Do you want a remarkable iOS career?

Do you want a remarkable iOS career?

Caio: If you build trust with your boss then they will leave you alone. They’ll not micromanage you. If they are micromanaging you and telling you to go faster, not to test, etc. It means that you’re not making the decisions. If you’re not making the decisions it’s very hard to grow in the company. Because you’re not taking risks. You’re not taking responsibility. Mike: Exactly, I believe the term is “skin in the game.” So if you don’t have skin in the game… You won’t grow together (with the business). Everyone has their own incentives Most of the time are not aligned. And that can be problematic. You can’t expect the same gains… As if you were to have a fantastic relationship and going the extra mile and overdelivering. For sure. Caio: If you’re serious about a remarkable career, working with remarkable people. And not being micromanaged. You need to go the extra mile!

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