Force Your Game or App to Use a GPU on Windows 10

Force Your Game or App to Use a GPU on Windows 10

A great feature on Windows 10 is that
you can choose which GPU your game or any graphics-intensive program uses. So,
really, this is great for gamers and those who use video editing programs
like Premiere Pro. So, all you have to do is go to the bottom-left corner of the
screen click ‘Start’ and then type ‘Graphics Settings.’ And then once you type
that, you should see the graphic settings option. and so click that and this will
take you directly to the graphics settings menu. Another way you can open
this menu is by clicking ‘Start’ and then typing ‘Display.’ Once you type that, you
should see the option to change the display settings. So click that and then
scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Graphics settings.’ once you are in the
graphic settings menu, you will see two options: classic app and universal app.
Universal apps are those that come from the Windows Store and they are universal,
because they are compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. And if you
choose it, you will see a list of all of the universal apps on your PC. And
classic apps are the conventional Windows applications with .exe file
extensions. Now if you choose it and click browse, you’re going to have to dig to
your PC to find your program. Ideally to make it easier for you, to guarantee that
you’ll find, it if you don’t know where it is make sure you go to the C: drive,
because all of the classic apps are there. For example, I am going to add Adobe
Photoshop. To do this, I’m going to go to my C: drive, and then I’m going to go to
the Program Files, and then I’m going to click on Adobe, and then I’m going to
look for Photoshop. Here it is! And then let me click on the Photoshop program
application, the .exe file, and a shortcut is fine as well. So, I’m going to
choose that and then click ‘Add.’ And there you go Photoshop is added. And now if I
click on it, and click options, I will see a list of graphics preferences. System
default means your computer can decide which one to
used depending on your scenario. Your integrated graphics or your dedicated
graphics. Power saving: most likely that will be your integrated graphics. High
performance: boom! Raw power! Most likely it’s going to use your dedicated
graphics. So, if you want, you can choose that and click ‘Save.’ And that’s it! This
is how you can easily assign a GPU to your app on Windows 10. In a different
video I’m going to show you how you can actually check which GPU your
application is using, so you can check if this is working for you or not.
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100 thoughts on “Force Your Game or App to Use a GPU on Windows 10

  1. im confused how are you supposed to setup your games with this. cuz when i look on classic no games show up and universal only nvidia control panel shows up?

  2. wow thank you very much man!! you helped me a lot, i was so desperate because i've been doing it for hours and still not working. now you just got 1 more sub!!

  3. Fantastic!!! …. this is the only method that works from all the voodoo nonsense everyone else(so called experts) have been spouting. Thanks so much!

  4. Bro I disturbed my emulator settings , now while gaming , the GPU remains idle and CPU usage get over 89% , plz tell me what to do now ??

  5. ohhh thank you very much … every time i played battlefield 1 my graphics card had max 30% usage and that's why i only had 50 fps … now i got it 98% and i play with 110 fps

  6. Thank you so much! Indeed task manager shows two GPUs and Odyssey was using the integrated one as per your instructions in the other video. I was convinced the system would only see the dedicated one, because in the BIOS when I activated the integrated GPU, it said it would only use the integrated chip to output video. There's always more to learn… It only switched to the integrated one after I tried to run it on the display instead of the projector, and the display is connected to the onboard outputs indeed, but when switching back to the dedicated outputs, it still performed poorly, so I was lost without this advice. Thanks again!

  7. bless you , bought my rtx 2070 super but some of my games didnt even detect it, i guess my bios was on power save by default

  8. This should be automatic… its Windows X right? It should able to determine what is best gpu for the application…. obviously GAMES should be tied to the gpu that has the most HorsePower.

  9. this feature is bugged . it populates the same vga and only the default (in your case is the NVIDIA Quadro K600 2 times as you can see : 02:36) .
    also it is designed to choose between an integrated and a discrete vga .i have two discrete vga and i can't choose in what vga my game will run !!!

  10. looked good but nope sorry. GPU still at 11% max performance while my CPU is at 100. Makes video edditing a real pain. very choppy. thanks for the try

  11. You saved my day, bro_I can't play a lot of games cuz they simply can not detect my dedicate card. Now I can play poe, witcher 3……at 60 fps!!

  12. I think if you buy intel CPU that end with letter F (e.g. i5 9400f), you will have no problem at all because there is no cpu integrated graphics. Isn’t it?

  13. dude you are the real MVP, it works for me i have to double check nvidia 3d settings with the same high performance graphics card. finally Path of exile in stable 60fps is so damn good im gonna do it with the rest of all my games

  14. using radeon app to set graphics card on the game was not working for Conan Exiles, it was getting 0%, this video finally got me a solution. thank you!

  15. It didn't work for me except for some programs, so I think it's the drivers that determine which software can use the dGPU and which can't

  16. hey its not working there are same graphics card to power saving and high performance please tell me a solution bro.

  17. Not gonna lie I thought my you was fucked cause I checked the percentage after I went off the game but then I used after burner to check the past usage after I went off the game and I was like 90

  18. Just spent 10 hours trying to figure out why my videos wont work in ableton. Along with installing different codecs, scouring the internet, and purchasing a month of pro tools (all dead ends) i finally figured out that its because i have a gaming laptop, and my computer was choosing to use the NVIDIA graphics card for ableton which isn't compatible with abletons video capabilities. Bar in mind im not very computer savvy. My computer level is 6 out of 10, maybe 7. This video made me go to my knees and involuntarily mutter "i figured it out", maybe 100 times out loud. Thank you.

  19. i only have the default intel gpu…
    yet i wonder why my gpu still at 0 when im playing… it turns out that i should choose the "power saver" option to use the default gpu…. thank you mate… i hope it helps my frequent fps drop

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