Fossil Sport Review – Apple Watch for Android?

Fossil Sport Review – Apple Watch for Android?

Smartwatches have long been considered a superfluous
subcategory of tech, an accessory coveted by tech geeks and frankly, no one else. But recently, Apple’s been hard at work
changing that (so you can get hard to work to afford one) and now they finally have some
less expensive competition. Oh, and it works with Android, too. This is the Fossil Sport. It’s Fossil’s latest–and greatest–smartwatch,
and, more importantly, it’s the first watch available with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon
Wear 3100 chipset (that doesn’t cost $1,000 *clear throat*). Let’s start with design. The watch comes in 2 case sizes: 41mm and
43mm, this one’s the latter, and 7 unique colors, so there’s plenty of options to
choose from. It’s only 12mm thick and lightweight, too,
making it very comfortable to wear on your wrist for long periods of time. It’s a pretty simple, clean look, and the
watch bands are interchangeable [if the included ones don’t quite match your style]. As for hardware, the main attraction is a
1.2-inch fully circular AMOLED display. That display is flanked by 3 physical buttons
on the right side, one of which doubles as a scroll wheel that works just like you’d
expect in the Wear OS operating system–more on that later–letting you scroll through
content like the Apple Watch or even your computer mouse. The Sport’s got tons of extra features,
too, like NFC for Google Pay, an ambient light sensor, a heart rate sensor, Wi-Fi, and built-in
GPS. And the whole package is sealed to a water
resistance of 5ATM, making it suitable for splashes and rain, although I wouldn’t recommend
taking this watch swimming (or most any other smart gadget for that matter; after all, these
devices are water resistant, not proof). Once you get out of the water and take it
inside for the night, the watch charges via a proprietary magnetic cable, so be careful
not to lose it; but unlike most other smartwatches, there’s no frustrating pin alignment here,
instead, there’s a circular charging ring that lets the connector connect in any direction. Now that’s smart. Speaking of charging, it’s something you’d
better get used to because with the Sport, it’s probably going to happen every night. The Wear 3100 by Qualcomm is the silicon powering
the show, and it’s main touted feature over its predecessor is improved battery life,
but don’t get your hopes up too high. You could maybe get 2 days if you stretch
it, but with its smartwatch features enabled, it will probably be on the nightstand by bedtime. It does feature an ultra-low power battery-saving
mode which should extend its life to a week when you’re really tight on juice, but this
one just disables every smart feature on the watch, making it nothing more than a digital
timepiece. Now that’s…not so smart. Let’s get back to the positive side of things
and talk about the watch’s software companion, Wear OS by Google. The Sport comes with the latest version, and
the software’s been redesigned and refined over and over again. Compared to the old school Android Wear on
my old Moto 360, it’s a night and day difference, both literally and figuratively. One feature I really like is the always on
display, which lets the time and incoming notifications be visible (albeit in mostly
dim monochrome) when the display is off. The new Wear OS uses black everywhere else
too, which looks great on the OLED and helps to conserve battery life, not to mention being
easier on the eyes compared to the stark white backgrounds of the Android Wear of old. Gone too is notification pagination, they
now scroll in a list, just like the notification pull down on your phone. Tap to expand, swipe to clear. The interface is clean and easy to use, too. The watch face is your home screen. From there, swipe up for notifications, down
for quick settings, right for Assistant, and left for Google Fit. Hold down to change your watch face, and push
the middle side button to view your apps. The 2 other buttons can be configured to launch
any 2 apps of your choosing. Speaking of apps, Wear OS has plenty, and
many more than Samsung’s Tizen, including heavy hitters like Google Maps, Spotify, Dark
Sky, a remote control camera, and way more. When it’s working well, the interface is
snappy and smooth, but, it’s not always working well. When it’s updating apps or syncing music,
the OS can slow to a crawl, with apps sometimes crashing completely. At least the entire operating system doesn’t
crash like my old Moto 360. Even in normal use, the Assistant takes too
long to open and register my commands, and sometimes taps take a while. Nothing too major though. Another weird software quirk involves the
digital crown; in some apps it just doesn’t work right. Take Hangouts for example. On the main screen, the wheel does nothing;
you have to fat finger the screen to view your conversations. Tap on a conversation though, and scroll wheel
away. C’mon Google! Luckily these past few grievances are software-based,
though, so hopefully they can be fixed with an update. Finally, let’s talk fitness and price. The Google Fit app on the Sport can track
pretty much any physical activity under the sun, from walking to basketball to flossing
(*sigh* yes that flossing). The only thing it doesn’t track is sleep,
but it’ll probably be asleep itself on the charger by that time anyway. The Sport has GPS tracking for keeping up
with those activities when your phone isn’t around, and it will monitor your heart rate
throughout the workout, with the option to check your heart rate every 20 minutes throughout
the entire day, too. Overall, it’s a pretty complete package;
I’d say this watch is about as good as it gets this side of the Apple Watch, and the
asking price doesn’t hurt at all. Whichever size or color you choose, the Sport
is available for $255 from Fossil’s website. Compare that to $329 minimum for the latest
Galaxy Watch and 400 bucks starting for the Apple Watch, that’s not half bad. And it’s already been on sale twice for
around $200. If you’ve got an old smartwatch or looking
to get one for the first time, I say buy it. As long as you’re ok with charging nightly
and don’t need cellular, you won’t be disappointed with the Fossil Sport. That’s all for this review. Thank you for watching. If you have any comments or questions about
the watch, leave them right below that big red Subscribe button (be sure to click it
on your way down). And while you’re down there, don’t forget
to hit that like button too. And the channel just hit 50,000 views so thank
you so much and keep them coming! I’ll see you in 2019!

