First Impressions: Prizmo 5 on iOS

First Impressions: Prizmo 5 on iOS

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Keep productive YouTube channel, it is francesco here If you’re brand new here, I just want to let you know you can subscribe here and we do regular features I’ve been trying to push out more Features on like iOS tools and other such software So, of course, you can check out our latest review consider. I will be reviewing an application called prismo Which is prizmo 5 it’s available on iOS It’s an application that allows you to scan in so search my first time new so I wanted to share The experience with you guys see where there is something suitable for you. So let’s dive into prismo so you can start to see here that this is a powerful scanning application apparently has some workflow abilities and high accuracy o CR so i’m going to get started and You can choose whether you can actually have iCloud to be available in s so you can store any of the documents But I’m gonna press local only So what what’s quite cool about this application is you don’t just have to scan using your document Although we’re going to scan three types of documents here. I’ve got a document in front of me for a Genius Bar work authorization a Taxi receipt which essentially is a business card and a clipping from a magazine So hopefully we can demonstrate this what the scan looks like for you. Let’s start with the document nagas You have to grant access to the camera And that’s quite cool. Look it automatically detects the keyboard that I’ve got in front of me So this is the document I have in front to me and there we go. It’s automatically detecting the edges So, let’s see. So it’s also it’s also seeing it’s a color document, but I wanted to get it in black and white So I’m gonna go ahead and press sorry Mike why is getting it away? It sounds very wrong But there I’m gonna press enter so that’s something I would say straight away that I didn’t like is only get actually Auto scan bit which Evernote automatically does so you can go ahead and retake the photo if you want you can actually use the whole image or actually just Detect the page, which is quite cool. I quite like that actually detected it better than Evernote, which I found pretty good I took this at a slight angle So I like to see what the actual scan comes through as and also you can rotate it if you want Upside down if you really were keen but if you wanted to you could say keep scan. So I’m gonna press Done, but you can see up here. I’ve got in left hand corner. I’ve got the ability to add the flash and also orientation detection so that you know, where you are Apparently they go. So that’s quite nice. It automatically detects that quite fast. You can also change the The page form as well, but that’s quite it works quite well you can change the gray scale as well whether you want to cut a grayscale or color or Original so ah, there’s there’s the option you can have auto shoot on which will automatically detect it So I’m going to go ahead and press done So you can see that this document has been created locally so you can see that she comes through pretty clean And what’s quite nice about it is it tilts it so that’s that’s a good feature Now you can upgrade to get some of the other additional rotation abilities and formats I’m not sure business cards available in the free one as well You can also see the text as well that comes through so automatically a text a text. Although that hasn’t got it, right But that’s pretty good in being able to get The majority of that at least I did take it at an angle so what I can do is I if I’m happy with that I can give it a title so I can say genius work 2016 so it was ages ago and I can go ahead and press PDF so it starts to prepare the PDF and what I can do is I can add it to maybe I Can actually add it to to do it so I can say, you know Genius Bar And I can go and press save and there’s been added apparently to that but you can also Export it as an image JPEG which might be handy if you want to share it with other people quite fast And you can even get the text document exported as well so you can actually press more and get it in different formats like word dark text prismo, which is a certain type of document and You can see the smart action So it’s also matty detected the phone number of the Apple Store and also you can see it through the reader Which makes it really easy to access so you can actually go through the reader and the reader will actually read it out to you Which is really nice now you can upgrade so what’s the upgrade the premium package gives you unlimited It’s a one-time eight dollars and 99 for the the premium and that’s unlimited on device OCR Text access copy and paste text to smart. So if you’re using this pretty routinely then that’s probably great for you So if I go ahead and press close I can see it in my history so I can actually go up there and it will sync it with My prismo account I can go to settings and I can obviously upgrade I can use the iCloud again and I can really go into More detail with the scanning so I can actually flatten curved contents save the pictures to album’s automatically I can see what the plans are as well that I’ve got and also the exporting and the PDF upload straightaway So if I press done, let’s see if I can scan a business card in so I’ve got this receipt from a taxi For work purposes and I will scan this one in and see whether it comes through if I press Auto shoe on There we go. That seemed to have worked quite nicely. I’m going to go to done and you can see there That’s come free pretty well, so I am able to use that one fairly easily It looked like everything come very pretty cleanly, so that’s great news. I can maybe say taxi fare And then I can say the date. So the date is the 1st of July on that on that receipt So it can be like 1st of July Done and then I can close it and it will appear in my area so I can actually go and search if I want to Sort of realm so like looking for just taxi stuff and I can find it and up here You can actually import an image as well. So you can actually import file from your iCloud storage And it has all the page detection and everything. So I’m going to do one last one last one last image Which is something that I may have seen in a magazine so you could be like, ok. This looks really useful for my For my purposes of learning so you might want to be like, okay. I want it select the color 1 and There we go. It says don’t move and it should have shot it and there we go If I click into it it brings that up in real high quality. I can also flatten it. Oh, that’s quite nice It it Auto flattens it so that’s something that you can do with any color image. You can adjust it as well So there you go. You can make it even like sort of more contrasty and you can clean it up as well So, oh, that’s quite nice. You can actually clean it I’m doing that did it these access features actually part of looks like you can do that with colour documents Which is quite nice. So for example if I wanted to see the text from Ness, and I wanted to recognize the text Let’s see whether it automatically does that So there we go. We actually did it fairly well, and if I were to scroll across to the reader I’m sure I could actually get a good yeah That seems pretty accurate from what I read from the article this morning so I can go ahead and close that and it obviously appears Inside of my prismo account. It’s synced and the cool thing is. Oh wow I didn’t know you could do that swipe them out which might be a bit of a pain actually Because I think I just accidentally deleted something. That’s just a jest. Your usual guy should be aware of so guys that was Prismo now there is a secondary application. You can see up there. It’s called prismo go so that is a text only one that scans a document and Sends back the text. I don’t know whether it doesn’t for language orientations But that’s a prismo five a free application with an eight dollar ninety nine in-app purchase upgrade for the premium package guys I hope you found this review useful. Please do let me know because I am looking to maybe do more of these Um, if you’re new here subscribe, and I look forward to doing more roundups for you on document scanning applications There are tons of alternatives check out our features on scam bar. I’ll probably do a renewed tour of scam bot That’s probably my favorite application. Whereas I was quite impressed by prismo and it seems to work very well Actually, it it capturing the documents. Maybe not the text abilities, but it seems like a good strong iOS Application and you guys thanks so much and I’ll talk to you guys super duper soon. Cheers everyone

9 thoughts on “First Impressions: Prizmo 5 on iOS

  1. Nice review. I have Prizmo 5 but have not used it much. This review and run through is very useful. I keep using Readdle's Scanner Pro simply because I know it so well, but it looks like Prizmo is somewhat more powerful and would be pretty useful. Thanks.

  2. For IOS, there’s an inbuilt scanner in your ‘notes’ app, which is excellent – better than any 3rd party app I’ve tested and consequently deleted. This one perhaps has some additional features that may be useful, although the IOS Notes scanner automatically does everything I need it to (automatic capture with flash, format and crop) before saving it to my drive of choice.

  3. Seems pretty useful. I've used camscanner for years, also used the iOS notes app rarely and scanbot for the upload features but the scan accuracy and quality are not so good in my opinion.

  4. This app seems great. Thanks bringing this to my attention. I am currently
    Using Scanbot . The one thing that I don’t like is having to pay a monthly fee. If I have to pay for an application, i rather do it once and that’s it.

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