Dreamcast GDEMU v5 (GD-ROM Emulator) – Recenzja (ENG subs) – Part 1

Dreamcast GDEMU v5 (GD-ROM Emulator) – Recenzja (ENG subs) – Part 1

welcome everyone in this episode I would like to show you
new piece of gear I bought something special for all dreamcast fanatics namely.. (focus you piece of sh*t..) GD Emulator It’s a dreamcast GD-ROM drive emulator
which suppose to substitute the real thing enabling booting games directly from an SD
card I got the package today
very well protected I’m suprised with how good the built quality
of this thing is You can’t see it on web pics You can’t see the board thickness the board is really thick and feels very well-built on bottom you can see glued distance
circle thingy….mat or something… It’s for filling the gap between the board
and the metal shield inside the dreamcast when other side of the board is connected
to the GD-ROM socket ok maybe let’s get to the installation first we must get rid of this thing to do that we must open our dreamcast first we disconect the modem now using an philips screwdriver
we need to unscrew four screws let’s change the angle a bit magnetic screwdrivers are best for this kind of work now take off the upper cover here we have shitty (not mine) DIY battery replacement unscrew three screws holding the GD-ROM drive to take out the GD-ROM drive hold it with your finger on one side,
be sure not to damage the lid switch, it’s very delicate, and by grabbing on other side pull GD-ROM drive up. here we see the socket to which we will be connecting the GDEMU let’s get this battery aside for a moment now try to align the connector with the socket
and press it at both ends as you can see the bottom thingy works well and everything
is pretty much on the same level let’s insert an SD card that I prepared earlier using official instructions It’s important to hold the board in place when inserting
or taking out the SD card to prevent circle movement
that can damage the connector If anybody plan use it for a longer period of time I suggest using hot glue gun on the left side, making some sort of 2cm pile of glue “pillow” underneath each corner on left side now that we have everything installed
I’ll put this battery inside I can put back the upper cover this is how it looks with full case You can easly press the button with your finger inserting and taking out the SD card is challenging but doable changing micro sd card from inserted SD adaper should be easier but I prefer taking off the upper case when changing the card I will take off the upper case for now connect the cables and also the controller on the SD card I created folders from 01 to 04 (maximum is 40) folder 01 I left empty so no disc would boot automatically
when you power up the console wher’e in the console menu,
there no disc loaded since the first 01 folder is empty don’t know if you can see it
but on the left side of the board is a small LED diode in case of any problems that LED will blink or stay on if everything is ok the LED should
be off apart from power up procedure before, I used crappy SD adapter and the LED was always on,
after replacing adapter with one made by Kingstone
LED stoped blinking and everything worked fine there is no disc loaded since the first 01 folder is empty the button here load next disc image from the next folder when all folders end the button gets you back to folder 01 let’s press it once there was a popup text box as if you would insert another disc now folder 02 is used let’s press play in folder 02 there is a CDI image of Dreamshell RC1 operating system let’s press the button one more time now theoretically folder 03 is used

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  1. фантастицо! окуе фазер пара тер ум? соу Брасилеиро Е нао ентендо Нада куе воце Фалоу нема видео Мас месмо ассим Ентенди Тудо. fantastico! oque  fazer para ter um? sou brasileiro e não entendo nada que você falou no video mas mesmo assim entendi tudo.

  2. using an (fpga ?is that right?)to simulate the gdrom boot instead of mod the bios,then use the simulated gd rom to boot the dc into a wince environment,then load the iso from the simulated gdrom,I think this is the perfect way save me DC(it gdrom is broken because of me drop it while gaming 10 years ago…)I'll buy one of your product

  3. Mainly seemed to be really cool, it supports up to whens gigas bytes or up to 32 gh, is how do I get one of these to put in my dreamcast colleague !!!

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