61 thoughts on “Fossil Sport Review – Apple Watch for Android?

  1. Nice review… I just got a Fossil gen4 explorist, it uses the older SD 2100. Overall its been very good. Basic notifications and functionality have been very good, although as you point out the more advanced smart features can be buggy and laggy. Still thought it is night and day better than the old Android wear, which for me was a complete un-usable nightmare on my Moto360 gen2.

  2. Coming from the Huawei Watch 2, I love how slick this is. The materials aren't even so bad. They seem cheap on the spec sheet, but it feels really premium and lightweight. It's pretty much everything I've wanted out of a smartwatch

  3. Good review. Just a note that the 5 ATM rating is actually swim proof. It's even listed that on the website. You can swim longer and dive deeper much more than the typical ip68 rating.

  4. Why do people pinch to turn the crown? Just wondering since it looks and feels unnatural. All you need to do is use your index finger to roll it up and down.
    Good review btw!

  5. Nice video mate. Try to put down a little bit the music, so we can hear you better. Overall, good review. I own one, and I'm not disappointed. It has some lag (some apps), but overall I'm happy with it. I do recommend it.

  6. There are watches that will do just fine in water. My Casio Pro Trek has spent plenty of time in the pool. Hell its even spent time at the beach.

  7. It's kinda big and 2 days battery life? 😂😂 What's the point of sleep tracking if you need to charge every night? Amazfit BIP was my choice.

  8. Dude, as a headphone user, try not to smack your lips together so much and lower the music volume.
    Good review, but difficult to listen to.

  9. great review!! love how the video stayed short yet was information dense. my suggestion is that you watch your exposure for some of the outdoor shots. other than that, you've got yourself a new subscriber man. keep it up 🙂

  10. Most people reviewing this watch are not reviewing its sporting features namely its sensors etc. How accurate are they?

    Thats what differentiates the best from the rest. Now the apple watch has the best optical heart rate sensor ever seen currently on their latest series. This is what you should be comparing. Not the usual boring smartwatch features you find on almost every watch.

  11. It’s advertised as “swimproof” not water resistant so I’m sure it’s fine for swimming. Fossils warranty also covers this

  12. Yeah I have the fossil watch exsplorest gen 4 and I have to say that it is the stupidest ass watch I have ever owned

  13. The production quality of your video was superb. I saw the comments about the music, and I agree it is a little loud throughout, but this video was very helpful and answered all of my questions about the watch. I've been hanging on to my Moto 360 for years waiting for a worthy replacement and I think this will be it. Thank you and keep up the great videos!

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