EVE NG Installation

EVE NG Installation

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  1. Menu:
    EVE-NG versions: 1:58
    Cookbooks: 2:44
    Hardware Requirements and calculator: 3:00
    Virtualization platforms: 4:00
    Enable VT-x in BIOS: 5:51
    Download EVE-Ng: 7:05
    Download VMware Player: 8:00
    Install VMware Player: 8:58
    Import and configure EVE-NG in VMware Player: 10:27
    Start EVE-NG and set initial EVE-NG config: 13:47
    Build and test first topology: 16:17
    NAT Adapters: 19:20
    Add Cisco images to EVE-NG: Next video coming soon

    EVE-NG links:
    EVE-NG Website: https://www.eve-ng.net/
    Download EVE-NG Community: https://www.eve-ng.net/downloads/eve-ng-2
    Download EVE-NG Professional: https://www.eve-ng.net/downloads/eve-ng
    Community Cookbook: https://www.eve-ng.net/images/EVE-COMM-COOK-BOOK-latest.pdf

    Free Network Software:
    Solar-PuTTY: http://bit.ly/SolarPutty
    SolarWinds TFTP Server: http://bit.ly/2mbtD6j
    WAN Killer: http://bit.ly/wankiller
    Engineers Toolset: http://bit.ly/gns3toolset
    IP Address Scanner: http://bit.ly/swipscan
    Network Device Scanner: http://bit.ly/swnetscan
    Wifi Heat Map: http://bit.ly/wifiheat
    Wifi Analyzer: http://bit.ly/swwifianalyzer
    SolarWinds NPM: http://bit.ly/getnpm

  2. For those that want a bit more than the Community Edition (free version), the Black Friday sales last year had the Pro version at 50% price. I will point out that you can do a lot with the Community Edition and may not need Pro for your individual needs.

  3. Nicely explained, David. Very clear!

    EVE is brilliant. I was actually gonna make a EVE-NG setup video myself since I've had a few inquiries into what software I'm using and how to get it – but I think I'll just recommend people watch this video instead now hahaha. Hopefully you'll do a follow up with the installation of devices images!

  4. Sir, Could you explain why you are prefer GNS3 over EVE-nG? i saw you made many videos of GNS3 and you are doing your all lab in the same..!

  5. Thank you very much Mr. Bombal! Long time GNS3 user here but I'll give EVE-NG a shot as well, seems to be hot these days.

  6. Thank you David, very good presentation for a good quality product. For a while I had both deployed, EVE NG and GNS3 (ESXi environment). Things were getting complicated so I had to make a choice, in my case, I opted for GNS3. EVE NG web interface is very well done, the only part I didn't like was when connecting the virtual environment to a physical network/lab. After your interview with Jeremy Grossmann I am very pleased because GNS3 is adding the web interface. All the best!

  7. I use SecureCRT. Can you show how to add SecureCRT using tabs as the default ? Many thanks for your informative videos.

  8. finally ๐Ÿ™‚ I was wondering why you did not wanted to test EVE-NG till now. For me it is the best tool out there! I have been using it from the old days when it was named UNL

  9. Its very helpful…. Have doubt, i am using MSI gf75 thin 9sc gaming laptop, i7 9gen, 8gb ram, 128gbssd, GTX 1650.
    Can u tell me ram size and processor size for eve?

  10. david, which is better or best for you? what would you recommend to use for someone's entire networking career?


    thanks for the video, excited for your next tutorial of eve-ng. cheers mate!

  11. Great to see you put out an EVE-NG video.
    Highly recommend the Pro version and hope to see more than just Cisco devices.

    I have used Palo Alto, Fortigate, Checkpoint, Juniper and many Linux and Windows servers.

    I have also used Cisco UC devices in EVE-NG as well.

    The Pro version also has a few Docker devices as well.

  12. Can i skip the Basic first level Ccna exam after the change if I have the CCIE Sec written exam passed…Guys plz Help..๐Ÿ˜ข

  13. Boss I have a stupid question, I install eve-ng pro in my office desktop machine with dhcp address. Is any chance that if i am use eve doesn't affect on my office network?

  14. Whoaaa EVEng, I heard about it but never try it. Thank you very much for showing it David, as soon as I am done with my priorities ICND1 and ICND2 I might have a look.

  15. First of all, excellent video.
    Just always, detailed and comprehensive video.
    Now, my question for you Mr . Bombal as a person who uses a lot of the GNS3, what is more convenient, the GNS3 or the EVE-NG?

  16. Awesome Video ๐Ÿ‘ yesterday downloaded Pro version for my ESXi with 128 GB RAM and I have zero knowledge of EVE-NG. I am really looking forward to your videos. I will be using it for SD-WAN and SD-Access/ACI labs.

  17. unable to ping internet when assigned static ip to the eve-vm. im using ubuntu 18.04 lts and workstation 15 pro on my laptop

  18. Great video, I love EVE-NG more then any other emulator because it just runs almost anything without any issues, amazing tool!
    For people who don't have hardware, they can also install it for free on Google Cloud.
    I made a video on how to do it on Google Cloud with the free 300$ trial that will give you allot of resources! Here it is: https://youtu.be/SOP8k22Csjc

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