fastest file transfer between android and pc

fastest file transfer between android and pc

what is up YouTube this is Seoul Metro and welcome to a new episode on tech pharrell today we're going to be looking at solving a common problem how to transfer files between an android device and a computer the fastest so stay tuned first step do have an amazing speed connection between a laptop or your PC and your Android device via Wi-Fi should be to download an app called file export for which you need to go to the App Store wait for the arab stood and click on fire expert here install with clouds around.a file export with clip with clouds here install and open once the file export has opened go to my tools alright then click on share my contents click on share by FTP and click on on once you've clicked on on now you will be able to connect your laptop to your computer or to your Android device here it's very easily given as to what is to be done once both your laptop or your computer is connected to the same internet connection go to your PC browser and type the following address in the URL box of your Chrome or Firefox and any browser once you type this you'll be prompted with a username password request wherein you need to fill in these details once that is done you'll be able to connect with your phone seamlessly and transfer files at a faster rate now we need to go to your file manager I'm gonna open up right here y'all go right here and type in the address which is this once there just has been typed it lasts for username and password this needs to be typed as to what is given by a phone in my case it is it is a file export right and I'm through now I can view all my folders in my phone and yes were test let's try to copy this this is a this is a 3.4 MB file a shadow paste it see how long it takes yes copy and replays it just does it in a few seconds so that's how fast it is and I really recommend using this method of transfer there is one there are no wires and two is bloody fast thank you for watching like always hit the like button please do subscribe share and tell me in the comments what else do you want from my videos anything in particular I try to cover it thank you again

12 thoughts on “fastest file transfer between android and pc

  1. Hey bro! Haven't you heard of Airmore? It's a good app for file transfer. Here

  2. fastest way to do it is to setup a 5Ghz Portable hotspot on your phone if you phone has ac WiFi transfer speeds up to 20mbps

  3. try xender….its more easy to connet ……to another android/iphone/pc……..its more fast…..more convinient

  4. @abhishek dutta  i hope this is the solution to your question the usb transfer of yureka is slow so i do this on a regular basis it sure helps

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