout too! Lets start now! Click now the link in the desciption You will be directed to download the app named “QuizNo” But the app name is Qcash The app sized 8mb You can download the app, and install it This is only available for android phone. Then open the app… Sign up for new user, Enter your full name, mobile number, password and referral id In referral ID, leave it blank coz there is no referral commission or referral program here. enter your full name, like for example aiza mer mobile number, you can use any number you can put simple numbersd like 7777 then your password leave the referral box blank then sign up account created success, lets log in now. enter your mobile number and password.. then log in In your dashboard, all you have to do is to answer quiz select quiz, now, lets start answering quizes quiz are super basic and repeated always. You can see, there is a number of answered questions just like in my telegram instructions you need to complete 25 quizes after 25 quizes, you can claim your 120 points going back to our app you need to answer 25 quizes first to earn your points either right answer or wrong answer are considered. What is the capital of UK? Lets try london, ads will appear, then close and wait for 3 seconds to go to the next quiz you will do this over and over until you make 25 quiz I have mentioned that even wrong answer is considered so lets try if it will reflect we have now 5 quizes that answered…. who is the president of US? lets try to answer wrong check out the number here and our answer will still reflect! im about to finish now the task for 25 quizes continue…. i will teach you the proper way how to get your points here this is the part video i posted in my telegram channel once you have answered 25 questions, you can now clicl this claim button then click continue and ads will appear and all you have to do is to CLICK THE AD. It will opened with your browser and wait until it load. wait for 2 to 3 minutes long and should have stayed with this website only. you can also browse the site its up you to, or you can just leave it there. the thing is, after 2 to 3 minutes staying with this site it will go back automatically and will proceed back with out Qcash app. YOU SHOULD NOT CLOSE THE APP MANUALLY coz you will go back from 0 you cannot claim your points from that 25 quizes! So if i were you, dont click anything or do not close the ads website, let the app backs it for you so now lets wait and there you go, it automatic backs to our app then click CLAIM now claim success! And you can check now your balance, you see here your 120 points! Do this over and over and the quiz interval here is 1 hour or 60 mins. You can play again after an hour. It has limits of 6 claims to 10 claims per day If you do 10 claims, you will have 1200 points easily! Proceed now with our minimum withdrawal 5000 points is the minimum withdrawal, and you can cash it out via or coinbase If you have now 5000 points, put this to the amount box then write here your or coinbase email address like [email protected] select payment method, either coinbase or then submit. wait fpr 24 hrs up to 48 hours for your payout. because this is just a demo i will show you my proof of payment i made i cashed out via you have received money from Qcash Quiz, thanks for playing Quiz App! I cashed out 5066 points its equivalent is 0.00005066 BTC 1:1 ratio (5000 points=5000 satoshi) and yeah, thats how easy to make free bitcons using this Qcash Cash Quiz app! Thanks again for watching, i hope this video helps you how to make money online or make free bitcoins! Dont forget to like this video subscribe too in my youtube and telegram channel Youtube Channel “earn money with aiza”
and “aiza mer 2.0” thank you again, stay cool, stay payaman my name is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

55 thoughts on “FREE BITCOINS from Qcash Quiz App! Paano kumita ng libreng bitcoins sa paglalaro lang ng quiz app!

  1. working talaga siya.. just wait patiently lang po dun sa ad.. hehe thank you miss..


  2. Watch FULL VIDEO so you won't miss anything, lalo sa part po how to get the 120 points every task. Visit their community chat for more details and instructions:

  3. 3PtkKLrP6v2DE7MKjrPsMk9C5H5q8jizuw

    thanks for your vdeo. e try ko mamaya. fans nyo po ako. sana magkalaman ang coins wallet ko. 😂

  4. Hello mam Aiza ..
    Thank you for sharing your crypto tricks
    Happy Earning 😄
    Btc. 3PUJw8kMVjgvG1ZikpK3q7SJd7dLrRQEZ1

  5. Thanks, naka in na me sa App 😁, waiting lang po maka gain ng 5000 to see if really ma cash out parin 😁. New subscriber po and First try this kind of without investment 😁. Hope maka earn din me. Lets see 😁

  6. Good morning.Madam Aiza, bakit po kusang nagba-back yun QCASH?Masasayang n lng b yun pinaghirapan ko n 6K n points?Ano po dapat ko gawin?

  7. ngayon araw po ay gumawa narin ako ng coins ph account, pero pag open ko ulit ng app ay lagi ako hinihingian ng verification code kahit na nakapag input na ako ng verification code after ko makapag create ng account.

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